nationalised industry

Given the second referendum on Scottish independence announced by the SNP, and the immediate plan for a united Ireland put forward by the newly-significant Sinn Fein in the Northern Irish Assembly, the breakup of the United Kingdom before the end of the next UK government is now a political inevitability.

In the absolute political paralysis over negotiation with the EU, typified by the last-minute, will-she-won’t-she pantomime about Theresa May officially announcing the triggering of Article 50, there is the massive opportunity for regional movements of the working-class to demand self-determination on their own terms: those of emergency nationalisations of major industries and the financial commanding heights, the immediate introduction of solid minimum wages of at least £10 an hour to stave off any further social disintegration of working-class communities, and the complete reversal of the last 40 years of disastrous neoliberal economic policies.

When the elite is incapable of governing, ordinary people must take steps to ensure their interests. In this current uncertainty, huge opportunities to stamp our claim on the future lie - they depend entirely on creating cogent and combative political organisations rooted in working-class communities.

Would anyone else agree with me when I say that the general disdain of the left in American politics is because of McCarthyism and a lot of anti-Communist sentiment generated as a result. I mean, I’ve seen some propaganda videos from the time and they paint just about everybody as a communist.

In a Union? Probably a Commie.
Talks bad about Capitalism? Definitely a Commie.
Talks about nationalisation of industries? 100% Commie.

Yet before the 1950s America did have quite a noticeable socialist and leftist movement. Louisiana once had a socialist governor and I needn’t mention the work of the Trade Unions to fight against monopolies and for better standards.

This is just my opinion though, I’m not even from America so their may be some other influences which I’m not fully aware of. Add your opinions below.

~ Mod Connolly