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So November

National novel writing month is coming and I didn’t think I was going to do anything, but last night I got a cool idea if you guys are for it:

What if we wrote a story together??!!

Let me explain. I would create the characters and then you guys can submit different scenarios as to what happens to them. It’d be kinda like a DND game except you guys are all the DM. Then I’d write the scene out and find a way to make them all connect! It wouldn’t be anything fancy, something just for fun and working on my writing skills. You guys can even submit character ideas if you’d like.

So how about it? Like/reblog if you’re interested and feel free to go ahead and drop some ideas in my ask or messages, let me know what you think!

“A She Story" 

Ballet Dancer Michaela DePrince for de Bijenkorf

"I know I can give a woman hope. I find it incredible that I have the power to change the negative way women think about themselves. If I’m not comfortable in my skin, it gives me energy to continue.”


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