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A compilation of some of the clown sightings. The frenzy was born in South Carolina in late August after unsubstantiated reports surfaced that clowns were spotted trying to lure children into the woods. The craze has since ignited a national phenomenon, with scary clown sightings reported in more than two dozen states from Alabama to Wisconsin. These clowns have been spotted with knives and other weapons. Several clown attacks have been reported. Some say it’s a hoax or a social media frenzy. They definitely creep me out! (Source)

Everything You Need To Know About ‘The Great British Baking Show’

‘The Great British Baking Show’ began as a national phenomenon in the United Kingdom and is quickly becoming a cultural obsession in the United States as well. If you’re just getting into this beloved baking reality show, here’s everything you need to know to get up to speed.

Losers of the show are exiled to Saint Helena to die Napoleon’s death: Winning the show only affords you the honor of victory, but losing means you must languish powerlessly on the small island of Saint Helena until you die, just like Napoleon Bonaparte did in the wake of his failed conquest of Europe.

The show imposed an age limit of 1,000 years after the wizard Zalurax baked an evil cake that came to life: Although The Great British Baking Show welcomes amateur bakers of all backgrounds, the show was forced to add an age cap after the 2,000-year-old wizard Zalurax appeared on the show in season two disguised as a kindly old widow. By the time Zalurax’s glamour wore off and his ancient face unleashed a bone-chilling cackle, he had already baked a five-tier cake capable of strangling all of the other contestants. The cake was finally gunned down after multiple casualties and a police standoff, but Zalurax escaped in a cloud of smoke. In an attempt to prevent a disaster like this in the future, the show instated a strict age limit of 1,000 years to limit the amount of insane, ancient wizards entering the competition.

In Great Britain the show is known as Food Going’s To Happen Now: The show airs under its original title, Food’s Going To Happen Now, in the U.K., but in the U.S. it’s known as The Great British Baking Show due to Food’s Going To Happen Now being the trademarked slogan of Cracker Barrel restaurants.

The Great British Bake Off has spawned a number of copycat shows, including The Huge Croatian Man-Horse Hunt, and its spin-off, The Rescue Mission For Contestants On The Huge Croation Man-Horse Hunt: Although critics panned THCMHH for copying GBBO’s positive tone and jokey manner, critics have applauded TRMCHCMHH for its riveting tone of frantic panic as one by one the rescuers realize the Huge Croatian Man-Horse has been following them the entire time they’ve been following it.

Hundreds of contestants have tried to defeat BakeBot, but all have failed: Over the course of the show’s 64 episodes and 28 specials, no competitor has ever bested BakeBot—a robot developed by the BBC to be the perfect baking machine. BakeBot’s coldly calculating, utterly perfect computerized intelligence allows it to create the most delicious pastries and cakes in the world, and it is simply too powerful for any human contestants to out-bake. BakeBot remains undefeated to this day.

Baahubali: Fact Vs. Fiction
  • “Prabhas and Rana were not the original choices”

The entire team of Baahubali worked so hard for 5 years on the 2 films, so it’d be great if people didn’t disrespect the actors by recasting their roles. Also for the love of God, kill the rumors that the movie was first offered to Hrithik Roshan or John Abraham or whatever bollywood actor’s diminishing career you’re trying to validate. Here’s proof from Rana himself:

and this is the article that he was referring to:

And here’s a direct quote from Rajamouli from this interview:

“Surprisingly it is quite difficult for people to believe that he was on board even before the script was done. I wanted to make this huge, epic war film for a long time and we didn’t have the script on hand, but somehow I knew that he was my protagonist. I used to tell him…I didn’t have the story so I didn’t have anything to tell him, but I used to tell him the kind of historical kings we had, the characterizations of Rana Prathap, the characterizations of Sivaji, of Sri Krishna Devaraya, of all of the kings of India. And I used to tell him that these are the lines that I’m thinking on and wanted him to play. He loved it, he loved the idea, and when I finally told him the story of Baahubali, and said that I would be needing him for one or one and a half year, he laughed and he said ‘You’re not going to make this in one and a half year, I know it will take more time, let it be two or three years, I’m there for you’ and he gave his dates without committing to any other film”

  • “The VFX was done with hollywood talent”

There were also so rumors that Baahubali utilized the same VFX team that worked on Jurrassic World which was denied by producer, Shobu Yarlagadda. One of the co-founders of Makuta VFX, which previously worked with Rajamouli on Magadheera, Maryada Ramanna, and Eega, stated: “ Most of Baahubali was developed in Hyderabad, home to Tollywood, and used local talent. It was principally a homegrown feature produced by homegrown talent.“

  • “Karan Johar came on board because Baahubali needed Bollywood money to be made.”

