national spanish honor society

Svt as high school boys

Seungcheol: that super nice senior that does the intercom every morning and who greets the school with a cheesy joke. never has a girlfriend but is always really nice to girls. going to a big university on a scholarship but never talks about it because he is Humble as hell. all the teachers love him his literature teacher cries when she thinks about him graduating. is the Best Friend. doesn’t play a sport but you know damn well he’ll be at every sporting event, front and center with his face painted. hates art but took it all four years because jeonghan asked him too. always buys the entire lunch table cookies. drives a minivan but his friends don’t care because he drives them everywhere for free. model student every teacher uses him as an example for academics but also morals. basically everything you wanna be but you’re never jealous because he’s just THAT nice.

Jeonghan: is /that/ kid that doesn’t do SHIT but still gets good grades. sits behind the bleachers when they have to run the mile during gym and then starts running again when the fast kids pass by. doesn’t help with group projects. really charming though so it’s hard to stay mad at him. drives the Cool Car. i’m talking like a lexus or something. daddy’s money boy except he never talks about it. always well dressed. intimidating at first but is actually a big sweetheart when you get to know him. sports? what is a sport? has only been to one football game because seungcheol dragged him to it. will fight anyone that makes fun of chan. always challenges the teachers. and is almost always right. extremely smart but doesn’t brag about it. probs will end up at fucking harvard or something idk. everyone is jealous of him like JEALOUS jealous.

Joshua: listen. this boy. he’s the kid that you’re like eh? about all throughout school and then you see him at the five year reunion and suddenly he is Daddy material and has a foreign wife and seven different mansions spread out throughout the world. but really. he’s just a big dork. really reserved. is the class president. is the president of like everything actually. national honor society. spanish club. japanese club. humans vs. zombies coordinator every year. nobody knew but he’s fucking competitive. like. he goes to his first football game as the class president and suddenly he’s standing next to seungcheol, screaming that the other team deserves to get run over by a semi. administration has to tell him to cool down. so quiet in class but the teachers low key love him. he’s so smart. valedictorian smart. he gets into like every university. goes to one close to home tho bc he’s a family kinda guy. cries at graduation. everyone has a weird crush on him but no one will admit it.

Jun: the foreign kid that shows up sophomore year and suddenly everyone is like yes. plays a weird sport like hockey that no one ever goes to watch but when they find out he’s on the team the stands are packed. is the only one on the team that looks good with a hockey mullet. is super quiet but when you get to know him you’re like jun shut up. greasy. uses pick up lines on all of his friends. tries on his teachers for better grades. hardly works. he doesn’t give up. the really popular kid that’s simultaneously weird as hell. nobody knows why he has so many friends. he’s kind of a nerd. will wear pajamas to school and will not care. “jun for the last time put your hood down”. will be right next to seungcheol at every game but doesn’t yell. thinks his friends are way cool. everyone has had a crush on him at some point. could be dating twenty people at a time but is always single. “I like to keep them guessing” *winks*. eats the entire cafeteria at lunch but never gains a pound. girls are jealous of him because he’s THAT pretty. has tried out to be the mascot every year but is always told no.

Soonyoung: never alone. is friends with literally every person in the school. even the teachers. works at the front desk in the office and all of the moms love him. “why can’t you date soonyoung, he’s such a nice boy”. seems dumb as hell but is actually really smart. no one knows that though. also does nothing during group projects. has played varsity soccer all four years but everyone knows that his favorite thing to do is dance. made a dance crew sophomore year and they perform at all of the assemblies. and it’s not actually cringeworthy. the school fucking loves it. underclassmen love him. probably has something to do with the fact that chan’s his best friend. they’re always together. chan pretends to hate the doting but he doesn’t. soonyoung spoils all of his younger friends all of them every one of them. will do anything for anyone. teacher’s pet but not the annoying kind. uses a nub of a pencil all year long and has one notebook he uses for every class.

