Now that we’re getting close to the summer, I thought I would start planning a Tumblr meetup at Nationals at Wake Forest University this summer.

If any of you are planning to go to NJCL, whether you’re a JCLer or an SCLer, please feel free to reblog this post and please message us so we’ll know you’ll be there! I’ll be starting a list of people who will be going. Details about meeting up will, I’m sure, be added as we get closer to the end of July.

We all know Tumblr users are the best, and we all know Latin is the best, so why not? ;D Unfortunately, only one of the three of us (camelopardalis) will be attending.

Please please send littlelatinnerdthings a message if you’re going to be there!

NJCL Packets: It's That Time of Year!

To all the classy classicists of the world:*

Do you want to attend convention at UNLV this summer? (Yes. Yes you do. Why am I even asking such a silly question?) The NJCL Packet Award is given to one delegate who demonstrates both merit (which is basically every delegate there) and financial need, so you should check it out at before March 1st!

*Sorry for commandeering your catchphrase, Elliot.

FIRST: If you haven’t already, and are interested in attending a Nerdfighter meetup at this year’s National Junior Classical League Convention, then message me your name and delegation for the master list on this tumblr page.  

When we get closer to the date of NJCL, I’d like to switch phone numbers you get mine and I get yours so I can text you the information about the meetup. If you don’t feel comfortable with this, it’s fine, I will also post the information on this tumblr, but you can get the information more easily this way. 

here is my tumblr in case you need further verification that I am indeed a high school aged delegate attending

If you value your time, keep scrolling ~

aw boo. i just searched the #jcl tag, and now i’m regretting not going to nationals. JCL is latin club, and nationals is total nerdfest - where people from all over the country come and be weird together. it’s a week long convention. well, i wanna be weird too! i am so going to nationals next year in vegas!

thinking about this makes me so freaking pumped! i need to do some spirit. jflasdjv

NJCL -National Junior Classical League

If you’re from tumblr/have a tumblr, and are at NJCL right now give me a message! I know you’re out there - I’ve seen a bunch of Sherlockians and Whovians - in fact today someone was playing the Sherlock theme on a piano today

So yeah. Send a message my way if you’d like. I’m from the Florida delegation :)

wish me luck!!! im off to the national junior classical league competition!!!!!!1 IM SO EXCITED!!!!