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~ National Spanish Honor Society ~

So last year, I didn’t get into National Spanish Honor Society because I didn’t know what hard work was and how to actually go for something you really wanted. Last year, I worked as hard as I can and did as much work as I can to make sure I would get into it this year. Guess what? I did.

I remember making sure I did all my homework and check the board for any assignments so I didn’t miss anything that would lower my grade in my Spanish class. I studied for almost all of the tests/ quizzes to make sure I get as near as I can to a hundred on each of them. They were around the A-range which was really good. 

This year I am in AP Spanish and this Thursday I was inducted into the National Spanish Honor Society! That’s one thing that I can check off my list. Thank you God and I’m so glad I didn’t give up on life and everything else.

Hard work does pay off!


she sleeps alone. a.i

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“My first choice.”

She was a San Francisco girl at heart. The Golden Gate was her home, the trolley was how she got around, San Francisco became the place she wanted to be forever. She never wanted to leave the Bay area, which wasn’t a problem for her applying to college at all. It was her senior year, and she was finally done with all of her college applications. There was no secret she was the golden girl of the school. Perfect grades. Swimmer. President of National Honor Society, student council, Spanish National Honor Society, and the community service director on the regional level of a charity.

This girl was a natural born writer. It leaked out of her bones, the words she couldn’t express out loud. She had a gift. The girl was gifted, and was going to write for the rest of her life. Despite this gift, she knew she had to fulfill a promise more than anything. Staying in California was of utmost importance to her. She was applying to San Francisco State University, UC Berkeley, USC but that was too far away, and then there was Stanford.

Stanford was her dream school. Stanford was it for her. She has dreamed of going to Stanford ever since she was born. Her father went to Stanford and actually met her mother there. He was a med student, and she was an undergrad hoping to do the same. That was where they fell in love, and a years later, they had six beautiful children her being the fourth. They were a Stanford family. The eldest was Adam who went to UC Berkeley for his alma mater despite his father’s protests, but went to Stanford for his doctorate in psychology. Sawyer majored in marketing and finance. Now he was on the executive board of a Fortune 100 company. Izabella majored in political science and was now a lawyer in San Francisco.  She’s never lost a case. Jack graduated from Stanford a few years ago, and was currently in school for dentistry. Daniel was a sophomore in high school, and David was merely ten months younger than him.

Her father’s dying wish was for his children to attend Stanford and make it a family tradition to go back to Stanford, because that was where their family started. He passed away when she was ten. He would never read her admission essays to Stanford or coach her for her interview. He would never be there to see her fulfill his dream. It was heartbreaking, but it only made her want Stanford more and more.

Her counselor, principal, and her family reread and tore apart everything she was going to turn into Stanford. It couldn’t be anything short of perfect. She was going in as an English major, but she was going to do microbiology. For her dad. She didn’t know what she was going to do as a writer yet, but she knew health care was calling her name.

This was the day. She sat with her family all perched around her with a picture of her father in her lap. She hit the submit button and they all cheered. Her early decision application to Stanford University was officially in.

Now it was time to wait.

There’s always a golden girl and a golden boy. There has to be a counterpart or a foil.

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