Wonwoo: super hot kid that everyone is like “omg he’s such a bad boy” but no. he is a Nerd. mingyu always makes fun of him. tries so hard on homework and projects he’s really Extra. “you were only supposed to make one organelle model wonwoo not the entire cell”. doesn’t like confrontation. or gym. terrified of giving presentations. i’m talking near tears in the bathroom beforehand terrified. mingyu has to cheer him up. has lots of friends but doesn’t like to go out a lot. tried to play baseball freshman year, was not his thing. sticks to school instead. really shy around strangers but catch him in a good mood around his friends? doesn’t shut up. really looks up to seungcheol. will glare at anyone that’s talking while the teacher is talking during class. always has his headphones in. literally unapproachable in the hallway. enjoys the readings they have to do for literature and history and everyone hates him for it.

Jihoon: Resting Bitchface King. everyone just assumes he’s mean. he’s not though. such a sweetheart. gets really shy around anyone he isn’t close to. pretends to be writing when the teacher asks a question because the thought of talking in front of the class makes him want to die. you thought wonwoo was bad? jihoon has thrown up twice before his language presentations. tried choir freshman year. hated it. liked the teacher though so he helps her pick songs sometimes. she’s an old lady and probably jihoon’s best friend. is only ever talkative at lunch when he’s with his friends. awkward. so awkward. has weird quirks he’s so embarrassed by but half the school loves him. sweatshirts every day. 90 degrees out? sweatshirt. has to change in the bathroom during gym because he’s so shy. did I mention he’s shy? group projects scare him. waits to do his homework until midnight and then hates himself in the morning. never learns.

Seokmin: takes the fake baby class because he thinks it’ll be fun. was very wrong. late to everything. “you’re tardy again”. but he was only talking to soonyoung. all of the upperclassmen’s favorite. so nice to everyone. even if he doesn’t like them. that’s when it’s the best. super sarcastic to people he doesn’t get along with. backhand compliments? master of them. and no one suspects it. teachers pretend to be annoyed with him but they love it. brings joy to everyone’s lives. literal sunshine. hasn’t ever done a thing wrong. in choir. self proclaimed leader of the choir. can play the guitar but cannot play the piano. so bad. sings the national anthem all the time for sporting events. doesn’t actually like going to the sporting events though. his attention span is 0. common sense is iffy but academics? top notch. top 10% of the class and everyone is surprised and he just smirks. everyone thinks he’s cute. the janitor thinks he’s cute. he’s oblivious. sometimes will go into the office when soonyoung is working and yell minghao’s name into the intercom to embarrass him.

Mingyu: fuckboy. mingyu is a fuckboy. if mingyu would have grown up in america he would have been a fuckboy. mr. know it all. wears chubbies. plays baseball and girls (and boys) come to watch just to stare at his ass. he’s a catcher it’s just out there. towers over everyone in the hallway and he loves it. “mingyu is dumb” but mingyu has a 4.4 and offers from all of the good baseball programs in the country. gets asked to prom by seven different people but goes with wonwoo instead. everyone thinks they’re dating. but mingyu is still a fuckboy. “that girl has asked you out four times why don’t you just tell her straight up no” “I like the attention”. fiercely loyal to his friends. someone told wonwoo his glasses were ugly once and mingyu literally threw them into the dumpster. with the help of minghao. it was like a cheesy movie scene. rolls his eyes way too much. teachers cringe when they see his name on their roster. he’s always on his phone. never pays attention. still gets a’s. “seokmin is literally the most annoying person I have ever met” “mingyu”.

Minghao: everyone thinks he’s a fuckboy. is not a fuckboy. hates being the center of attention. will run away. really good at science but he hates it. really not good at history but he likes it. who is hannibal? minghao doesn’t know but he can tell you all about the WAR ELEPHANTS. “hood down, minghao.” he’s almost as bad as jun. also plays baseball. is the pitcher. his long limbs have people SHOOK. sometimes struggles in school but is a very hard worker. never gives up. in soonyoung’s dance crew and is always practicing. his life is sports. dresses oddly but it somehow works. pretends he doesn’t know jun in the hallways. but jun is the only one he’ll talk to when he’s sad. sawed through the table in i-tech. literally did not give a shit. hates spirit weeks. has no school spirit. cannot wait to graduate he is Over high school. doesn’t want to go to college. considers finding a sugar daddy.

