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2situations: maggie saying "I'm yours alex, I'll do anything you want" in a sexual scenario and alex saying "you are mine maggie, do you understand that?" In a non sexual scenario... maybe in a fight? in a "I can't lose you" way.

I took this in a very very angsty – but also deeply loving – direction, so it starts out very violent. Don’t worry – our girls will be safe and in love and alright, of course, because I’m not Jason Rothenberg. But, just a heads up.

IF YOU CAN’T READ PAST THE KEEP READING LINE the rest of it is HERE it doesn’t end without loving things.

The latest string of Cadmus kidnappings has been targeting local cops. The ones whose bodies they’ve found – the ones whose bodies had still been recognizable – had all been shot in the head. Had all been brought back to life in some absurd way before dying again. Had all had “property of Cadmus” tattooed on their dissected chests.

So when they’re pinned down in a fire fight and Alex grabs Maggie by the shoulders and looks her fiercely in the eyes, Maggie understands the promise Alex is making her when she says, “You are mine, Maggie, do you understand that?”

Hers. Not Cadmus’s. Never Cadmus’s. Hers.

Maggie nods and Maggie’s body goes through the motions she was trained for as Alex makes good on her promise to keep Maggie safe, to keep Maggie from being branded anyone else’s.

Making good on her promise involves Alex knocking Maggie down, knocking Maggie away from a bullet that whistles right past her head, missing her temple by mere centimeters; making good on her promise involves Alex putting two bullets in the brain of the man who’d fired the shot; making good on her promise means Alex fighting hand-to-hand, back-to-back with Maggie, burying a knife into someone’s stomach and ignoring her own bruised ribs to shatter to ulna of the soldier who’d slashed a gaping wound into Maggie’s side.

Making good on her promise leaves a wake of broken Cadmus bodies; making good on her promise reminds Alex just how ruthless she is when someone threatens the people she loves, just how much blood she has on her hands; just how much blood she will track out of there with her boots.

But the only thing concerning her now is that none of that blood is Maggie’s.

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If you need a quick laugh, or are feeling dumb...

My twin sister, who just graduated high school last May with Summa Cum Laude Honors (a gpa of greater than or equal to 4.25) literally had no idea what Yosemite (Yo-seh-meh-tee) National Park was until I spelled it out and she said “oh, you mean Yoss-eh-mite”.

Literally I was crying and she said I was wrong so I looked it up for her and she just left. SHE GOT IN THE CAR, LEFT, AND CAME BACK 3 HOURS LATER WITH A STARBUCKS AND SAID “Ive been pronouncing that wrong my whole life and so many conversations make so much more sense. I just needed to get a coffee and review all those conversations in my head.”