Edward Snowden meets Arundhati Roy 

“I asked Ed Snowden what he thought about Washington’s ability to destroy countries and its inability to win a war (despite mass surveillance). I think the question was phrased quite rudely – something like, “When was the last time the United States won a war?” We spoke about whether the economic sanctions and subsequent invasion of Iraq could be accurately called genocide. We talked about how the CIA knew – and was preparing for the fact – that the world was heading to a place of not just inter-country war but of intra-country war, in which mass surveillance would be necessary to control populations. And about how armies were being turned into police forces to administer countries they have invaded and occupied, while the police – even in places such as India and Pakistan and Ferguson, Missouri, in the United States – were being trained to behave like armies to quell internal insurrections.

We talked about war and greed, about terrorism, and what an accurate definition of it would be. We spoke about countries, flags and the meaning of patriotism. We talked about public opinion and the concept of public morality and how fickle it could be, and how easily manipulated.

[…] I asked Ed whether the NSA was just feigning annoyance at his revelations, but might actually be secretly pleased at being known as the All Seeing, All Knowing Agency – because that would help to keep people fearful, off-balance, always looking over their shoulders and easy to manage. Dan spoke about how even in the US, a police state was only another 9/11 away: “We are not in a police state now, not yet. I’m talking about what may come. I realise I shouldn’t put it that way… White, middle-class, educated people like myself are not living in a police state… Black, poor people are living in a police state. The repression starts with the semi-white, the Middle Easterners, including anybody who is allied with them, and goes on from there… One more 9/11, and then I believe we will have hundreds of thousands of detentions. Middle Easterners and Muslims will be put in detention camps or deported. After 9/11, we had thousands of people arrested without charges… But I’m talking about the future. I’m talking the level of the Japanese in the second world war… I’m talking of hundreds of thousands in camps or deported. I think the surveillance is very relevant to that. They will know who to put away – the data is already collected.” (When he said this, I did wonder, though I did not ask – how different would things have been if Snowden had not been white?)

Read the full article by Arundhati Roy here.

Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of humankind…our schoolbooks glorify war and hide its horrors. They inculcate hatred in the veins of children. I would teach peace rather than war. I would inculcate love rather than hate.

(Above) Political activist, Carl Sagan, speaking at rally, Washington DC

Credit: Visions of America

Excerpt from ‘Broca’s Brain: Reflections on the Romance of Science’ by Carl Sagan

How to Be a Nationalist on Tumblr

1- it doesn’t matter if you’re scandinavian, you could be italian for all I care. everyone loves vikings and there’s no escape

2- ^same goes for templar knights because fuck islamization of europe^

3-  blonde bitches in wheat fields

4- how to look cool when winning an argument: hitler memes

5-  constantly mention the mysterious “14 words” everywhere. never tell people what they are, that’ll ruin the secret. just make sure people know they exist

6- quotes by nietzche in front of Renaissance paintings of historic battles

7- steven universe more like the devil


Ms. Le Pen’s National Front party has pulled far ahead in six of France’s 13 regions, set to take over 40% of the vote. Trailing behind are the Republicans, led by former President Nicolas Sarkozy. Even further are the Socialists, led by President François Hollande.

The National Front “is the only party to defend an authentically French republic and is dedicated to the preservation of our way of lifeLadies and gentlemen, the people have spoken out and France can now hold her head high.” Le Pen told her supporters.

Locals say: ‘She seems to be the only person talking sense around here.’ ‘When she says we need to support Assad [to fight terrorism] – she is right.’ ‘We need a solution to the very big problem of migration, especially in our district. The migrants are very aggressive. We live in insecurity every day.’

[Nationalists] had won before the voting even started. - Joël Gombin

To all those people out there who hold right-wing views in silence, who patiently endure the decline of the West, it’s time to make your voice heard. The time for hiding in the shadows has passed; we know you’re out there, the Western world needs you. Don’t let the fear of becoming a social pariah paralyse you, there are more of us out there than you realise. Stand up for what you believe in and never falter. Make a blog, share things on social media, join a political party or organization, make Youtube videos, go to meetings and protests; stand up and be counted. Most importantly of all, get married and have a large, traditional family; someone will have to inherit the West, it’s either us or the Third World immigrants. Choose wisely.

A Toronto woman wearing a niqab was attacked in front of her kids. Here’s what she told @iD4RO earlier.#elxn42

“There’s a lot of people who are saying ‘go back to your country, you don’t belong here’ but a lot of us are in our country. We were born here or we are Canadian citizens and we belong here. We can’t go home–we are home. Where do you want us to go?”

~ Safira Merriman