Seungkwan: “STOP SCREAMING DOWN THE HALLWAY SEUNGKWAN YOU WILL SEE HIM IN 50 MINUTES”. is that underclassman that stops in the middle of the hall to talk to someone and blocks everyone. pretends he’s sick all the time so he can take a nap in the nurse’s office instead of going to class. attached to vernon’s hip. hates broadcasting but takes it anyways because vernon is. theatre junkie. front row for all of his friends sporting events or shows. makes posters. loudest person in the building. embarrassing. jihoon avoids him at all costs in the hallway. “STOP RUNNING AWAY JIHOON I LOVE YOU”. lit the fireproof table on fire in chemistry somehow. took anatomy for the hell of it and puked when they had to dissect the cat. is the lead in all of the plays. co leader of the choir with seokmin. them together? the poor choir teacher has lost years off of her life. the gym teacher hates him. doesn’t participate in anything. sits on the ground and pokes the field hockey ball with his stick. “move”. also wears chubbies. does not give a fuck about his image.

Vernon: really quiet. gets embarrassed by seungkwan all the time. loves it. nicest kid in the school. invites kids that are sitting alone at lunch to sit with him. actually uses the library to study. dresses like a fuckboy but is not a fuckboy. really shy. rivals jihoon and wonwoo. people watches. made a mixtape that seungkwan blasted through the school so now everyone knows he raps. it wasn’t cringeworthy. is really close to his history teacher. he sometimes eats lunch in the room with the guy and they just talk. sits behind the front desk in the office while soonyoung is working during his study hall because he hates how loud the classroom gets. works at the attendance office. moms also love him. “well if you can’t date soonyoung, at least go for that hansol boy”. family guy. rarely goes out but when he does. wild. a big nerd when he’s with his friends but is super reserved around strangers. the mystery guy of the school that everyone wants to know.

Chan: baby. he is but a smol child. jeonghan’s baby? no. everyone’s baby. forgot closed toed shoes once for his lab so seungcheol walked around barefoot for an entire hour. mingyu gets him a bag of cheetos every day after gym. soonyoung drives him to school and buys him whatever he wants at the gas station every morning. revels in this shit. super smart probably the smartest out of all of them. “joshua I’m going to be a better class president than you”. really involved. soonyoung’s dance crew? check. junior honor society? check. student government? check. cried once when he got a really bad score on a test. wonwoo skipped a class and got a detention just so he could sit with him. shy with girls. shy with everyone. the teachers love him. the principal loves him. staff loves him. “i’m not supposed to pick favorites, but your son is my favorite”. has matching folders and notebooks. color codes his notes. always wins spirit week. stays after sporting events to help clean up the bleachers.

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I'm joining the National Spanish Honors Society in a little less than a month and I'm super nervous for the induction ceremony because of my anxiety. Do you have any tips for me on how to control my nervousness?

Try to take something with you that calms you that you can keep in your hand or pocket. Something you can occupy yourself with and play with, like a ring or bracelet. I hope you’ll be fine. Also I’m proud of you that sounds super exciting!

bts in high school

Seokjin- Seokjin would be the pretty boy that all the girls/boys fonded over because not only was he hot, he was sweet and conisderate. He was the type that would try to tutor you, even if he didn’t understand the lesson either. He’d hold doors open for people- yes, even if they were twenty feet away- and be President of a community service club. Out of all the sports, he’d be participating in swimming because of his broad shoulders. He’d also win Prom King….by a landslide. 

Superlative- Most Handsome & Most Dependable

Yoongi- Yoongi would be the kid that takes all the musical classes and passes with flying colors, but sleeps in other subjects like math and history. He’d spend his lunch with a group of equally as cool music kids in the cafeteria, all sharing music and complaining about how all the money goes to the football team. Though, he’d still be popular because he’d be a varisty basketball player, even as a freshman. Probably wouldn’t date in high school, but if he did, it’d be the same girl/boy all throughout. 