That’s not true. Arka Media Works produced both films. What started as a single film, shot simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil was then split into two after realizing the scope of the story. The Hindi version was not on the cards until Rana, who has bollywood connections due to his prior movies, pitched the film to Karan Johar and convinced him of its capacity to be a national phenomenon. Then only did Karan Johar come on board as a presenter. He certainly deserves credit for heavily promoting the film and grabbing bollywood’s attention by having his name attached but he was not involved in the film making process. Rajamouli has stated many times that if Prabhas committed to Baahubali by not taking on any other projects, Rana did so by being the team’s “mascot” and taking it to new terrain.

  • “Rajamouli enhanced the character of Devasena after the criticism of Avanthika in the first part”

I have my personal opinions about the character of Avanthika but in general some of the criticism the character received is valid. However, the character of Devasena was not changed in order to avoid the backlash. Devasena is the character she was since the film went on floors. When the movie was first started, it was supposed to be a single film which is why they began shooting with the flashback portions that are seen in the second part. This still, which is from a scene in The Conclusion, surfaced even before the release of the first part which shows that the story did not change much. Also, the team has stated in many interviews that they did not make any changes to the story after the response to the first one. They did make some changes in terms of editing and VFX but the characterizations did not change.

Tamanna has said before that she came on board pretty late into the making. Its highly likely that the character of Avanthika was added to bring some “masala” and appeal to a larger audience. If you consider the role of Avanthika, the film could have technically happened without her in the story but that is not the case for the strong characterization of Devasena which is the driving force of second part’s plot. This isn’t to excuse some of the issues with Avanthika’s character but just to say that it was a result of last minute tweaking and Devasena was not was an “afterthought”.

  • “The Hindi audience supported Baahubali more than the Telugu audience”

Obviously if we look at the numbers, the Hindi version did bring in more money than the Telugu Version. However, its really unfair to say that Telugu people did not support the film as much when it was us who saw its rise from being a rumored project to the sensation it is today. If you want to look at the numbers, just look at the stats of the Hindi audience vs. Telugu. The Hindi speaking population in India is almost at 50% whereas Telugu is around 8%. Then take into account people living in the diaspora and there’s no way we can compete. Also there is a huge audience that does not speak any of the languages the film released in and by default probably saw the Hindi version because its closest to their native language or the one they’re most familiar with. Either way, we shouldn't quantify support with BO numbers because the odds are always going to against non-Hindi speakers. Don’t take this victory away from the Telugu industry that has long been ridiculed in the national media for producing only “masala” films. Don’t make this about you, because its really, really not. oh and btw, STOP TAGGING BAAHUBALI CONTENT AS BOLLYWOOD

  • Final Thoughts

Its really easy for us to sit here and just say, ‘of course they all gave their time and dedication to this project, anyone, given the chance, would have. its a once in a lifetime kind of franchise’. But keep in mind that when the film first began production, it was seen as HUGE gamble that had the capacity to end careers if it had gone wrong. It’s because they committed to this project and worked day and night on it that it is what it is today, not in spite of it. So please don’t undermine their success and hard work by basically deeming them as replaceable and let’s give credit where its due. 

Of course no cinema is without its faults but sometimes we just need to set aside our critical lens and lets ourselves succumb to the masterpiece in all its glory.

Also the team is full of genuinely kind and humble people who have racked up a lot of goodwill over the years in the industry and I couldn’t be happier that they’re the ones receiving all this success and glory because if it was anyone else, it probably would’ve gone to their heads. 

and finally for good measure here’s an Instagram post from Rana, just in case you didn’t love these two enough already


The Nha Trang UFO Incident,

During the Vietnam War Nha Trang Air Base was one of the largest joint US - South Vietnamese military bases in South Vietnam.  Located along the coast of Khanh Hoa Province, it was home to over 40,000 soldiers and airmen.  On the night of June 19th, 1966 a strange object appeared over the base, becoming one of the most unusual wartime UFO encounters in history.

Witnessed by several hundred soldiers, at 9:45 PM a large, bright, glowing object appeared directly over Nha Trang base.  Appearing over the base at 300-500 feet, the strange object was at first thought to be a simple flare.  However, as the object continued to hover it became apparent that it was no flare.  Then suddenly all power went out on the base.  All lights and electricity cut out.  All vehicles on the base went dead, including two aircraft that were preparing for takeoff.  In addition, an oil tanker off the Vietnamese coast lost power and was temporarily set adrift.  The glowing object drew the attention of a large group of soldiers who were viewing an outside movie at the time. The soldiers gathered below the object, which continued to hover over the base for a total of 4-5 minutes.  Then suddenly the object began to slowly ascend, before suddenly rocketing to the sky at seemingly impossible speeds.  Upon the departure of the mysterious object, power returned to the base and surrounding area.

