I just want Danny Boyle's Frankenstein released on DVD

I want the front cover of it to be a lenticular print that does this as you turn it

And inside I want one side with Miller’s Creature on the disc, and the other side with Cumberbatch’s Creature on the disc. 

And when you remove the discs, the Creature’s creator will be the picture underneath in the box. 

The dvd box alone could be so beautiful, and I want it in my life so badly!

Gratuitous Hamlet Post

OMGGGG I am SO FUCKING EXCITED to go see Hamlet tonight (not IRL but thanks to the National Theater’s livestream broadcast thingy!) with @astudyinpurpleverse, @sunayani, and @iamlokilocked- aka my local chapter of the CumberCollective.

But now I’m even MORE EXCITED because so many lovely people on my dash are also going in all their respective parts of the world! <3

Please gratuitously reblog this if YOU TOO are going to see Hamlet tonight! It’s just making me really happy thinking of all y’all out there watching too!


We need to keep trying to get Coriolanus in our area either for the live stream or the rebroadcast! 

Contact the Enzian Theatre here / Enzian’s Twitter here / Enzian’s Facebook page here

Contact National Theatre Live here / NT Live’s Facebook page here

Bombard their social media with polite requests! Let’s make this happen!!!

Help out with signal boosts when you see this post, even if you aren’t in FL! :)

In 13 hours and 15 minutes
I will be sitting in a theater
fangirling my ass off 
Watching the beautiful Hiddles 
perform Coriolanus 
before my very eyes 

I’m literally too excited to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!