national lgbtq month


In this video I share how I discovered I was gay, coming out to my parents, and how I felt when I came out. I hope that by sharing my story, I will maybe help someone else feel a little more okay about who they are. Happy to be an out and proud lesbian!

  When my best friend was a child,
  her mother used The Game of Life
  as a metaphor to explain sexuality.
  “You can have two pink guys
  or two blue guys, you know,”
she explained.
  My best friend is so straight,
  she doesn’t even masturbate.
  Still, she always knew that even
  if she wasn’t, even if someday she ended up
  shotgun to another pink piece,
  she would remain loved and supported.
  She wouldn’t have to ask for forgiveness.
  Of all the things she was taught to apologize for,
  love has never been one of them.
  My mother doesn’t bring up my sexuality
  anymore. I think she is tired of arguing.
  She is sick of reading about her faults
  in my poetry. She hates my selective memory;
  how I only remember the sharp things,
  the slammed doors, the heavy whiskey.
  “I used to sing to you before bed
  every night,”
she reminds me icily.
  “but you must’ve forgotten that story.”
  Last week, she silently folded up her old flannels
  and placed them at the foot of my bed.
  I know this is probably just a coincidence,
  not a peace treaty or an attempt to understand me.
  But for my own well-being,
  I have to take this as a sign she is trying,
  even if it isn’t.
LGBTQ Poetry Month: Masterpost

1. Sappho, ‘Anactória’
2. W. H. Auden, 'Twelve Songs’
3. Audre Lorde, 'Movement Song’
4. Emily Dickinson, 'My Life Closed Twice Before Its Close’
5. Ng Yi-Sheng, 'Equidistance’
6. Amy Lowell, 'Decade’
7. Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, 'Noise’
8. Djuna Barnes, 'From Third Avenue On’
9. Richard Siken, 'Scheherazade’
10. Elizabeth Bishop, 'Breakfast Song’
11. Arthur Rimbaud, 'A Dream Of Winter’
12. Micha Cárdenas, 'Red Fishnets’
13. Abu Nuwas, 'My Lover Has Started To Shave’
14. Ocean Vuong, 'Homewrecker’
15. Countee Cullen, 'Tableau’
16. Daphne Gottlieb, 'The Frightening Truth About Desire’
17. Federico García Lorca, 'Night Of Sleepless Love’
18. Marty McConnell, 'The Chariot In Love’
19. Cyril Wong, 'Under This City Is A Dream Of The Real City’
20. William Shakespeare, 'Sonnet 20’
21. Mikhail Kuzmin, 'Morning in Florence’
22. Carol Ann Duffy, 'Bridgewater Hall’
23. Samuel ibn Naghrillah, 'I Shall Be A Ransom’
24. Frank O'Hara, 'Having A Coke With You’
25. Cherríe Moraga, 'Heading East' 
26. Kit Yan, '26 Steps’
27. C. P. Cavafy, 'Craftsman Of Wine Bowls’
28. Karin Boye, 'My Skin Is Full Of Butterflies’
29. Michelangelo, 'You Have A Face Sweeter’
30. Jasmine Seah, 'To Let’

Thanks for reading, people who like poetry! See you again in October.

Today is national girlfriends day, but honestly, I feel like everyday is national girlfriends day when I have someone like you around. No one has ever loved me so selflessly, not like you do. You make me feel so beautiful, and important, and most of all you make me feel human. You remind me that it’s okay that I make mistakes, and that even though I’m not perfect, I am to you, and that’s all that I could ask for. You’ve quite literally been there from my very worst moment, and you have stayed and continue to stay with me every step of the way while I better myself. You always remind me that you are there to hold my hand while I go through these changes; you’ve always kept that promise. No one has seen the sides of me that you have, wether it be holding me at my most vulnerable during a nightmare, or touching me in the way that you have; so soft and kind. Your hand fits mine like a piece of a puzzle, and your body curves to mine in a way that I never thought possible. You make me question a lot, but you also make me so sure of a lot more, and it’s crazy. The way you make me feel is crazy. I feel like I’ve been drowning for the past few months while trying so hard to find myself again, and then you came along, and it was like my lungs were filled in unpolluted air. It took me a bit to realize what was right in front of me, but I’m so glad I did. Things aren’t going to be perfect, they’re going to be messy, but I’ve never wanted something so much. I would drop everything, every dream, if it meant experiencing all of this with you. @jen-isabella

Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage Nationwide

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Friday that it is legal for all Americans, no matter their gender or sexual orientation, to marry the people they love.

The decision is a historic victory for gay rights activists who have fought for years in the lower courts. Thirty-seven states and the District of Columbia already recognize marriage equality. The remaining 13 states ban same-sex marriages, even as public support has reached record levels nationwide.

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