Loren Meets Belle

Like always I was trying to do more things then I could handle. I was walking through the studios to the costume room with handfulls of sketches and fabric rolls. I could barely see past all the stuff in my hands. The next thing I know my body is jolted back and everything falls out of my hands. Standing infront of me was a slim blonde rolling her eyes.

“I’m so sorry.” I said as I bent down to pick up all the stuff I just dropped. “I’m such a klutz.” I stood up and held out my hand. “Hi I’m Loren. I am the costume designer for the company.” I pushed up the bridge of my glasses and smiled.    


Dancers, actors, singers, people who play instruments, models, fashion designers. We have people from all over the world at this collage. But what about you? Do you think you could stand the pressure? But wait, there’s also tension and betrayals to watch out for to! Do you know who you can trust? Come, submit and application and find out!

Wanted: Jonny Wheeler___Portrayed By: Alexander Ludwig

Age: 23

Connections to the academy: Tara (Who he refers to as “Princess”)

Bio: Known as the bad boy player of Tramroville California. Growing up Jonny along with his twin brother Eric, had everything he had ever wanted-money, girls, cars. Everything, but his his father’s respect. When he turned twenty, he and Eric soon realized that they would never earn his respect if they kept living off their father’s money. So he and his twin brother picked up and moved to New York, both getting jobs at a bar as waiters and a year later bartenders.

One night while working the bar, he spied a pretty little brunette walk in; no older then eighteen. He watched as she made her way over to him and sat on a stool facing him. She told him she would have whatever he recommened in an Australian accent. That began his lust after the Australian girl, and it only grew stronger after she started to work at the same bar and same shift with him as a waitress. Pretty soon, that lust grew into something deeper. And before he knew what was going on or how it happened, he had fallen in love with Tara Webster…

Talent: Plays guitar and sings.

Traits: Possessive__Gets jealous very easily__Flirty__Charming__Smooth talker__Really good at comforting people when they’re upset (Especially Tara and brother Eric)

People he doesn’t like and doesn’t get along with: Christian Reed and Ben Tickle.

     Does Jonny sound like he’d be fun to play? Come and be him or one of our many other characters! Or create  your own character


GIF is not mine. Credit goes to archibaldwaldorf