Some of my closest friends have called me crazy but I really don’t care what they think. 

Bakkar is one of the original tigers from Tiger Island and recently became the last one to be gracing us with his beautiful presence. I knew I was in Sydney 2 weeks ago so I made plans to drive to the National Zoo and Aquarium just to see him…it was a 6 hour round trip……thats where people put the crazy part me it just shows what I will do for someone something I love.. The last time I saw him I was about 11 and he didn’t look happy as he did at Dreamworld so when I found out he was still around and away from that terrible place that made him sad nothing was stopping me from seeing him…including my mum not wanting me to drive so far.

When we got there I found him on the map and dragged my mother to him… 

Bakkar and I made eye contact, most amazing thing! How unless you have grown up in my shoes it easy to think thats crazy but if you only knew what He and all the other Tigers at dreamworld helped me to get through because its not easy when your the kid who picked what job they wanted when they were 3 or the kid who yelled at another kid in kindergarten for 10 minutes because he said a tiger was a lion and they are just the easy things to explain. Mum and I then got to feed him…. Nothing can express how amazing it was to be able to be that close to him.

I’m so happy that I was able to go see him and spend most of my day watching him and knowing that I now have an amazing memory of him. 

I love Bakkar =D

Tau ngk sih guys ternyata gambar pinguin tersebut maskot dari Sistem Opersi terbuka LINUX ?

Tux nama dari maskot tersebut memiliki sejarah yang sangat unik , berawal dari penemu Linus Torvalds yang sedang berkunjung ke National Zoo & Aquarium yang terletak di Canberra tergigit oleh seekor pinguin yang menyebabkan Linus menderita penyakit pengunitis. Ia berfikir bahwa karakter pinguin cocok untuk menjadi logo dari sistem operasi barunya itu. Maka diadakan sebuah kompetisi untuk mendesain Logo Linux baru yang dimenangkan oleh Larry Ewing yang berhasil menggambarkan seekor pinguin yang sedang duduk.

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