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Photographing the Wild Wolves of Yellowstone

Hear photographer Ronan Donovan describe the challenge of photographing one of Yellowstone National Park’s most elusive and iconic species: wolves.

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Stunning Footage: Epic Animal Migrations in Yellowstone:

PHOTO EDITOR: Kathryn Moran
PRODUCER: Shannon Sanders


Drones Sacrificed for Spectacular Volcano Video

Feb. 20, 2015 - Video technology and science converge on an active volcano in Vanuatu, where explorer Sam Cossman operated camera-mounted drones to capture high-definition images of the spectacular yet dangerous Marum Crater. Cossman and his team piloted the drones over the 7.5-mile-wide (12-kilometer) caldera while confronting toxic gases and boiling lava. Although two drones succumbed to the harsh environment, the team was able to bring back video and photos that will help scientists learn more about the volcano and the life around it.