The incident was investigated by the military.  Later the National Investigations of Aerial Phenomenon (NICAP) investigated the incident, interviewing witnesses and obtaining military reports through the Freedom of Information Act.  In the reports, the object was reported as “an enemy helicopter”.

So - American Wizarding has gotten a lot of feedback in the last couple months both in expectation of and in reaction to JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I won’t lie to you, loyal followers, we have been sort of dreading the release of this movie for a lot of different reasons. While we have never claimed any sort of ownership of Harry Potter or the vast, wonderful, wild world of its Fandom, we hope you can understand that we’ve spent years working together to build what we think is the most accurate and “realistic” interpretation of what the magical population of the United States of America set in the Harry Potter universe would look like – for probably more than a decade before this blog even got off the ground. It’s been a labor of love, and I hope you can understand and forgive how we have grown very attached to these ideas and head-canons. And why, after viewing Fantastic Beasts, we won’t be giving any of them up.

So I guess that’s the first official announcement: American Wizarding will not be altering any of its head-canons to fall in line with Fantastic Beasts. This blog will continue more or less unaffected by JK’s new Canon, and will stand as an alternative for anyone who wants to join us in our sandbox, or use our ideas along with some invented by JK or other fans to create their own marvelous, wonderful worlds of American Wizarding (we certainly hope you will share with us in turn).

The rest of this post will be a response drafted by yours truly (Admin. John – Laveau Academy – Class of 2006, Juris Doctorate of Magical Law, The Randolph-Poythress Institute, Class of 2010) to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Please note this review will be about as SPOILERIFFIC as you can possibly imagine – hence the jump cut below and the tags. Please also note that this will not be a critical review of the film on the merits of cinematography or from a filmmaker’s perspective – I greatly enjoyed the movie for its own sake, and thought it was a lot of fun and well worth seeing and discussing.

No – this review will be solely a response to JK’s new canons about American Wizarding Society and the new magical elements for the wider world introduced in the film or, more specifically, the many, many reasons we won’t be adopting them and what we disliked, and liked, about the ideas. This will, of course, touch on what we consider some plot holes and problems with storytelling, but as I feel there are a hundred critics better equipped than I (including my own co-mods whose opinions were of course taken into consideration when drafting this)  to give you feedback on the film itself, I won’t be doing so.

So! Spoilers beneath this lovely cut.

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‘Han’- A different side of the Korean spirit...

Hello, everyone! For this post, I’ll be talking about a uniquely Korean feeling- han.

Let’s start off by talking about (the character) South Korea’s haircurl. It’s one of his most defining characteristics- it even has a face that matches his emotions! Pretty cool, huh?

Himaruya stated that the haircurl represents Korea’s spirit, or his soul (Seoul? Pun or not?). Most of the time, the haircurl displays a happy, content expression, just like the lively, lovable character it is attached to.

Well, there’s another side to the Korean spirit as well, and it’s not exactly a happy one: “han” (한).

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In Star Trek Movie Memories, William Shatner (pictured at top with daughter Lisabeth, left, and Harve Bennett, right) describes the inspiration for Star Trek V’s story:

By the time I’d been officially assigned the Star Trek V director’s chair, I already had a story in mind. I got it from my TV set. See, right around the time I was seeking story inspiration, televangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker were becoming an absolutely unavoidable national phenomenon. Night after night you’d see them on the news: Jim staring blankly through a shit-eating grin, Tammy weeping uncontrollably through a half-pound of putty-knife-applied, bargain-basement mascara. They were repulsive, strangely horrifying and yet I became absolutely fascinated for two reasons.

First, I was amazed by the idea that the Bakkers, the Robert Tiltons or the Jimmy Swaggarts of the world could actually get up in public and espouse their theory that God, in his infinite wisdom, was now speaking directly into their heavily hairsprayed heads, demanding that they spread his word, demanding that they do his bidding. Was this the ultimate narcissism? A surefire money-grabbing scheme? Psychosis. I was now officially spellbound.

