This post goes out to the ladies…First ladies that is! 

Well, in this case, we’re showcasing election memorabilia that focus on the role that *potential* first ladies on the campaign trail. OK, so in 1992, Tipper Gore (wife of Al Gore) was campaigning for her husband’s Vice Presidential candidacy, but we threw in a Kitty Dukakis parade invite too!

In case you’ve missed our previous posts, every Tuesday is Election Tuesday this fall! We’re teaming up with the Presidential Libraries of the National Archives and American Experience PBS to share our campaign memorabilia right here on Tumblr for the #ElectionCollection Challenge Don’t forget to check out what we’ve posted so far–we’ve got buttons and stickers, wearables, and more!

From the Kathy Kouzmanoff Papers, Series John Kouzmanoff, Milwaukee Manuscript Collection 196, Box 3