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Detective Conan 990 Spoilers [English Translation]

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  • [Tohto Gymnasium]
  • [National Spring High School Kendo Tournament]
  • [The Swordsman of the West, Hattori Heiji, came to the East!!]

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Yuzu performing his program at the 2017 World Team Trophy

“Notte Stellata” The Swan by Il Volo

Detective Conan File 990 [Japanese to English Translation]

Detective Conan is back with more murders, more kendo and more… kansaiben… Yay!

  • The balance of offence and defense is important in both love and deduction ?!
  • Long-awaited must-read new chapter!!

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Team Japan performing at the 2017 World Team Trophy Gala Exhibition

【2017.01.11 PopStyle】 BTS interview behind the scenes

This interview was done before their fan meeting in Tokyo, so the photoshoot took place at Yoyogi National 1st Gymnasium. Got it? 

What we felt from the interview is that each member’s role are perfect for them. 

No matter what question it was, Suga always answered first. Suga is quick witted, he did not only consider BTS’ future as a producer but he also pointed out the problems in various attempts. He commented that the Japanese fans are gentle, quiet and kind, they keep their promises so he’s very grateful. 

Rap Monster, who’s warmly guarding everyone, he always sum up. He said: “I want to travel by taking the JR.”

Everyone’s hyung, Jin and the mood maker, J-Hope. This hyung line are witty speakers. Jin said: “I went on Law of the Jungle!” Now he mentioned it, we can’t wait to watch Jin’s episode on Law of the Jungle. 

J-Hope is always smiling, he said that he hope the 7 of them can travel around in Japan. So, you might even see them around in Japan one day. 

On the other hand, the maknae line - V, Jimin and Jungkook were different to how they appeared on variety shows, they were prudent during the interview. 

V excitedly said: “I was in a drama!” And Jungkook expressed he want to keep making music and perform. These two were discussing about their favorite anime enthusiastically. Jimin, who was prudent and did not speak much. However, he expressed that if there’s a chance, he will prepare himself for all sorts of activities. 

Then, we watched their stage that night. They seemed to have switched on a different mode to when they were in the interview, it was amazing! Especially Jimin, his dancing was so beautiful and brisk. It even made us doubt whether it was the same person in the interview! Then we realized that this kind of contrast is his charm. We can’t wait to see their next live stage in Japan. 

Suga has a nickname of ‘달팽이’, it means snail and when you call him, you attach his surname in the front - '민달팽이’. And '민달팽이’ also means slug! We were surprised by that! 

In Japanese, if you attach くま (bear) after あらい (surname 'arai’), it’s あらいぐま (raccoon). We don’t know if it’s the same kind of word play? Did we just made it harder to understand? (laughs) 

But, the impression that '달팽이’ and '민달팽이’ gives off are completely different! This is how we got confused. 

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Moriya Akane: The sporty girl who admires Acchan and has no fears when she’s on the big stage due to her positive thinking.(Nikkei Entertainment  Idol Special 2016 English translation

She has a dignified expression and a cool appearance. The sporty Moriya Akane left behind numerous achievements in soft tennis during her school years. But in elementary school her personality was exactly the opposite: in those days she stuck to herself.  

When I was little I was self-conscious and shy, and even in school I was never able to raise my hand and speak. I really envied the kids who were able to put themselves out there. Then, in middle school, I joined the soft tennis club and I wonder if joining the club influenced it, but at that time my shyness started to disappear little by little. Nonetheless, I was completely engrossed in my club life, so I didn’t really do things for pleasure that much.

But without being too simple or too flashy, I lived a pretty normal student life. Then when I entered high school I immediately started doing what I wanted to do (laughs). By looking at me you couldn’t tell I had changed, but I started doing things I seemed like I could never do up until that point and I started to enjoy myself more.

Starting from around elementary school I had only a little interest in idols. I loved fashion and I often read magazines like “Nicola.” I admired the girls in the same age group as me who appeared in these magazines. But I was pessimistic and I had no thoughts of ever taking an audition. Then, around middle school, I fell in love with Acchan and all I could think about was “I wonder what it would be like to live that kind of life.”

Because I thought about going to university, I started to study at prep school the summer of my 3rd year of high school. I aspired to be an announcer, so for the time being, I thought I should go to university. At the same time I had leftover thoughts about becoming an idol and when I heard about the Torizaka46 auditions I thought it was my last chance. Without putting much hope in it, I auditioned.

I got notice that I passed the second stage of the audition when I was studying in the prep school study room. I couldn’t concentrate on my studies at all that day. How should I put it… from that day I haven’t been able to put any enthusiasm into my studies (laughs).

At the time they announced the final results, I can’t say whether it was the feeling of surprise or nervousness that came first. I had competed in large tournaments with my soft tennis club, but this experience made me more nervous. I was more nervous at the results announcement than I was during the first performance of Silent Majority and our first appearance on Music Station (laughs). I’ve always been told I’m a strong type of person in high-pressure situations, but that results announcement was the most nervous I have ever been in my life. But my feelings have completely changed and, by the time of the first press conference, I was completely enjoying myself as an idol.  Saito Fuyuka, who was behind me, made me laugh a lot, and I excitedly thought to myself “aah, fun days are ahead of me.”  

No matter the situation, you keep your coolness [composure]. At this January’s All Live Nippon event that was held at Yoyogi National Gymnasium, you performed for the first time in front of 10,000 people. But, even at that time, you were not nervous. For that reason, the people around you often misjudge you as scary.

You have to think positively in this world. It’s because I always first try to consider things in a positive way that I don’t get nervous very often (laughs).

People have often thought of me as scary person. It seems like people also think of me as a cool person, but when I make the same glaring face as the other members while dancing, I appear totally scary. But lately when I’m dancing like this I’ve come to understand how to appear cool while doing it, so I’ve been careful about it. However, fans have been saying, “you’re the sadistic type, eh?” to me these days? (laughs) At the handshake events they plead with me like, “I want you to tell me sadistic things.” First, my fans saw my image as the type that is strong willed and competitive, then on Keyakitte, Kakenai? I was called sadistic, and I feel like it’s been heating up more and more.  

That’s why I’ve been trying to let my hair down more often. When I wear it like that I’m often told, “you look softer than usual, you know?” I love communicating with people, and I feel like this is my chance to show my true self, so I kind of want to sweep away my sadistic image, you know? (laughs)

I liked Acchan and she was an idol I was inspired by, but when I actually tried idoling myself I realized it’s honestly a really tough life. I’m beginning to realize that at the other side of that smile there were also a lot of difficult feelings there. Even so, I honestly think idols are the nicest people. They have to be perfectly courteous. I’m getting the chance to work with many different idols, so I’m able to experience it personally. I’m learning a lot.

Our debut fan event left a deep impression on me, but I think the thing that has left the biggest impression on me by far has to be when we performed Seifuku no Mannequin on FNS Kayousai. At that time I had gone back home to Miyagi to take a school test. They gave me the lyrics and a DVD with the choreography for Seifuku no Mannequin on it, and I would practice it by myself during study breaks. Then, after my test, I returned to Tokyo and had to try to sync my dancing with everyone else’s. At first they didn’t announce whether or not all of us would be able to perform it together, and then there was the pressure of singing Nogizaka46-san’s song; I remember it as a really frantic time.

From here on I’d like to challenge myself with acting. When I was shooting the Mechakari commercials, I got to do some acting-ish things, but I think I want to try to do more of it. In that commercial I played a girl with a strong personality, but I don’t want a part like that, I want to play a kind character, I want try to play a character who is the complete opposite of me. Obviously I’m concerned about appearing scary (laughs).


the second stop in shinee’s fourth japanese tour, shinee world 2016, was not only special because it finished off the opening weekend for the tour, but because it marked the one hundreth concert that shinee has held since their debut. though, more specifically, it’s be since 2010 because their first concert was held on december 26th, 2010 in tokyo, japan at the yoyogi national gymnasium.

throughout these one hundred concerts, shinee has partaken in eight tours: four japanese, two asia and two world. these tours include:

× shinee world i: their first concert tour / first tour in general, which ran from december of 2010 to november of 2011 for ten shows.
× shinee world 2012: their first japanese tour, which ran from april to july of 2012 for twenty shows.
× shinee world ii: their second concert tour, which ran from july to december of 2012 for six shows.
× shinee world 2012: (also known as their boys meet u tour) their second japanese tour, which ran from june to december of 2013 for fifteen shows.
× shinee world iii. their third concert tour / first world tour, which ran from march to june of 2013 for seven shows. this was also the first concert tour that had a concert that took place outside of asia.
× shinee world 2014. (also known as their i’m your boy tour) their third japanese tour, which ran from october to december of 2014 for twenty shows.
× shinee world iv. their fourth concert tour / second world tour, which ran from may to october of 2015 for six shows.
× shinee world 2016: (also known as their d×d×d tour) their fourth japanese tour which will run from january to may of 2016 with twenty shows.

in addition to the above, shinee also performed one concert for smtown week in 2014 which rounds out the final count of shows. when shinee world 2016 finishes they will have added sixteen more concerts to their tour count. congratulations shinee and here’s to many more concerts with you!


Yuzuru performing his free program at the 2017 World Team Trophy

With a score of 200.49

4Lo, S, 3F, 4S/3T, 3A/2T, 4T, 4T/Lo/3S, A

TES 106.93 PCS 93.56 TOTAL FS 200.49 


Shoma performing his short program at the 2017 World Team Trophy


Yuzuru performing his short program at the 2017 World Team Trophy


Yuzu at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo practicing for WTT