These expressions were for real. I just got home from attending a panel discussion @nationalacademymuseum for there ongoing show titled, “'self". Barkley Hendricks was present to talk about some of his works. He’s a very cool person, and I got to speak to him for a bit. He told me to take it easy. He also took 1 or 2 pictures of me and this young lady I met tonight so that was really really exciting. #nationalacademy #self #selfportrait #barkleyhendricks #photobooth #ifychiejina #takeiteasy #fun

Wendy Leiser is the #monitor for #DanGheno at National Academy Museum and School of Fine Arts I am so inspired by her #WorkInProgress that I want to explore #painting the figure more myself! Nothing is more precious than #inspiration and #artists inspire their #muses too! Thanks, Wendy! Looking forward to see the finished product in #2014 #uppereastside #fineart #NationalAcademy #nycartscene #lifeofamodel #muse #photographybyjamilaloubriel (at National Academy Museum & School)

Water, Water Everywhere at the Academy

In a brilliant pairing, the National Academy Museum has mounted dual shows by artists who draw their greatest inspiration from water. There’s no need for a trip out of town to experience crashing waves, monumental waterfalls, and wide expanses of sea and sky done by one of America’s greatest watercolorists of all time and a celebrated 21st century painter.

William Trost Richards: Visions of Land and Sea features 60 works from the Academy’s collection – early graphite sketches, oil paintings, and beautiful, grand, sweeping watercolor vistas that are some of the tiniest, most meticulous works you’ll see anywhere. Some are on display for the first time, which is remarkable considering that critics believe WTR to be among the greatest American landscape painters of the 19th century.

Pat Steir’s paintings, on the other hand, feature an opposite approach. Like Sam Francis or early post-Pop color-field painters, she pours, splatters, and drips her paint across canvases that seem a mile high and a block long. The masterwork on display at the Academy is Blue River, a virtual waterfall that’s just as mesmerizing as any of WTR’s watercolors, but done in bold, wide strokes on a larger-than-life canvas.

Go this weekend.


Modeling at The National Academy - Mary-Beth Mackenzie’s Painting Class

Thank you to the lovely ladies who made modeling for this class such a pleasure. 

Mary-Beth Mackenzie (Master Painter), Sarah Meredith, Loraine Montague, Judy Parker, Brenda Roche, & Susan

Thank you for the dedication to the work and for the amazing experience. 

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For the last month I’ve been working every friday as a model for Eric March’s Anatomy Class at National Academy. It was a great experience. I learned a lot from this class, and got to spend more time with some of my favorite artists at the academy.