Superlative- Most Likely to Win a Grammy & Most Laid-back

Hoseok- This kid would be the brightest, happiest, and most spirit-filled student. He’d be a key part of pep rallies because of his optimism and extroverted qualities. But also, he’d pump the crowd up with a dance routine done by him and his school dance team (he’s the captain). Probably would be in drama club, but only ever gets funny roles with minimal lines. As he walks through the halls, he’d high five everyone and smile.  He’d be very popular because of how kind he is. 

Superlative- Most Spirit & Best Attitude

Namjoon- Obviously, he’d be the valedictorian. He’d be the goofy, clumsy, and adorable upperclassman that always trips over his shoe laces. Namjoon definitely be President of multiple clubs, like National Honors Society and Spanish Club. He’d also be an active member in Quizbowl, and even though he can’t play sports, he’d try random ones like Bowling and Ultimate Frisbee. All the girls/boys would have lowkey major crushes on him because of his kindness and intelligence. (Probably try foreign exchange one year.)

Superlative- Most Likely to Succeed & Most Clumsy

Jimin- Jimin would be the cute, shy kid that everyone has at least a tiny crush on. He’d be the sweetheart that would stop and help you pick up your books or help you hang flyers around the school. His passions would be art and dance, so he’d be President of the Art Club and also a leader on his dance team. He’d try sports, and possibly like running ones like cross country or track. Probably would dress cute and comfy all day, and he’d definitely let somebody borrow his hoodie if they were cold in class. 

Superlative- Best Smile & Best Bromance (along with Taehyung)

Taehyung- Tae would be both the class clown and secret genius. He’d score all A’s with somehow never turning in homework. He would always be up to making someone laugh or smile, and teachers would love him because although he was a bit mischevious, he always made them little presents. He’d be in show choir, and also be a member of the photography club. He’d also be an amazing soccer player, taking the team to the playoffs every year. 

Superlative- Class Clown & Best Bromance (along with Jimin) 

Jungkook- Jungkook would be an all around smarty-pants and 3-sport varisty athlete. He’d play football in the fall, basketball during winter, and then track in the spring. He’d even be a member of the dance team. He would be the kid that gets 100s on his math tests but doesn’t understand how he is so good at it. All the girls/boys would have a crush on him, but he’d be so shy and not sure how to approach and/or talk to them. He’d also be a member of the show choir and art club. 

Superlative- Most Adventurous & Most Talented

This is a late #blackout post, but I wanted to share. I MADE IT! I am so freaking proud of myself! High school was so hard for me. The other day I was reading a letter I wrote to myself the first day of high school and it listed two goals “1. Become the debate captain. 2. Graduate with honors.”
I am so proud and grateful to say I have surpassed both those goals.
In the realm of debate: I became the captain of the debate team. I became one of the highest ranked debaters in the state twice. I placed at the state tournament in debate twice. I placed first or got first speaker at several debate tournaments. I got a quadruple ruby degree of superior distinction from the National Forensic League.
I am also proud to say I have had academic achievement as well. I have earned numerous awards including an award from Yale. I have being recognized for my writing skills by the National Educator’s Association. I have stayed on the A honor roll my entire high school career. I am an AP scholar with distinction. I am starting college with enough credits to be considered a sophomore. I have lettered in academics four times. I have 12+ academic and achievement letters. I got student of the month four times in my science classes (the only ones which do student of the month at my school). I was a three year member of National Honor Society and the National Spanish Honor Society. I got the award I have been vying for since I was in fifth grade: the Presidential Academic Fitness award. I graduated with honors.
I succeeded in areas where I didn’t even expect. Not only was I captain of the debate team, but also the science Olympiad team, editor in chief of my school paper, vice-chairperson of my city’s youth commission, and even started a couple of clubs.
I succeeded in personal growth as well. I have made friends who have been the back bone of my growth and development. I got rid of toxic friendships, and the friends I had were those who supported my journey to excellence. I have a squad which helps me grow intellectually and emotionally–we are all excellent and on the journey to succeed more. I began to identify as a feminist. I became more politically and socially aware, and as I like to say “became woke af” on racial and geopolitical issues. I also began a journey of self-acceptance and growth with self-love at the center of it all.
My future looks bright as well! I got accepted to multiple selective schools, and got a full ride to the one I chose to attend. I am a Dean’s Scholar at the school I am attending.
Overall I am grateful for my high school experience. I have had it pretty difficult. I was the only hijabi at my school for a long time, and only this year did I become one of two black Muslim hijabis out of 2,220+ students. In my AP/honors classes I was the only Muslim for most of the time, and definitely the only black Muslim hijabi. I have dealt with anti-blackness and Islamophobia on a nearly daily basis. I have been discriminated against, and vastly underestimated. I have felt like I haven’t achieved anything.
However, if I learned anything it is that my people are always my biggest supporters. Anytime I see a black excellence, Muslim excellence, or Somali excellence post on social media I begin to cry, because I feel like their success is my success, and I hope anyone who sees this feels the same way. To the kids in Somalia, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan and all over the world who live in fear and oppression I say this from the bottom of my heart; this is for you! To the Muslim women all over the globe who are told no more often than yes (especially my black Muslim sisters), this is for you! To the immigrant children who live for making their parents proud this is for you! To Deah, Yusor, and Razan and all those we have lost far too soon who have inspired me and motivated me this is for you! To the people of the umma who have let me share in their tragedy and success this is for you!
There is so much more to achieve, but I feel ready.

