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For the past days the Spanish police has been taking down posters and everything they consider propaganda to get people to vote on the referendum.

The point was to stop people from seeing the posters, but I guess the Ministry of Interior didn’t think about the fact that if they post the posters to their Twitter account like some kind fo hunting trophy, the 430000 followers they have plus the followers of everyone who retweets it will see them. Far more people than the ones who would have seen the posters if they had remained hanged in their towns.

So, uh, thanks I guess?

October 8: Day of the Heroic Guerrilla

On October 8, 1967, Comrade Ernesto “Che” Guevara was captured during an internationalist revolutionary campaign in Bolivia. The following day, he was executed by Bolivian soldiers, trained, equipped and guided by U.S. Green Beret and CIA operatives.

October 8th is celebrated in Cuba and throughout the world as the Day of the Heroic Guerrilla in his memory.

You can’t say that violent nazis marching in our streets is freedom of speech if in the same breath you say a black athlete kneeling is disrespectful.

If you say this then your anger has nothing to do with patriotism, it’s just racism.

I’m really wary of imagery like this

because I’m positive that liberals are in the process of leveraging the implied sentiment to oppose anti-establishment leftists too. In other words, Trump is an anti-establishment monster who is tearing down the beautiful values that this nation stands for, and leftists are likewise getting scarier when they declare things like “America was never great”. Liberal nationalism is one of our primary hurdles to overcome, this idea that America is (and always has been) a bastion of equality and progressive values. It’s powerful ideology, stuff that will keep millions locked in ineffective centrism over the next few decades. 

I know an image like this

will absolutely haunt the liberal imagination in the decades to come, the horseshoe ghost hanging over their shoulders – fascists ready to turn ever-progressive America into an unprecedented tyranny for the few, leftists ready to turn lawful America into chaotic mob rule that only works in theory. After all, if you want legitimacy in the capitalist electoral system (as liberals do), you will absolutely condemn grassroots organizers, socialists, and the like in terms that this second image implies, especially in the decades to come.

I saw a lot of this at the recent pro-immigration rally a week ago – people all over the place carrying signs with stuff like the Statue of Liberty weeping, implying that this isn’t what America stands for. One of the core goals of the leftist project ought to be to help people realize that, yes, immigration bans and racism are what America has historically stood for – at least in the sense of the American capitalist/imperialist state, because I do realize there has been beautiful resistance and solidarity among the masses over the centuries. The history is clear: America is built on centuries of genocide and enslavement, inequality and domination coursing through its veins. 

The American exceptionalism is unhelpful at best and super reactionary at worst. Abandon the Lady Liberty imagery and realize that we are already that tyrannical empire to most of the world, not this plucky melting-pot nation of progressive values.