national socialism

„Vodca vydal pre mňa rozkazy, v prípade zrútenia obrany hlavného mesta Ríše, opustiť Berlín a účastniť sa ako vedúci člen vo vláde, vymenovanej ním. Prvýkrát v mojom živote, musím kategoricky odmietnuť uposlúchnutie rozkazu Vodcu. Moja žena a moje deti súhlasia s týmto odmietnutím. V akomkoľvek inom prípade, by som sa cítil… ako nečestný odpadlík a hnusný darebák po celý môj ďalší život, ktorý by stratil úctu samého seba spolu s úctou vlastného ľudu, oboje z toho, čo by malo tvoriť požiadavku pre ďalšie povinnosti mojej osoby v projektovaní budúcnosti nemeckého národa a nemeckej Ríše.“

- Joseph Goebbels, dodatok k Hitlerovmu závetu

„The Führer has given orders for me, in case of a breakdown of defense of the Capital of the Reich, to leave Berlin and to participate as a leading member in a government appointed by him. For the first time in my life, I must categorically refuse to obey a command of the Führer. My wife and my children agree with this refusal. In any other case, I would feel myself… as dishonorable renegade and vile scoundrel for my entire further life, who would lose the esteem of himself along with the esteem of his people, both of which would have to form the requirement for further duty of my person in designing the future of the German Nation and the German Reich.“

- Joseph Goebbels, postscript to Hitler’s testament

You’ve played Find the Vegan, Find the Twelve-Year-Old, and Find the SJW, now get ready for a new Tumblr Game...


Yes, for some reason, far-right shitlords have decided to take a break from ruining 4chan, masturbating to pictures of Eva Braun, denying the Holocaust while simultaneously over-estimating the victims of the Dresden bombing, reading impenetrable occult tracts from dead Italian kooks, and worshipping false Gods dreamt up by Roman bureaucrats to keep the populace in line, and have decided to embrace this god-forsaken website with their presence.

How do you find a Nazi?
Quite simple, really:

Do they use the Happy Merchant meme and still think it’s hilarious?
Does their URL have the words “traditionalist”, “imperium”, “1488″, “European”, or something along those lines in it?
Will they respond to any criticism by trying to redirect the topic to something else?
Do they cite Metapedia, The Daily Stormer, Wikislam, or Stormfront in their rants?
Do their rants have way too many links to charts and news articles?
Do they “support traditional gender roles”?
Do they claim to care about men’s rights but drag gay men, men of color, and transmen?
Do they think Steven Universe is Satan incarnate?
Do they hate Islam but support Palestinians as “warriors against Jewish imperialim?” (BTW, I really hate it when these people do that. It’s amazingly hypocritical)
Or, alternatively, do they hate Jews but support the State of Israel as “warriors against Islamic barbarism”? (Yes, I have seen that happen sometimes)
Do they blame everything on Jews, including the European refugee crisis? (No, really, I’ve seen them say that Jews are encouraging Muslims to leave the middle east to make room for Zionism)
Are there tons of nature photos in their blog?
Do they have a strange, begrudging admiration for the former Soviet Union?

And, most importantly:
Are they edgy as fvck?

German Soldier armed with a Panzerbüchse 39 Anti-Tank Rifle.

Notice the Ammunition cases on the sides. the Pzb 39 was a single-shot weapon, each bullet had to be loaded manually before firing: The cases helped improving the practical rate of fire, so that a well-trained soldier could operate the gun at maximum effieciency by quickly replacing spent cartridges..