• make sure you won’t be disturbed

  • turn off all electronics that might produce light in your room

  • light a candle and place it at one side of the mirror

  • the candle light should hit only one side of your face

  • get into a relaxed position as you would when you’re about to enter a trance

  • empty your head 

  • focus on one part of your face, the eyes seem to do the trick best

  • chant “oracle of lunar light send me the second sight, show me a past life”

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As much as I love seeing posts about people being accepted​ by their families I can’t help but feel incredibly jealous. I just wish I could live without being afraid or ridiculized


Color LIVE(컬러라이브): HENRY(헨리)_Real Love(사랑 좀 하고 싶어)


Are you aware that currently, there is a National Socialist Movement organization being planned in Pikeville, Kentucky? In laymen terms, its the KKK.
This particular organization is meeting on April 29th, TODAY. The students of the city’s university have been encouraged to go home. This particular group began a gofund me page to raise money for buses to transport as many people here as possible.
The city has restricted them from wearing masks or hoods- they have dawned black clothing, all black.

Eastern Kentucky is widely known for its racism, and so these people, who are not from here, feel comfortable meeting here. The community is widely outraged. I have not seen a single native of this place in support of this.

Please you all, spread this shit like wildfire. And please look out for the inevitable violence that will outbreak, but wont become national news. THIS WILL BE THE LARGEST GATHERING OF THE KKK IN 15 YEARS. Please please, this affects us all. The ultimate plan is for them to gain more followers, more numbers, and to SPREAD.

We are all in danger. I was raised in these mountains, i was born in these hills. Ya’ll may have your preconceived ideals of what this place is me, but for me, it has and will always be home. I have never faced a racist here that I didn’t face when I lived out west, in Colorado. There are so many black lives out here, ya’ll. We are everywhere! We are here too. God, help us.