national women's history project

anonymous asked:

can you please give your opinion on malala yousafzai and women's rights both in history and in the present? thank you!

My opinion of Malala is very positive. I would highly recommend watching He Named Me Malala and going to her foundation’s website for more information. She is deeply courageous and her intuition and positive intentions are remarkably inspiring. I feel as though we are fortunate to have her as a global ambassador for young girls.

My opinion on women’s rights in history and in the present is that there is always room for improvement. We are at a turning point where women’s rights must be viewed as human rights and I think advocates like Malala are facilitating that change in viewpoint. The more we can do to educate ourselves and advocate for others the more possibility for growth and equality. Definitely check out the National Women’s History Project and the Alliance for International Women’s Rights for more specifics.

- Claudia