Even more astounding was the fact that these divinity-soaked telemarketing geniuses were almost uniformly getting rich through their wild storytelling, inexplicably convincing large numbers of outwardly sane people to believe in their blatantly transparent message. That ability stuck in my brain for weeks, and when I finally started toying around with some preliminary story ideas for Star Trek V, I couldn’t help myself. Almost immediately, I sort of reengineered, softened and twisted all those TV evangelists into one character. He was Zar (though he’d soon be remonikered as Sybok), a holy man driven by a genuine belief that God was speaking to him, demanding that he accumulate as many followers as possible and provide a suitable vehicle with which the diety might better spread his teaching throughout the universe.

anonymous asked:

Im really curious as to how YOI is being received culturally in Japan and was wondering if you have anything you could say about it! Is it main stream? How is it being received as an LGBTQ+ work? Is it a national phenomenon or a cult thing? I'd love to know!

Actually, I’m really sorry but I can only go by my own experiences talking with Japanese people who have watched it and what I’ve viewed first-hand.  

I spoke to one guy the other night about it because I had been to the Cup Noodle museum and had drawn Yuri on the side of the pot (lol) and we got talking and he was saying that he really liked it but he thought that the engagement was a little too much.  I also know that my teacher watched it and that she liked it but other than that I don’t know her actual opinion on the content.

With regards to how mainstream it is, it’s very mainstream.  I’ve been in Japan since last September, so literally the entire time the Yuri!!! on Ice has been aired and the aftermath and I can tell you that the amount of merch, cafés, collabs with theme parks, arcades and stores is ridiculous.  They’ve even had advertisements in the trains/stations and stuff.

The merchandising is insane.  I actually think that they have one of the biggest (if not the biggest) shelving areas in shops like Animate/K-Books/Lashinbang.

I’ve seen so many people walking about with ita bags (the clear bags where you can put all of your badges/keychains/merch to show off) and stuff hanging from their normal bags.  And I’ve also experienced the rush for merchandise many times…  People literally grabbing things off the shelves and the shelves becoming empty within like half an hour…  People queuing for the gatchapon machine and the whole thing emptying withing less than ten minutes… Then it happening again just after they filled it up once more…
Not to mention the fact that the DVD’s are selling a stupid amount… and are like top selling.

Also, I mentioned going to the Cup Noodle museum, I drew Yuri on the cup and when I went to put my ingredients in the woman behind the counter instantly recognised that it was Yuri and we chatted about it (and she was a little bit older as well) and she said she really liked it! xD

With regards to age and whatnot, I think it’s also a big thing because not only young people but older people as well are interested.  Though I’ve mostly seen young people taking interest, I’ve seen older people (I’m talking like 50 years old +) picking up merchandise and going to the collaboration cafés so it’s not just a certain age band either.

I can’t think of anything else to say… I’m sorry if I’ve not really answered your question the way you want me to!  But this is all that I could think about ._.
I don’t really know about much with regards to the whole LGBT side because it’s not something that’s really widely talked about in Japan… I’m going to guess that it’s probably a good thing though :3

If there’s anything else you’d like to know then please feel free to ask! ^_^

What she says: I’m fine
What she means: honestly why didn’t Evan Hansen just tell the Murphys he and Connor were in a secret relationship; Larry would’ve either freaked out and told him he had to hide the fact he had contact with Connor from everyone else or he wouldn’t have cared because he didn’t care about his son enough to care; Cynthia would’ve been shocked but “accepting”, and probably wouldn’t have pried about the emails, assuming to herself they’d be inappropriate; He’d still have an in with at least becoming friends with Zoe, and could’ve pursued her romantically later on; him being her brothers alleged ex-boyfriend would put more Weird Feelings into the relationship at first but, come on, she thought he was her brothers best and only friend and started dating him three weeks after her brother killed himself, goddamn it Evan Hansen just say you’re queer it wouldn’t have spiraled into a national goddamn phenomenon and you’d still at least be closer with the “girl of your dreams”

