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Day 5: Domestic

There were a lot of reasons why Maggie had been hesitant to enter into a relationship with a woman like Alex Danvers. Her own history at destroying things, for one. Eventually though, they found their place with each other, and Maggie found new reasons to worry. They both led dangerous jobs with a duty to protect, it became obvious after the third apocalyptic event that National City was ground zero for danger. Maggie was sure a bullet or a phaser would end their relationship.

And then they moved in together.

Their things merged more or less seamlessly together, the new bedroom door ensured that there would be fewer opportunities for Little Danvers to barge in on them, and all and all things were going well. At least until Maggie suggested they head out together and stock the kitchen with basics.

She used to chalk it up to long hours at the DEO and the impracticality of expecting leftovers with the Kryptonian garbage disposal always over.

But on this, their first joint trip to the grocery store, Maggie Sawyer discovered the single biggest threat to the length of their relationship, to Alex’s health, was Alex’s diet.

“Danvers, seriously, one family-sized thing of Oreos is enough.”

“Not if Kara comes over.”

“Your sister can buy her own cookies. Here, let’s get some crackers to snack on-”

Which of course meant that Alex grabbed a box of Ritz crackers- Ritz - instead of the seven-grain healthy option Maggie had been pointing to. And when she protested, it led to a seven-minute disagreement over whether Alex could use “I’m a doctor,” as a legitimate nutritional argument.

Every aisle was much the same. Alex would put something into the cart, Maggie would replace it with something healthier, and a tug of war would commence. Sometimes the healthiest options would be on the top shelf, and Alex would pretend she couldn’t hear Maggie’s request to reach it “from way down there” and laughed when Maggie jumped and used a box of Cheerios to knock things down. One time, the argument didn’t end until Maggie literally climbed Alex in the middle of the canned vegetables to reach the can Alex was holding over her head.

Two hours into getting “just the basics” and Maggie was ready to kill Alex herself rather than waiting for the onset of heart disease. Maggie’s cart hadn’t held so much junk since she was 14 and it was the only kind of food her aunt could afford. Kara, at least, had the excuse of alien physiology and a never-ending need for calories. Maggie had no clue how Alex had made it so close to 30 on a diet of takeout and microwavables. Her daily intake of sodium alone could kill a man.

The fight over ice cream nearly came to blows. They had a normal-sized freezer, they did not have room for both actual food and thirteen different flavors of Ben and Jerry’s and one pint of her So Delicious.

“You already got canned vegetables, Sawyer, why do you need frozen ones?”

“Because we need them for different things, Danvers. Jesus are you going to be like this about the fresh stuff too?”

“We’re getting more?”

Obviously, they were getting more. Maggie would get vegetables in Alex’s diet if it killed her.

She took her time, even as Alex whined, picking up every fruit and vegetable and quizzing her girlfriend on names and ripeness. Maggie was pleasantly surprised that Alex even knew what an eggplant was, even if she made a face at the thought of trying it.

“Mom had a healthy eating kick.”

Maggie had attended the last Danvers Family Eating Holiday. Credit where credit was due, Eliza Danvers was a much better cook than her daughters. But she wasn’t exactly generous with the seasonings, so Maggie wasn’t surprised that Alex wasn’t enthusiastic at the thought.

“You’ll love my eggplant lasagna,” Maggie promised.

That promise did require some backtracking into the Natural section of the store, where Maggie could pick up lactose-free cheeses and cheese substitutes. This was probably the one section where Alex behaved, having born unfortunate witness to what happened when Maggie gave into her hunger and ate four-cheese pizza after Kara had accidentally eaten the lactose-free pizza.

Their cart of “basics” totaled nearly $400, and that was after Maggie had put back the “Kara” pile. She stared hard at the disproportionate amount of junk food and vowed she would teach Alex to eat healthier if she had to do it one sexual favor at a time.

Ride or die did not include intentionally developing diabetes.


Zero (who doesn’t “do” relationships) didn’t freak out and was immediately ready to lie and risk himself when he thought Jude shot Jelena.

Zero who kept everything close to the vest, and learned so young in life to only rely on himself. 

He was willing to put *everything* on the line JUST so Jude wasn’t in danger and didn’t feel alone in this. 

That my friends is some true love.

Shit you don't want to know about me...

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Name: Billy Craig. I just found out I was named after my mom’s first love who drowned. Another sad thing in her life.

Nickname: any curse word or slur that can be attached on a jobsite, Billy Goat when running in the mountains.
But Papa to my girls.

Zodiac: Aquarius.


Orientation: all the teams.

Nationality: Zero diversity no matter what my family claims. European descent smorgasbord that ended up white, blue eyed, and blonde. Ok grey now…

Favorite fruit: Huckleberry for those who eat at Becky’s Cafe, but peaches and blueberries for the rest of you.

Favorite season: Summer for biking, Spring for running.

Favorite book: Anything Terry Brooks since I was a kid, but every now and then throw in a serial killer novel to keep it lively.

Favorite flower: Lilly

Favorite scent: vanilla, sunscreen mixed with sun inspired sweat, my granddaughters

Color: Black

Animal: I love seeing bobcats and cougars in the wild.

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: hot chocolate if I must

Avg hrs sleep: 6, and proud I am getting that much.

Cats or dogs: Dog. But currently overrun with cats.

Favorite dead celebrity: so many, but Heath Ledger was someone I loved seeing in movies and we can finally watch them again. Robin Williams… sigh. It hasn’t been long enough for it not to hurt. When it comes, I am sure we will binge watch everything, starting with Jumanji.

Blog created: maybe 2014?? I need to figure this out.

Dream trip: right now, a cabin on a mountain with green trees and fresh air.

Number of followers: way less than my blog indicates. But I am grateful for the people on here.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story is arguably the best game in the Mario & Luigi RPG series but the most troubling thing is that it confirms that warp pipes dont even need to be physically connected to their destinations in order to deliver you there, the opposite side just needs to be intact. You could feasibly break off a warp pipe exit and stick it literally anywhere in the known universe and as long as you have the other corresponding end you can go there. The Mushroom Kingdom could have an absolutely stellar minimal-budget aeronautics and space program by just launching ends of warp pipes into deep space and then sending Mario through them. They could send weapons of mass destruction through them with no way to have their enemies immediately retaliate because the pipe end would be destroyed in the process. Sending aid and diplomats to foreign nations would be a zero-effort endeavor as long as no tyrants or terrorists destroy the pipe end. There’s unlimited potential for warp pipes in the Mario world and the first way we see this is making Bowser indirectly vore the Mario brothers.

“This multi-ethnic, religiously pluralist nation that has near-zero tariff rates and encourages citizens to live abroad for a number of years is nationalist actually, because that term means whatever I want it to”

New Characters Batch!!

Have a look at some of  the creatures and entities caught and/or wanted by the SCP and X- Files inspired agency of the S.O.N. ( Supernatural Organization of the Nation )from my webcomic, ZerOes! ( Click the link for more info )

Dankerbell ( Stressed Fairy Housewife )

Nicolas Diablo ( Wannabe Underworld Ruler )

The Bearanha ( Half Bear, Half Pirahna )

Linda-Bot ( The salvaged mechanized body of a lost soul )

You’ll be seeing all of these guys and more once my comic, ZerOes re-releases in the Summer. You’ll notice that some of the creatures’ art styles are homages to certain artists…

Now it makes sense that a literal human country might not ever really be able to have a day off, but if Romano is not getting a lunch break every day I think he seriously needs to contact his union representative