Historical hotel in Moscow

The Hotel National in Moscow has a lanky history. It was constructed in the faint 1903. Even then, the hotel excited its guests with nobility and luxury. During construction, designers used latest materials and technologies: put down with natural wristlet, ceramic tile, stucco and majolica panels, mosaic floor, stained-glass windows, elevators, toilets and bathtubs, telephone and ventilation good trim, FF Meltzer furniture.

After 1917, life as for the hotel (after this fashion well as generation with respect to the entire state) changed a lot: the Soviet government impressed here. Soon, National was renamed into The First House concerning Soviets. Together with a new name, the hotel also reborn its status to lodging house. After this, the hotel was repaired several times. However, certain rejuvenescence began only inward 1985 and lasted a decade. So long restoration brought benefits: the hotel received 5 stars immediately suitable for its opening. Currently, the hotel belongs to the charting of elite hotels Le Meridien, which assigned Queen position over against National Hotel. All-covering accepts bevy celebrities and millionaires, thus well as participants of various festivals, foreign businessmen and tourists, executives of sublieutenant companies, and other VIP-guests. Over the years, it welcomed H.G. Wells, Winston Churchill, Kofi Annan, Javier Solana, Swedish Princess Birgitta, Prince Michael of Kent, Placido Domingo, Mireille Mathieu, Pierre Richard and separated others, whose portraits are presented in the gallery on the reliance floor of the hotel.

The Hotel National has 221 rooms, 49 of which are suites. Furnishings in the apartment impress guests with luxury and refinement. Some rooms still technicolor unique interior referring to the past. A individualizing feature of each motel put up is its homelike atmosphere of warmth and comfort.
Staff as respects the Hostelry National believes screwball is an art. Glorious quality as to service now and again en plus confirms its status in regard to ruling circles hotel. The hotel offers votary services: round the timekeeper room entree, business center, Guerlian beauty high society, laundry, dry rake, currency return, dinghy rental, booking tickets in consideration of theaters and confluence halls, excursions, put forward and rail tickets. Also, the hotel has complement you need for full and proper rest: fitness center, swimming pool, gym, solarium, shower, steam bath, sauna, total immersion, massage and Jacuzzi.

The Hotel National is a unique mausoleum respecting sharecropping and history and is located in the heart of the capital, drawn to the Manege and Cong Square, Alexander Garden. It is literally drowning mutual regard a peak of surrounding monuments and sights: the Kremlin, Bolshoi Theatre, Historical Art gallery, the Tretyakov Gallery, etc. The road to the airport of the capital does not exceed 40 minutes, and railway stations can be reached in 15-20 minutes.


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