The occult esoteric current All the rituality of the Third Reich comes from the esoteric currents of Europe lost in the forgetfulness of the past. These currents have determined practically all the protocol ritual, the symbols and even the architecture of the German Third Reich. Thus we find a multitude of esoteric signs such as: - the greeting “Heil” (from the rune of victory); black uniforms; the Gamada or Swastika Cross; -the Gralsburg (Gral or Grail Castle) of Hitler; -the National Socialist expeditions to Asia in search of lost kingdoms; - the Order of Thule, origin of the NSDAP (Nazi Party); -the secret belonging and initiation of Rudolph Hess; -the influence of the wise Hans Hörbigger and the doctrine of “The eternal fight of fire and ice”; Wagner’s mythology; -the analogies with the orders Teutonas, Maniqueos, Gnostics, Cathars … etc. It can be said that the National Socialist phenomenon was the sudden crossing between old and old esoteric and pagan-hyperboric traditions. The same Adolf Hitler is circumscribed from his own birth to a series of events of esoteric and hermetic order. It is born in a month of Venus, in April 1889, the 20th, at 6:30 in the afternoon, in Braunau, on the Austro-German border, a place famous for being a locality then populated by a large number of mediums and spiritualists recognized, such as the Schneider brothers. The Venusian Legend tells us that “before all things existed, the forces of Prince Lucifer were met in heaven against those of the impostor Jehovah in a cosmic contest. Lucifer will henceforth be the "fallen angel”, taking refuge in the north pole, which today is the south pole or Antarctic by the inversion of the earth in remote times. There he will live “trapped” in the Inner World, in “hell” and with him will march his loyal hosts and will unleash a cosmic recurrence that will be repeated in the rounds of the Eternal Return until he regains the throne that by its nature belongs to him, expelling the Impostor. From the extraordinary war of the Hindu Maharbarata to the Second World War, the echoes of this primordial war are repeated in history, where impostor forces momentarily triumph, turning the loyalists into dark beings and condemning them to the shadows ; making them “demons”, leading them to the same torment of Wotan in Iggdrasil or Irmisul, the Golden Encina, the “Tree of the Amazement” of the Sternsteine, destroyed by Charlemagne. Since then, many sects will appear in the spiral unleashed by this cosmic struggle: esoteric groupings and bearers of “knowledge not known.” Among them, the Manichaean tradition speaks of the struggle between Good (light: consciousness) and Evil (darkness: consciousness subject to report matter and the continuous disturbance and enslavement of animal instincts and senses). After the war, the primitive men succumbed to the darkness, being captured in them, giving place to the present man. This man is a victim of his own vices and degenerations, which, while they eagerly attract him, subjugate him, enslave him and bind him in suffering, ignorance, and an ever-increasing physical-mental and spiritual degeneration. This being can only be liberated by initiation and knowledge.

Buddy Rich: Born September 30, 1917

Buddy Rich with Tommy Dorsey

Mike Zirpolo’s swingandbeyond site excites with one of the great swing bands of any era: Tommy Dorsey. Especially during the 1940s, TD’s ensemble was tight and swung Sy Oliver’s arrangements with conviction, while biting instrumentalists like Joe Bushkin, Ziggy Elman, Johnny Mince, Don Lodice and a young sparkplug by the name of Buddy Rich made the band a nation-wide phenomenon. Having Frank Sinatra as the boy singer didn’t hurt either.

-Scott Wenzel

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Dark Side-users and the Jedi Order’s reaction: a quick meditation after Shroud of Darkness preview

This is, in general, a quick rant spawned by the Temple Guard’s reaction to Ezra in the Shroud of Darkness preview that has been annoying me for sometime. It’s the Jedi Order’s reaction to this person + Dark Side = Sith waiting to happen.

Okay, so, I know I’m going into this with about zero context so I’m assuming a couple of things - a) the Temple Guard is a legitimate Jedi, b) not an Inquisitor and c) not a dream. 

Guard to Kanan: The Dark Side. It pulls at him - it calls to him. Eventually, he will be consumed by it. *lights his saber* Stand aside. The boy must be eliminated.


omg. what is this, what even is this - i seriously cannot - what the hell.

seriously - what the hell. what the HELL is this. this is some of the most ridiculous logic I have ever seen come from the Jedi Order, and that includes the painful “Only the Sith believe in absolutes” line. like, seriously - that’s what it is. 

“Only the Sith believe in absolutes,” line is kind of funny, kind of painful, because that line is also an absolute - by Obi-Wan’s own logic there, he’s a Sith, because he believes in an absolute. 

This guard’s statement is horrible, but it’s genuinely not out of character for the Jedi Order. It fits in perfectly well with Obi-Wan’s line above and with general Order doctrine and logic - even if it’s much harsher than what the Council would ever outright state.

This type of philosophy? It’s a problem for the Old Jedi Order and, like the Order itself, it’s not a new one. 

I’m not trying to focus on all of the Jedi Order - I’ve just got a small rant concerning the late Jedi Order’s approach to the Dark Side. It’s not even new or anything. It’s just a rant.

The Order’s philosophy is much bigger than this one guy and this one line and it crosses a much greater span of history than just the 13-ish years we see in the movie and on TV. But in the 13 years we see the radical shift of the JO go from “peacekeeping” to “elite, general-class of the military” and it’s pretty obvious that philosophy of the Order is having trouble keeping up with the tolls on the psyche of the Order during the wars and the demand of the war. 

Going to back to the absolutes/Sith line, we get an overall feeling the Order - particularly, the Council’s - view all things Dark Side related. 

When people go to war, you generally get a few outcomes. 

