national tumblr day

We’re caught within this loop of ‘forever’s and ‘never’s
alternating between the soft touch of fingertips and the beating of fists
We’re summer and winter
a riot against ourselves
I taste magic like poison on your lips when our teeth collide
and reality like the antidote when we melt into each other.
We’re the sand and the snow
We freeze and we thaw.
We’re so caught within this loop of paradoxes that we shouldn’t be within that we don’t realise when we turn into ice so rapidly
every inch of me that you touch, cracks.
And I spill over you like blood on snow
like fresh bruises on supple skin.
and you scatter every piece of me in your arms
like I’m the sun drowning in your horizon.
—  Tamarind Fall; Paradox.
NaPoWriMo day 25.