Park Avenue and 57th Street looking south, shortly before Christmas, 1963. The First National City Bank Building (Carson & Lundin-Kahn & Jacobs, 1961) are on foreground, left, with the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel (Schultze & Weaver, 1931) and the new 50-story Chemical Bank New York Trust Building (Emery Roth & Sons, 1964) under construction at background. Union Carbide (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 1960), ITT (Emery Roth & Sons, 1961) and Manufacturers Hanover Trust (Emery Roth & Sons, 1961) buildings are at right. The Pan Am (Walter Gropius-Emery Roth & Sons, Pietro Belluschi, 1963) and New York General (Warren & Wetmore, 1929) are at center.

Photo: Victor Laredo.

Source: Victor Laredo, Thomas Reilly. “New York City: A Photographic Portrait” (New York, Dover, 1973).

Perspectiva, Edificio de departamentos y comerciales  para la Compañía de Seguros La Nacional (hoy Hotel Ramada Culiacán), Gral. Juan Carrasco No. 606 Norte esq de Gral. Antonio Rosales, Primer Cuadro, Culiacán, Sinaloa, México 1961 (remodelado)

Arq.  Augusto H Álvarez

Perspective drawing, Aparments and commecial building for the National Insurance Company, (now Hotel Ramada Culiacan), Juan Carrasco 606 Norte at Rosales, Culiacan, Sinaola, Mexico 1961 (remodeled)

You can definitely tell that Les Invalides was inspired by St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. 

Les Invalides, Paris, France

Romantic Weekend (Kihyun X Reader) 1/2

Bonjour! Here is part 1 out of 2! If I get positive feedback I’ll make sure to publish part 2 (Smut) soon! 


Is it worth making a second part? please tell me <3 


The past weeks have been absolutely crazy for me and Kihyun. As I was studying my ass of for my mid-term and my end of term exams, Kihyun was busy promoting for Monsta x’s comeback. The two of us felt tired and exhausted because of our busy schedules, Especially Kihyun. He’s been preparing for so long for this comeback, he wanted it to be pitch perfect. I know Kihyun well now, and I know that he would do everything for his members and for monbebes. Unfortunately, because of my studies and his album, we can’t see each other as often as we would want to. For the past 6 weeks I’ve seen him… 3 times? Maybe 4? And the time we spent together was usually really short. Once we went to get coffee between 2 practices. Another time he went to spent the evening with me and went back as soon as I fell asleep. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about his job and Kihyun, I know well that his job means everything to him and that his members are equally important. He’s been working day and night for this comeback, and I knew that the first thing he would sacrifice would be time spent with me. I understand perfectly why; his job is his dream and monbebes are the ones making his dream possible. I owe so much to them, they are the ones taking care of Kihyun when he is away and making him happy when I’m not around. And to be 100% honest, that’s why I fell in love with him in the first place. The way he gets serious when talking about his job, how his eyes would light up when talking about monbebes, the bright smile he wears when he tells me about a joke Minhyuk said backstage. That’s also when he is the handsomest, when he is doing what he loves. I want to spend more time with him, that’s for sure, but I can’t keep him from working because his beautiful smile and energy that it gives him would disappear.

But now it’s all over! I just finished my last exam and Kihyun is practically done with his promotions. I’m so happy about finally spending time with him. The thoughts of seeing him all I want made me go the extra mile with my studies and was my motivation throughout the week. He told me he couldn’t wait to see me too, and that he missed me a lot to the point of driving him crazy. We then agreed on meeting tonight at my place for a romantic night including wine and his signature kimchi stew.

“Y/N, how about we go on a trip?”

“A TRIP!? A rea trip? Just the 2 of us? Where? When!?”

He was definitely amused by my excitement. The wide smile that illuminated his tired face showed how proud he was of his decision to make time for me. That’s want I wanted to hear the most too, after all those weeks of loneliness without my boyfriend.

“You don’t seem like you want to go, maybe I should ask Shownu?”

“Kihyunnie…! How do I look like someone that doesn’t want to go! If you don’t take me with you I’ll be the one going with Shownu, how about that?”
“Alright alright, how does Osaka sounds to you Y/N?”

The instant relieve I felt when he started joking like he usually does. It made me feel at ease, as thought I was completely worry-free at that moment.

“This sounds lovely baby, you can’t even imagine how happy I am right now” As I said those sincere words, I went and wrap my arms around his waist his kissed his cheek. He lost weight from the time we first started going out to his now, post-comeback self. Nothing to be concerned about, but I still wish he would take care of himself more, I really want Kihyun to stay healthy.

“We are leaving tomorrow at 2pm, if you are not ready by then, I’ll leave without you” He placed a soft kiss on my lips with a playful smile traced on his.


I didn’t know it would be so stressful. I wasn’t scared of being on a plane or going overseas, not at all. The thing I was scared about is our night in the hotel. We’ve been going out for 4 months now and we’ve held hands, kissed and has “heated moments” together but we never did it. It’s not like we are not ready or that we don’t love each other. Far from that. The time’s never been right. When we started going out, we agreed about taking our time with this matter and with the promotion starting, we just didn’t have time. Kihyun Wasn’t in a hurry to do so, neither was I.