  • People become ultra-patriotic. 
    • Not necessarily because they were before, but because everything shifts into an “us versus them” mentality. Also, invasions. If your country’s invaded, generally even the most ardent critic of the nation and the government is on the country’s side. War does that to people. 
  • Centralization and consolidation of power. 
    • You can see this everywhere in history. The entire country needs to band together, so people will start restricting liberties on free speech and press (sometimes to help preserve military intelligence) and other times because the country just cannot deal with internal division. 
      • (During WWII, the US banned the criticism of the army uniforms. Yeah, uniforms. Don’t like the color? Deal with it.) 
    • The consolidation of power’s important. Look at the PATRIOT Act, look at the wars Bismarck used to unify Germany, look at the powers the Confederate government started assuming as the Civil War started to drag on. This isn’t a US thing or anything like that - it’s a worldwide, government, nation, people-type thing phenomenon. 

Star Wars is a GREAT example of the tolls that war takes on societies, it’s literally a case study in it. The obvious example is Palpatine’s jaunt form Chancellor to Emperor: non-authoritarian regimes tend to suffer during wars, where it’s easier to have a king or a dictator (like, say, Stalin during WWII) making all the decisions. - that’s how Palpatine rose to power. 

But the war also took a more subtle affect (or very obvious, depending on how you look at it) on the Jedi Order.

  1. It made them ultra-JEDI, like ultra-patriots. In turn, it made them very, very anti-Dark Side.
  2. The Jedi Council consolidated power and cut down on internal disagreement and strife.

I know the first one sounds a little ridiculous, but bear with me here. 

The Jedi were, of course, always anti-Dark Side, they’re a Light Side organization. But war is a breeding ground for any type of extremism, and for the Jedi, it meant extremism while concerning the Dark Side.

Two main definitions of the Jedi-defined Light Side, before the war.

  • they respected all life
  • they were peacekeepers, warriors

During the war:

  • they are soldiers who routinely kill people
  • they enforce the Republic-mandated peace and are warriors

I’m not going to get into all the nitty-grittyness of the Jedi Order before and during the Clone Wars, that’s not what I’m here for. But what’s important is this - because it’s wartime, the definition of what’s considered acceptable, Light Side use for a Jedi is growing. (As the definition of “what’s acceptable,” always grows during wartime.)

Meanwhile, the definition of a Jedi is shrinking. 

This has to do entirely with the fact that the Council is trying to consolidate and centralize power to try and maintain internal stability during wartime when there’s rampant instability in the rest of the galaxy. That’s neither condemnation or commendation on the Council, but more what it means for the Jedi Order.

Because the definition of “what’s acceptable for a Light Sider-user” is growing, meaning things like Anakin’s famous stab-in-the-back paired with “what, he was going to blow up the ship” line and Obi-Wan’s false surrender (which is considered a war crime) are okay, how can the Council accurately determine who’s a Jedi and who’s slipping to the Dark Side? 

I argue that they can’t. They really, really cannot and so, instead, I think, they simply go for the title - Jedi. If you’ve already got a shiny membership card to the Jedi Order and you follow the Council’s orders, you’re a Jedi. Because they don’t have the time to think of anything else. 

Look at the Jedi-turned-Dark-Siders! Pong Krell, Barriss Offee, Anakin Skywalker. All of them were considered reasonably trustworthy up until the minute they weren’t. There was only one who was considered a flight risk.

Anakin. And why? Because he wasn’t a Jedi

Just like how in WWII-era America you had better not be of Japanese, German, or Italian descent to be “American” no matter how long ago your family came to the country, in Clone Wars-era Jedi Order, you had better be born in the Temple. Essentially, it’s Jedi Order-style radicalism. 

Anakin was always considered a “not-quite” for the Jedi Order. He wasn’t quite young enough, he wasn’t quite obedient enough, he wasn’t quite calm enough. He was the Chosen One, which already made him different, but things were kept making him different. 

Compare him to Barriss Offee. She’s the model Jedi and I could list all Jedi-like virtues but sufficient to say, she’s basically Anakin’s opposite or Obi-Wan’s doppelgänger. And so, because she was the Jedi Order’s version of the Jedi, they never suspected her. 

This all ties back into Shroud of Darkness because the Temple Guard’s reaction to Ezra’s Dark Side-y flight risk is characteristic of the war-era Jedi Order. And that’s not a good thing. Wartime JO made a LOT of mistakes, especially concerning child soldiers and how to recognize when one of your students was about to topple republics, but it all has to do with how the war aggravated already long-standing Jedi Order malfunctions, both doctrinal and administrative. 

