national heritage library

Things that make me feel witchy



Corpse Bride


Alice in Wonderland (IDEK why)


Anything by Terry Pratchett!

The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater (seriously, read these books omg)


Anything written in an old, or antique book. I have a version of the Arabian Nights from 1907 (it was my great grandad’s) and it’s beautiful.

Random Stuff

Taking a walk after it’s rained

Hearing crows

Graveyards at night

Old castles or houses (if you’re in England get an English Heritage subscription, and a National Trust one if you can. Cheap/ sometimes free entry into HUGE grounds and historical places.

Tea in a cup and saucer from a tea pot

Antique shops


Listening to people speaking gaelic (especially my dad, he has the perfect Irish accent it’s great)

Old Libraries (have you seen the one in York?????? I mean look at this!!!!!

people in York should be happy af.