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Reminder: Today is National Transgender HIV Testing Day 2017

Did you know?

  • Globally, transgender women are nearly 50 percent more likely to be living with HIV than the general population.
  • HIV prevalence among African-American transgender women is estimated to be 56 percent compared with a prevalence among white trans women of 17 percent.
  • In the United States, it is estimated that about 1.4 million adults currently identify as transgender.

Routine HIV testing and awareness are integral to the health of transgender people. Are you #DoingIt?

June 27 is National HIV Testing Day 

Get a free HIV test on Tuesday, June 27 for National HIV Testing Day! The NYC Health Department and community partners will be providing free HIV testing and other health services and information at Manhattan’s Union Square Park from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

It’s easy to know your status because:

  • HIV testing is available all over New York City 
  • Results can be ready in less than 20 minutes
  • You can test yourself at home
  • Testing can detect HIV as early as seven days after exposure

To find out where to get an HIV test in NYC, text TESTNYC (SABERNYC en español) to 877877, call 311, use the NYC Health Map, or visit an NYC Sexual Health Clinic.  

Get more information for sexual health:


Trump urges people to get tested for HIV as GOP gears up to cut funding to Medicaid, family planning

  • On Tuesday, President Donald Trump encouraged Americans to get tested for HIV, saying in a statement that “greater awareness through testing is crucial in defeating HIV and AIDS.”
  • “On National HIV Testing Day, I encourage Americans to learn their HIV status,” Trump said in a statement. “Together, we can protect ourselves and promote the health and safety of all.”
  • However, Trump’s comment comes as Senate Republicans gear up to gut funding for Medicaid and Planned Parenthood with their health care reform bill. Those two entities have historically helped people afford HIV testing and treatment. Read more (6/27/17)

This Saturday, June 27 is the 20th Annual National HIV Testing Day! 

To commemorate National HIV Testing Day, make sure you know your status. Find a location near you to get an HIV test for free on June 25, 26 and 27:

In NYC, find a location to get tested at any time by texting TESTNYC to 877877, visiting 311 online or calling 311.

Outside of NYC, use the service locator. 

We can stop HIV in NYC. Here’s how:

Get Tested. Call 311, visit 311 online or text TESTNYC to 877877 to find local testing sites at any time.

Get Treated. If you or someone you know is living with HIV, get medical care. For help finding care or support services in NYC, text CARE to 877877.

Get Educated. Learn the basics of HIV and AIDS. There are medications available to help prevent HIV. Visit NYC Health’s PrEP and PEP page to get more info.

Find out where you can pick up free NYC Condoms near you.

Be safe, be sure, and get tested frequently.

javiermofficial: #nationalhivtestingday Learning my status did not stop me. It took time but I found my resilience. Knowing your status is an action of self-love and self-worth. And for every ignorant person who still thinks HIV is a death sentence there are thousands more who will lift you up and love you. #knowyourtruth #liveyourtruth 

hellomr: “I decided in 2005, three years after being diagnosed with HIV, and absolutely sickened by the hypocrisy that I was seeing in the gay community regarding HIV, that I was going to live my life completely open, and own every aspect of who I was, and no one was going to be able to hold anything over me to make me feel small or bad” — @javiermofficial for #hellomr. It’s National HIV Testing day, so take 20 minutes today to know your status. Find a testing center at the link in our bio. ❤️

It's National HIV Testing Day

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Today is National HIV Testing Day. Have you been tested? Were you nervous about the results? How did you feel after you got the results? Share your story in your reblog. And if you haven’t been tested in awhile (or ever), we’re here for you!  Check out to learn more about HIV and AIDS, getting tested, or to find your nearest health center.

(image: Centers for Disease Control)

POZ supports National Transgender HIV Testing Day because…

  • Trans women around the world are approximately 49-times more likely to be living with HIV compared to all adults of reproductive ages.
  • Trans women of color experience disproportionately high rates of HIV. For instance, HIV prevalence among African American trans women is approximately 56% (compared to 17% prevalence among Caucasian trans women.)
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, today, 73% of trans women living with HIV in the United States are unaware of their HIV positive status.

  • Currently, there is very limited information about trans men in particular. To date, research related to HIV among trans people has almost exclusively focused on trans women.
  • The few published studies that report HIV rates among samples of trans men have reported 0 – 3% prevalence (though, those studies were self-reported and of very small subject pools.)
  • There is growing evidence that there is a significant group of trans men who have sex with men (TMSM) and trans men who engage in sex work, and an urgent need to re-evaluate our current data on trans men and HIV.
Signs as quotes from my camp (Pt.1/??)

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Taurus: “Nya” “Nya?” “Nya” “Nya” “Nya” “*runs in between* yIFF”

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Capricorn: “I’m not gay, but I do love me some lasagna”

Pisces: “I’m so motherfucking tired *climbs under table and falls asleep*”

yokairhys  asked:

Just to shed some awareness it's National HIV testing day. The tests are free and the results are rapid. I'm clean as a whistle, and it feels good to know that. #knowyourstatus

You did a good. Pat yourself on the back. Now we all know everybody in Miami having sex or planning to. A whole lot of you meet somebody and get it in with no condoms. Condoms so rare in Miami, it’s a shock when somebody pull out one. You start to get offended, like damn you trying to say I got something? You see how sad that is? If y’all don’t take your butts down to Miami Urgent Care Center this afternoon and get yourself tested, it’s on you when them symptoms start coming in strong. Go get tested, know your status and stop playing Russian roulette out here! Good luck! A couple of you needed this PSA!

It’s National HIV Testing Day. While anyone can get HIV, as this infographic shows HIV and AIDS disproportionately affect African Americans. More needs to be done to reduce stigma, encourage testing, and increase access to health care and life-saving medications. All of us, working together, can save lives and stop the spread of this epidemic.