This Temple Guard acts like it’s still the Clone Wars. Which, granted, it’s not a time of peace, but to act like he can sustain a wartime administrative version of the Jedi Order while not at war and not having the Jedi Order around to back him up is completely stupid. 

(Note: the Guard immediately assumes Ezra, someone not Temple-bred is the flight risk, despite the fact that Kanan is the Clone Wars survivor who has been on his own for years - circumstances which could have easily have led (from an outsider’s view of Kanan’s life) to turning Kanan to the Dark Side or making him easy prey for the Inquisitors.)

Radicalism only breeds more radicalism. You want to convert the United States to a Communist country in the 1950′s, all you’re going to do is breed a bunch of hardline ultra, laissez-faire capitalists. 

You treat Anakin Skywalker or Ezra Bridger like he’s constantly on the edge of falling to the Dark Side, that’s exactly what they’re going to do. There’s a difference between carefully maintaining and instructing on what sort of behaviors lead to the Dark Side and punishing, rebuking, or reprimanding where necessary. It’s an entirely different deal to immediately assume complete embrace of the Dark Side - because if you keep some at the edges of the Light, you’re only going to push them into the folds of the Dark.

When it comes to us versus them and the “us” is the Jedi Order, the us has to be pretty inclusive otherwise these flight-risks are only going to feel more tied to the Dark than the Light. 

Especially “eventually he will be consumed by it?” This predestination is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Saying with exact certainty that this is Ezra’s destiny is completely stupid from the Jedi’s point of view, which routinely acknowledges the futility and trickery of prophecy because the future is constantly in motion.

After all, look at how the “Chosen One” prophesy turned out, or even Ezra’s Vision of Hope prophecy.

Wow, this rant was supposed to be a lot shorter. Either way, that was me venting on the annoying repetitions of “Ezra’s at danger of falling to the Dark Side,” from characters in Star Wars because in general it just seems really, really counterintuitive. 

Also, shouldn’t the Temple Guards have been among the first casualties during Order 66?

Really, really hope we get to see Kanan beat that guy in a duel, though.

Title: The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Summary/Requests: Full story for “The boys are cursed by a witch, making them admit all their thoughts”

I’d love the full story of the boys with a truth curse on them, super cute idea <333

Words: 1041

Warnings: swearing

Tags: @lessofkess


Hunting witches was never easy; they’re gross, bitchy and sneaky. It was no wonder Sam and Dean were acting weird when they returned to the motel, where Y/N had been waiting for hours. From outside Y/N could already hear them bickering. Probably something stupid, she figured. 

    “No. Shut up. Dean, please, for the love of God, shut up.” Sam said. It sounded as if he’d been asking Dean to shut up for hours.

    “I’m trying to. I can’t help it.” Dean defended himself. 

    “Well you’re doing a pretty shitty job at it.” Sam said.

Listening to them fight was the last way Y/N wanted to spend the rest of her evening. Y/N quickly butted in, “What is wrong with you guys?”

Dean didn’t want to explain how he and Sam had messed up during their hunt. No wanting to answer, he literally bit his tongue. “Nofthin.” he said through his teeth.

Y/N was freaked out and more confused than she had been in a long time. Her brow furrowed as she racked her brain, thinking about what could have happened to the boys. 

    “The witch put a spell on you didn’t she?” Y/N asked, already knowing the answer. 

    “No. No, that’s not what happened.” Dean said. He tried to hide his face, which was covered in guilt. 

    “Ok, then what did happen?” you asked. 

Sam’s eyes widened in worry. “Don’t tell her Dean!”

    “Yes! Tell me Dean!” Y/N shouted. 

Dean looked like a conflicted toddler at this point. Half of him wanted to listen to Y/N and the other half wanted to shut the hell up.  “Me and Sam went on a hunt right? To hunt that witch? Well, she may or may not have cursed us.”

     “She did Dean! You were spilling the beans the whole car ride back. 

     “What do you mean ‘spilled the beans’?” you asked, honestly curious. 

Sam ran his hand through his hair. “I mean he talked non-stop the entire time. He told me all about he watched Twilight on my laptop last night!”

    “I told you! I just needed to know what all the fuss was about. I wanted to enjoy the national phenomenon, bite me!” Dean replied. 

Turning to Y/N, Sam started up again. “You wanna know what else Dean told me?” he said

Tension was building in the motel room and Y/N could only guess as to what was going to be said over the course of the next few hours. Most curses and spells only lasted less than a day, powerful witchcraft was known to last for days or weeks. 

    “Yea well Sam thinks you’re super hot! He’s got a hardcore crush on you.” Dean shouted. 

   “Dude.” Sam shot Dean a nasty look.

