national theatre london 2014


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Daniel Hewitt- Geometry + Geology

Hayward Gallery, London, 2011 + Brimham Rocks, Yorkshire, 2014

National Theatre, London, 2011 + Cow Rock, Yorkshire, 2012

  –Geometry + Geology is an exploration of the formal and expressive affinities between Brutalist architecture and glaciated rock formations in northern England. “The particular similarities I want to depict are the sense of sublime scale and monolithic bleakness. The rough, weather-stained face of the shuttered concrete resembles the irregularities found in the erosion-scarred terrain of mountain rock. The darkness of the material in wet and grey weather matches that of the frequently dour conditions of the mountains. The shadowy nooks and crevices inspire trepidation and invite exploration,”-Daniel Hewitt. 

    Although I will not be comparing my images to any other form, the way Hewitt photographs architecture interests me. The angles and sections of the buildings he is photographing works a lot with geometry which is something I want to show through my photographs, and already have through some.  The grey scale in his images eliminates any distractions so the viewer is able to focus on the architecture alone. Through the use of framing and cropping, it is not easy to tell where the buildings he photographed are located which is something I think will be important in my work so that the viewer is able to interpret my images themselves, without being told what to think about them.