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The booms were finally repaired on Sunday, but nonetheless the spill continues to wreak havoc on the local waters — a popular spot for clam harvesting. That important economic lifeline for Bella Bella was set to start in coming weeks.

Now, Slett said in a phone interview, that won’t be possible.

“There are 50 families which rely on the harvesting to get them through the winter, what are they going to do now?” she said. “(B.C. Premier) Christy Clark just recently had mentioned incidents like the one near Bella Bella are exactly why the government have put the five conditions around the energy projects that they’re looking at.

“This ‘world-class marine response’ did not happen here in Bella Bella.

It’s been one day of the Republican National Convention and so far we’ve seen:

-The platform, which calls for (but is not limited to) banning women from the military, and advocating conversion therapy for gays (which is considered unscientific torture by many)

-representative Steve King from Iowa, who basically asked on national television, what contributions to civilization have non white people made?

-An underwear model who spoke to the entire convention about President Obama being a Muslim and how that’s apparently inherently a bad thing, even though there are no religious tests to begin with for any public office because of this great thing I like to call the constitution

-Melania Trump apparently plagiarizing a speech by Michelle Obama and (ironically) receiving a standing ovation

-Mike Pence, the literal candidate for the second highest office in this country basically saying Mulan was a liberal conspiracy made by Disney to positively promote women in the military (it wasn’t), the idea of which he disagrees with apparently due to women’s provocation to being sexually assaulted in the military

Please, don’t let these people near public office

Australia Day January 26 = Invasion Day, Day of Mourning and Protest

For Indigenous Australians, for whom the date represented invasion and an irrevocable impact upon their culture, land and population, there was no cause for celebration. During the sesquicentenary events in 1938, approximately 100 Aboriginal protesters gathered in Sydney to present a different view of the celebrations. For the protesters and those represented, Australia Day was instead ‘a day of mourning’, highlighting the loss of life, land and language that was a cause of the European occupation of Australia.

UN: Australia guilty of illegal treatment of asylum seekers

The UN found Australia guilty last year (under Labor) of 150 violations of international law with regard to asylum seeker abuse. The situation hasn’t been rectified. If you want to call a spade a spade, Scott Morrison, it would be more accurate to call the Federal Government ‘illegals’ and the asylum seekers 'victims of its illegal acts.’

“Let’s start the year off with a good book. Choose one from this list. As a Panther in training in 1968 under London Williams and Robert Bay, we had to read more books that weren’t on the list.”

Via Bill Jennings

URGENT!!! Bernie supporters in New York should register as Democrats by March 25 in order to vote!

New York is going to be one of the most critical states in the primary, and you can’t vote for Bernie if you are not registered as a Democrat. If you register as Democrat after March 25, it might not be processed in time for the vote on April 19, which is a scarier possibility after everything that happened in Arizona.  

If you need to check to see if you are registered as a Democrat, you can use this site:

I know that the RNC was a seething cesspool of xenophobia, American exceptionalism, and plagiarism, but the DNC is a self-congratulatory back-patting for petit-bourgeois liberals that absorbs popular struggle and drains it of its power. This is a core fact liberals need to learn about the capitalist political system: republicans are open with their hate and vitriol, and democrats talk a big game about change and equality while they enact trickle-down and imperialist policies behind the scenes. It’s a magic trick – they’re trying to get you to focus on the rhetoric so you don’t notice what’s actually taking place. Social justice should be of paramount importance for the Left, but that shouldn’t entail concern for a more diverse population in capitalist board rooms and drone bombing meetings. That’s what modern liberalism is, the latter – a co-opting of justice movements for the benefit of capital and empire. That’s what the democrats do – herd progressives teetering on the edge of the anti-establishment left back into an inoffensive centrism that challenges next to nothing.

Be super critical of pretty much everything these political charlatans are saying.