‘Oh my god.’ Y/N thought, in shock, ‘Could this get any weirder?’ But Y/N knew there was loads of potential for things to get even crazier. 

     “Sam, is that true?” 

    “Yes, I mean- yes, I said that.” he mumbled. 

    “Oh. So, why do you like me so much?” you asked. If the boys were bond to tell the truth, why not have a little fun with it? 

    “You’re beautiful, that’s the first thing that comes to mind. You’re a great hunter. I love listening to you sing along to the radio in the Impala. I just like you, a lot.” Sam answered shyly. 

    Y/N was overwhelmed by Sam’s confession about his attraction towards her. Instead of dealing with her own thoughts about Sam in front of Dean, Y/N chose to simply reply, 

    “Good answer.” Y/N paused, mulling over the options in her head. “Ok, I’ve think I’ve heard enough for today.” she said, reaching into her over stuffed duffle- bag.

Y/N pulled out a roll of duct tape and stretched a piece out between her arms.

    “Neither of you are talking until the spell wears off.” Y/N ordered. “Dean, bed, now.” 

    “If you wanted to make sweet, sweet love to me, you could have asked sooner.” Dean said. Even he was shocked by his response. Not so much the content, but the fact that he’d said it out loud. 


Dean rubbed his face. “Its not my fault!”

    “It’s still your thought!” Y/N said. 

    “I’m sorry, ok? God damn this is pissing me off.” Dean said. 

     “Oh trust me, it’s not just you that’s pissed.” Y/N said. She ripped off a strip of duct tape with her teeth, sticking it over Dean’s mouth. 

    “You’re next Sam.” Y/N said.

Sam wasn’t a fan of having duct tape on his face but he obeyed Y/N and placed let her put a piece on him as well. 

For the next few hours the boys sat silently in the motel room. It was strange for Sam and Dean to remain quiet for such a prolonged amount of time. Y/N basked in the silence and watched some funny videos on her laptop. The boys suffered silently, unable to abject to the sounds of Y/N videos. Finally Dean made his way over to bed where Y/N had been laying. He mumbled something  and pointed to the tape over his lips. Y/N assumed he was trying to get her to take it off, meaning he wasn’t going to spew his thoughts any longer. 

    “You done?” Y/N asked. 

Dean nodded vigorously. And with that Y/N tugged on the corner of the tape and pulled it off quickly like a band aid. Y/N cringed at the sound of the tape detaching from Dean’s face. 

     “Son of a bitch, that hurt.” Dean said. 

Sam followed suit, removing the retraint form his mouth

    “You guys good?” Y/N asked, hoping and praying that the curse had run it’s course. 

    “I think so.” Sam said.

 Dean rubbed the area around his mouth. “I think you almost ripped my lips off, but yea, I’m good.” 

    “Thank god.” Y/N said. 

Luckily the curse had worn off, but Y/N was still stuck with the knowledge that Sam had serious feelings towards her. She’d deal with that some day, but until then she was just hoping a spell didn’t get put on her. 


When Lily Shum was little, she dreaded speaking up in class. It wasn’t because she didn’t have anything interesting to say, or because she wasn’t paying attention or didn’t know the answer. She was just quiet.

“Every single report card that I ever had says, ‘Lily needs to talk more. She is too quiet,’ ” recalls Shum, now an assistant director at Trevor Day School in Manhattan.

She doesn’t want her students to feel the pressure to speak up that she felt.

That’s why she’s joined more than 60 educators in New York City recently at the Quiet Summer Institute. The professional development workshop was based on Susan Cain’s bestseller Quiet: The Power of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking.

The book has been a national phenomenon, and it’s the inspiration behind a curriculum developed by Heidi Kasevich for teachers.

“It was a lens through which I could view my entire life, and really feel the license to be myself,” says Kasevich, a teacher for more than 20 years who now works for the company Cain co-founded to promote the book’s message about introverts.

How Teachers Can Help 'Quiet Kids’ Tap Their Superpowers

Illustration: Dave Van Patten for NPR

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what is this "clown shit" everyone is talking about? i'm lost

The frenzy was born in South Carolina in late August after unsubstantiated reports surfaced that clowns were spotted trying to lure children into the woods. The craze has since ignited a national phenomenon, with scary clown sightings reported in more than two dozen states from Alabama to Wisconsin. While many were hoaxes, a handful of the incidents resulted in arrests: in Alabama, at least seven people face felony charges of making a terrorist threat connected to “clown-related activity,” Rainbow City Police Chief Jonathon Horton told the Times-Picayune


tl;dr america is an absolute fucking shitshow and clowns are just as evil as everyone always thought