But, I knew quite well that this was planned as a part of his romantic weekend.

Actually, stressed isn’t the right word, thrilled is more like it.

We were in first class for the flight from Incheon to Osaka’s airport. I tried to convince Kihyun to change our plane tickets to a less expensive one. One way or another, it’s taking us to the same place, right? And making him use his own money, which he worked hard for, for flying in first class made me feel extremely bad. He soon made me feel at ease with his kind- hearted words: “I want to spend my own money the way I want to, and that is by spoiling my girlfriend.”

He was now sound asleep, head resting on his hand which was placed on the arm rest. He was so beautiful. Every time I see him I can’t help but feel extremely lucky to have such a man as my boyfriend.

“You look so tired kihyunnie… Maybe we should’ve stayed home” I gasped when I realised I said my thoughts out loud. Luckily, he was sleeping tight, which left me being embarrassed all by myself.

“Y/N, stop worrying about me alright. I want you to have the best weekend you’ve ever had. Nothing in the world could make me miss our romantic trip. Now let me sleep before the bags under my eyes reach my knees.” As those lovely words reach my ears, he took my hand in his and delicately placed it on his chest, this way. Placed like that, I could feel his heartbeat against my hand, and felt perfectly happy. I laid my head on his shoulder and whispered: “I love you Kihyunnie” and received a sweet kiss on the top of my head with a soft : “I know, I feel the same”.


“Since the plan was delayed, I don’t think we’ll be able to catch a train or a taxi this late at night. I’ll go ask the receptionist if she can help us out.”

He seemed really disappointed.

“I’m sorry Y/N, I made a reservation in a nice hotel that I knew you would’ve love… I’m sorry we can’t make it.”

“If I’m with you, I could sleep under a bridge and feel like the luckiest girl, don’t worry”.

We went to the receptionist’s desk and asked if any hotel nearby still had a room available. Unfortunately, today was a national holiday and every hotel were completely booked.

We she looked at Kihyun directly, her attitude changed completely. Her cheeks were blushed and the pitch of her voice became higher. She told us to wait a moment and went in the back to make a phone call. I didn’t care much, it wasn’t the first time it happened, Kihyun was indeed beautiful, no wonder girls are always staring and acting cute around him.

She came back with a shy smile and her cheeks still blushed.

“I called an hotel close to the airport and told them that Monsta X’s Kihyun was looking for a room. Since you are well known in Japan, the hotel managed to find a room for the two of you.”

“Thank you so much miss” said Kihyun. “Where is the hotel located? We’ll head there right away.”

“The only think Mister is that… The hotel is a capsule hotel. Which means rooms are usually for one person only, since it’s especially narrow. They decided to make an exception and let the two of you stay in the same capsule. Is it okay with you?”

From the side view, I could see Kihyun ear turn bright red, and when he turn around to look at me, his face had the exact same color.

He turned back to the receptionist and she understood without us even talking. She said with the same shy smile: “Mister looks okay with the situation, I’ll make the reservation, it’ll be ready in 15 minutes. I hope you’ll have an enjoyable stay in Osaka.”

lovely picture from: Monsta x fancafe ( Kihyun)

Cute, shy and giggly Kihyun from : Kpop Amino 



After a particularly disappointing year at college, cousins Cora and Malia dream up the perfect way to spend their summer–traveling cross-country by motorcycle. They talk their girlfriends Lydia and Kira into it, and when Lydia’s best friend Allison hears about it, she and her girlfriend Erica jump on board, too. The six girls set out on a two-month long trip that none of them will ever forget, filled with hotel rooms, national monuments, forest-lined backroads, and one adventure after another.

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from: elizabeth (@khylinrambo)

Singita Lebombo Lodge - Kruger National Park, South Africa

This luxury lodge offers 13 rooms, and one private villa, overlooking the amazing Kruger National Park. The hotels suites are suspended above the N’Wanetsi River, that attracts lions, elephant, buffalo, leopard and Rhino to its banks. The lodge also features a roof terrace and wine studio. 

Emeto Yurio Scenarios

So. There was an anon who asked us to write some emeto Yurio scenarios. And due to an intense craving for sick Yurio, I decided to fill it. But I accidentally deleted the ask instead of going to answer it. So. Here we go anon! -Meg

(Feel free to write any of these!)

{Feel free to request any of these}

-Rostelecom Mishap
•In which Yurio is very sick at Rostelecom. But thinks he can make it for the match. Though, parental Viktuuri being parental and oblivious of Yurio not well, try to get him to drink to stay hydrated. This results in a very nauseous Yurio throwing up in the kiss and cry (all over his national team jacket too)

-Hotel Hell
•Yurio stuck in a foreign country in a hotel. Feeling fine at first but progressively getting worse. And once the illness builds up enough, it reaches the point he can’t stop throwing up for more than a few minutes.

