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A little rant

I know how it is to fight depression (and other mental illnesses), from my own experience. But why exactly is Gracie Gold depressed ? Sure, being first after SP at worlds and finishing off the podium is hard, but there are worse things in life.

Gracie should be thankful for everything she has, for the opportunities, support, health, youth. But i guess she just doesn’t have the character of a champion.

Look at some other examples.

After her win in Sochi, Adelina doesn't get much love. Only hate and death threats, she is bullied, not only from people out there but from biased media and its fake news and accusations, that can destroy her reputation and career. She doesn’t get much support world wide, she has to support her family and her sick sister, but still, she hasn’t lost her smile and joy.

Does Gracie really think her life is that hard?

But let us talk about Yuzuru Hanyu. When he became the rising star in his country, he didn’t get much love.  When he won his first national title and was on the top of the podium, he was fighting back the tears because the audience wasn’t that happy about the result. Even now he is blamed for a lot of things.

In Japan, figure skating is much more popular than in the US, so the pressure and expectations are bigger. It was hard for him to lose two world titles in a row, after everyone expected him to win, but after every failure, he comes back stronger. He knows that many people in his country  hate him (i heard something about a petition against his participation at worlds 2017) and it doesn’t matter what he is doing or not, he will  always be bashed. That’s why he is so often competing injured-  otherwise he would be blamed for being lazy, or a diva or whatever. He is fighting injuries, pain, expectations, asthma, haters and younger generations. But he is not losing hope, or the joy in life, or his fighting spirit.

Or how about Satoko Miyahara? She is pretty much ignored in Japan and isn’t really accepted in the figure skating world because of her small jumps. She can work as hard as she wants, but people just can’t wait to replace her with  a younger girl with bigger jumps. Some people call her “Cheatako” and when she wins a medal, she “doesn’t deserve it”. But she is still doing her job and is fighting for every point she can get from the judges.


The point of my rant is, Gracie is not "depressed".  She is suffering from self-pity, she can’t deal with failure and that’s her biggest problem. Too many people claim they are "depressed", as long as there is no official diagnosis from  a doctor, i don’t believe that she is “depressed”. 


Christmas Special: Throwback Thursday Wednesday ||  Yuzuru’s Olympic Free Skate

We received sad news that Yuzuru has withdrawn from this year’s Japanese nationals due to influenza and pharyngitis. He needs one more week to recover. We’re glad Yuzuru prioritised his health and wish him a speedy recovery~ Meanwhile, to cheer the fandom up, we have decided to hold an early Throwback Thursday. <3

Decked out in white frills and bejewelled in red and green gemstones, Yuzuru Hanyu won the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. Although it was not Christmas at the material time, his outfit had all the right colours. Best Christmas present ever, too. (Requested by @fragilesquire)



Matsumoto Castle (National Treasure) by Hideo
Via Flickr:
iPhone+Pro HDR Matsumoto City, Nagano Pref.


Arashiyama (嵐山) in Autumn in Kyoto (京都) Japan by TOTORORO.RORO
Via Flickr:
Arashiyama (嵐山) in Autumn in Kyoto (京都) Japan Camera Information: Model: Sony NEX-5N Lens: Metabones Sony A-mount to NEX Speed Booster Adapter + Sony 50mm f/1.4 Lens Alpha Mount (SAL50F14).

We’ve received news that some antis may be trying to solicit signatures for a petition to leave Yuzu off the World team. They are doing this at the Japanese Nationals and are pretending to be getting signatures for a blood donation campaign. 

We are confident that such a petition will not work and will have absolutely no effect on Yuzu’s place in the World team. Nevertheless, we think we should give everyone a head’s up because no one should be tricked into endorsing such a malicious cause. 

If you are at the Japanese Nationals 2016 and see this happening, please report the culprit to the appropriate authorities. Thank you.



Question : What kanji do you choose to represent this 1 year of 2016?
“長”(length/long). Last year i chose “成”(become/turn into). So if it’s combined with this year’s kanji, it would be “成長”(growth). Started from January this year, I have been suffered by injuries. What a long one year it is, (I) took long time to rest, so in that sense it’s (what i mean by) “Long”.

Yes, honey. It’s been a long journey of one year, hasn’t it? So that’s why, I hope you can rest well enough, take your time with your family that have been far away from you, and then go back to the ice with the best of you. I will aaaalllllwwwwaaayyysss support you, no matter what. You are the champion in my heart (*^_^*)/♡

Honno-ji Temple (本能寺) in Autumn in Kyoto (京都) Japan by TOTORORO.RORO
Via Flickr:
Honnoji Temple (本能寺 ほんのうじ) in Autumn in Kyoto (京都) Japan. Camera Information: Model: Sony NEX-5N Lens: Metabones Sony A-mount to NEX Speed Booster Adapter + Sony 50mm f/1.4 Lens Alpha Mount (SAL50F14).