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every year our school does a cheesy halloween event, and each club gets a room to decorate with a theme. i'm in the spanish national honors society, and i got outvoted because the other fucknuggets in snhs want our theme to be día de los muertos. (i should mention we are all v white kids.) i tried explaining why that was Not Ok because we're all white americans and others' culture is not our fucking costume, but none of them listened or cared. (soooo i'm skipping that event to go to a concert.)

youre the one good white trying to get the other whites out of white nonsense and for that you officially receive my Good Cracker title of honour

she sleeps alone. a.i

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“My first choice.”

She was a San Francisco girl at heart. The Golden Gate was her home, the trolley was how she got around, San Francisco became the place she wanted to be forever. She never wanted to leave the Bay area, which wasn’t a problem for her applying to college at all. It was her senior year, and she was finally done with all of her college applications. There was no secret she was the golden girl of the school. Perfect grades. Swimmer. President of National Honor Society, student council, Spanish National Honor Society, and the community service director on the regional level of a charity.

This girl was a natural born writer. It leaked out of her bones, the words she couldn’t express out loud. She had a gift. The girl was gifted, and was going to write for the rest of her life. Despite this gift, she knew she had to fulfill a promise more than anything. Staying in California was of utmost importance to her. She was applying to San Francisco State University, UC Berkeley, USC but that was too far away, and then there was Stanford.

Stanford was her dream school. Stanford was it for her. She has dreamed of going to Stanford ever since she was born. Her father went to Stanford and actually met her mother there. He was a med student, and she was an undergrad hoping to do the same. That was where they fell in love, and a years later, they had six beautiful children her being the fourth. They were a Stanford family. The eldest was Adam who went to UC Berkeley for his alma mater despite his father’s protests, but went to Stanford for his doctorate in psychology. Sawyer majored in marketing and finance. Now he was on the executive board of a Fortune 100 company. Izabella majored in political science and was now a lawyer in San Francisco.  She’s never lost a case. Jack graduated from Stanford a few years ago, and was currently in school for dentistry. Daniel was a sophomore in high school, and David was merely ten months younger than him.

Her father’s dying wish was for his children to attend Stanford and make it a family tradition to go back to Stanford, because that was where their family started. He passed away when she was ten. He would never read her admission essays to Stanford or coach her for her interview. He would never be there to see her fulfill his dream. It was heartbreaking, but it only made her want Stanford more and more.

Her counselor, principal, and her family reread and tore apart everything she was going to turn into Stanford. It couldn’t be anything short of perfect. She was going in as an English major, but she was going to do microbiology. For her dad. She didn’t know what she was going to do as a writer yet, but she knew health care was calling her name.

This was the day. She sat with her family all perched around her with a picture of her father in her lap. She hit the submit button and they all cheered. Her early decision application to Stanford University was officially in.

Now it was time to wait.

There’s always a golden girl and a golden boy. There has to be a counterpart or a foil.

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