-Airport Accident
•In which Yurio refuses to admit he’s sick right before flying out of a competition, only to puke all over the floor in a corridor of the airport

-Domestic Situation
•In which Yurio is staying with Viktuuri at their apartment. While Viktuuri are out doing gross couple-y things, Yurio stays home. Through the afternoon he starts feeling sick. When Viktuuri get home they all go to chill in the living room. But Yurio gets up to get something and can’t stand right because he’s so tired and dizzy. Only to collapse to his knees and vomit on the floor.

-Homestyle sickness
•In which Yurio wakes up in the middle of the night, feeling viciously nauseous. Trying to get to the bathroom fails because Yuuri or Viktor are in the bathroom and Yurio ends up puking in the hallway


Vik or Yuuri is cleaning the bathroom or in the shower but didnt lock the door so Yurio goes in and throws up in the sink

-A Hero’s Help
•In which Yurio is with Otabek at a competition. Yurio was sick but ran through his routine (either perfectly or sloppily), and Otabek is waiting for him at the barrier. Yurio, feverish and nauseous and exhausted, doesn’t protest his {friend/boyfriend/etc.} giving him a hug. And it becomes too much after a few moments and he throws up. All over Otabek and Otabek’s Kazakhstan jacket [*insert mortified Yurio from this occurrence*]

-Unhealthy Testing
•In which Yurio needs to take a standardized and mandatory test for school, spends hours studying, works as hard as he can and tries to review while skating. The stress of school and practice wearing on his fragile immune system. Only for him to vomit. Right in the middle of the test. (This happened to me before. yikES)

Where to Eat at MAGFest / Katsucon

By: Koumori No Hime Cosplay

It’s almost the New Year, and with that comes two of the most popular conventions in the DC metro area: MAGFest and Katsucon. Both of these conventions take place at the Gaylord National Harbor, a beautiful hotel that exists almost in its’ own little world. While I can’t review the food in the hotel proper (I try to avoid hotel dining as it tends to be on the pricier side- especially room service!) here are my reviews of some of the restaurants in the surrounding area.

1. Cadillac Ranch (
Cadillac Ranch is just a quick walk away from the convention center and serves the usual American bar-food fare. It is a sit-down type restaurant and does serve alcohol for those of legal age. My friends try to go there at least once per convention, if only for the loaded fry appetizer: cheesy, bacon-y, ranch-y goodness.

2. CVS (
CVS is not a restaurant, it’s a convenience store, but it does sell prepackaged food and beverages if you are short on cash and have a refrigerator in your hotel room. Just be aware, it is not a 24-hour establishment, so check hours to avoid disappointment.

3. Elevation Burger (
Elevation burger is actually not that far from the convention center, but it feels like an eternity walking there in frigid howling winds, so plan accordingly. It serves burgers, fries, and shakes, but is definitely a step up in quality from McDonalds. It also includes grilled cheese on the menu if you are vegetarian, and you can add toppings to your cheese sandwich just like the burgers (I personally like adding fresh tomatoes).

4. Subway (
Subway is the same basic Subway you see all over the USA. The one thing that it has going in the National Harbor is that it is one of the few places open for breakfast.

5. Thai Pavilion (
Thai Pavilion serves delicious Thai food in generous quantities that is an absolute delight on a cold convention evening. Just look for the ornate silver door and you will know you have arrived. It is a sit-down type restaurant, so expect to spend some time there, but this is one of my favorite places to eat in the National Harbor.

6. Chipotle (
The usual Chipotle you find in the rest of the US. Build your own burrito and eat it there, or get a burrito to stash in the hotel mini-fridge for midnight snacking like my friend does.

7. Potbelly Sandwich Shop (
A bit more gourmet than Subway, Potbelly’s serves hot soup and sandwiches.

8. Nando’s Peri-Peri (
I will admit my view of this restaurant is a bit tarnished. Last time I was there we ended up waiting two hours from walking in the door, to ordering, to finally getting our food. At that time, the staff was overwhelmed with both dine-in and take-out orders. Hopefully they will have learned how to manage convention rush, but I don’t plan on returning anytime soon.

9. Fiorella’s Italian Kitchen (
Perhaps because it isn’t as visible from the street as some of the other restaurants, Fiorella’s didn’t have the long lines that the others did the one time we went. And going there was a fantastic decision. We were tired, cold, and hungry, and a nice big bowl of alfredo was everything we wanted.

These are only a handful of the places to eat around the Gaylord, but I hope this gave you some ideas for your next convention! Check out the National Harbor website for more (, an let me know in the comments if there is anything you think I missed.

This article in video form:

I stayed in a $100 a night Ramada room this past weekend, and Ramada is a Wyndham hotel, so there were loyalty club pamphlets all over the room with Kristopher Hivju’s bearded face all over them.

I just love how a national US hotel chain was trying to figure out how to get rich people to give them more money, and was like, “I know. Let’s use that guy from Game of Thrones who fucked a bear.”