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“A She Story" 

Ballet Dancer Michaela DePrince for de Bijenkorf

"I know I can give a woman hope. I find it incredible that I have the power to change the negative way women think about themselves. If I’m not comfortable in my skin, it gives me energy to continue.”


Feminist clothing store The Outrage is selling 100% of new line’s proceeds to Planned Parenthood

On Thursday, The Outrage announced via an Instagram post that 100% of its profits from the sale of its Pantsuit Nation line will go toward Planned Parenthood in Hillary Clinton’s name. While items from the “Nasty Women” line will be donated to Planned Parenthood in another person’s name.

OMG 😍 a store in the US now has this Barbie doll making machine where you can design and make your own Barbie!! Skin tone, hair colour, body type and clothes ❤️ PLEEEAAASSSEEE let this come to the UK!!!! 😭💗


It’s almost totally legal for designers and retailers to appropriate Navajo culture

According to the Navajo Nation, Urban Outfitters’ use of the Navajo name violated the Indian Arts and Crafts Act and federal trademark statutes. After their case took a hit, Judge Bruce D. Black denied Navajo Nation’s motion to dismiss Urban Outfitters’ trademark fair use defense. Urban Outfitters claims that “Navajo” is a fair use term citing a very problematic reason.
National Wear Your Pearls Day

December 15th is National Wear Your Pearls Day: When life throws dirt your way, put on your pearls as a reminder that you have value regardless of your current circumstances.

Mrs. Beatrice Levy, JMM 1972.35.4 

Janet Ginsberg, JMM 1996.127.166 

Unidentified National Council of Jewish Women member, c.1980, JMM 2002.107.486 

Marian Lansburgh, c. 1945, JMM 2004.78.93 

New parents posing, JMM 2009.26.18 

Martin and Rosa Kohn, 1951, JMM 2009.26.40