national sales tax

My view on the "taxation is theft" meme

Personally, I hate taxes. I hate the fact that twice a month every month I get more than a quarter of my paycheck taken away, and I have 0 say in the matter. I hate the fact that my paycheck is taxed to fund government programs that I don’t support whatsoever. I hate the fact that even after you pay off a house mortgage, you must pay a tax to the government or else they’ll come and take your property from you.

Taxes are, for all intents and purposes, in their current form, theft. It is money you have earned, being taken from you under the threat of force. Okay? That is simply the fact of the matter.

But notice I said “in their current form”. This is because there are forms of taxation that are not theft.

I’ve supported the idea of replacing all current taxes with a national luxury sales tax, pretty much ever since I read @mr-cappadocia’s post on the matter and started reading/listening to more information on the subject.

And having only a national luxury sales tax accomplishes a few things:

1. It makes taxation an entirely voluntary transaction by not taxing any transactions necessary for day-to-day life such as buying food, water, and potentially toiletries. This is why I stress it as a *luxury* sales tax.

2. It essentially forces the government to compete in the free market. If the government implements policies that hurt the market, then people have less disposable income, which means the government collects less taxes.

3. It frees up more income for those in poverty, potentially allowing them to get off of government welfare programs. A person getting taxed $200 less each paycheck no longer needs $200 in food stamps in order to feed themselves.

4. It allows individual citizens to determine their own tax contribution amount. Those who disagree with the current government policies could hold off on buying luxury items, depriving the government of their tax dollars.

So when I post/share something in the vein of “taxation is theft”, it encompasses the greater point of “the current form of taxation is inherently coercive, by definition it is theft, and is therefore immoral and should be changed”, not the Anarcho-capitalist idea of eliminating taxes and government entirely.

I’m sure other people aren’t thinking this, but these are my personal thoughts on the issue as what I guess you could call a Conservative Libertarian.

Why a national sales tax would be good. Besides the fact that NO ONE can escape it.

According to a recent Harrison Group and American Express Survey of families earning over $950,000, this is what the rich are spending money on (obviously Donald Trump’s gold table was not included in the home furnishings category):

  • $10,500 on fine jewelry
  • $69,000 on last car
  • $17,800 on vacations
  • $6,500 on home furnishings

And that’s just on jewelry, cars, vacations and stuff for the house.

Think of alllllllllllllllll the other stuff that you could garner tax dollars from. This is what I call a fair taxation policy because no one gets left behind. And you can make some cash on tourists buying Statue of Liberty piggy banks and millions of Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts.