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In a rare and wonderful treat for Titanic historians and casual fans alike, “new” photos of the Titanic have surfaced in a private collection and have been shown to the public for the first time in a century.

The photos show Titanic’s launch from the Harland and Wolff Arrol Gantry when she was just an empty hull, and the complete and freshly-painted ship’s departure from Belfast for sea trials. Other photos from the same collection also show Olympic, Titanic’s identical sister ship. All photos above are of Titanic.

While the number of photos of Titanic publicly known to exist is relatively small compared to those of Olympic, even as these new photos have been unveiled, there are most certainly other photos in private collections that have yet to be discovered or released.

The photos are currently on display at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. Read more here.

Photos courtesy: National Museums Northern Ireland

The Lady in Black
(also known as Mrs Trevor)
Sir John Lavery, R.A. (1908)
Ulster Museum (National Museums Northern Ireland) - Belfast
Painting - oil on canvas

Alice (1919). John Lavery (Irish, 1856-1941). Oil on board. National Museums Northern Ireland.

The sitter for this work is Alice, Lavery’s daughter. In 1909, Lavery married Hazel Martyn (1886–1935), an Irish-American known for her beauty and poise; by her he had one daughter, Alice (Mrs. Jack McEnery).