Kostas Zimeris     Woman Members of the Anti-fascist 54th Partisan Batallion of the National People’s Liberation Army, Ano Kerassia, Magnesia, Greece      1944


1977. East German ,,Pionierpanzer” operated by Young Pioneers (Jungpioniere), a suborganisation of the Ernst Thälmann Pioneer Organisation. Sections provided with these mini-tanks were effectively called ,,Panzerbrigade” (Armoured Brigade), which apparently operated under STASI supervision.

These ,,Pionierpanzer” were powered by a Trabant engine and had a top speed of 15 kph. The turrets couldn’t traverse. The crew was composed of 2 Jungpioniere. Different models were in production, resembling actual tanks: T-34-76, T-34-85. T-54, SU-100, and SU-122.

Sources are contradictory regarding the guns: some claim they could fire live ammunition, some that they could fire only blanks, others that “hits” were scored using a laser system, similar to nowaday’s Laser Tag.

Existing footage confirms that they were at least capable of firing blanks.


TRIUMVIRATE: (traɪˈʌmvɪrɪt)

[noun]: ”a government or coalition of three officers or leading figureheads of a city functioning within a joint administration; a unified group of three; a trio in power.” Primarily used in Ancient Rome.

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