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Things like these are happening almost daily and this happened in the state of Tachira in my country (protests are almost daily there).

Students were protesting with signs and banners when the National Guard and the local police came to disperse them and things turned a tad violent

12 people are currently detained, 4 of them are minors and among them a 10 year old kid.

This is probably again the beginning of national protests, as last year around the start of February multiple protests and riots across Venezuela started, lasting 6 to approximately 8 months leaving a deadly toll. There’s been also protests in the capital city of Caracas lately. Things are going to get uglier in the upcoming date of 12th February as that day marked an important date last year when we into continuous protests for months, students are organizing to get back into protests.

If you wanna read more into the huge amount of injustice and brutality that goes inside my country, feel free to check my Venezuela tag.

I cannot ignore what’s happening in my country.

There can be little doubt, too, that it was service in the phalanx which made the sturdy country folk of the Macedonian lands, including upper Macedonia, for the first time truly conscious of a common identity, a national identity as Makedones, a powerful people-in-arms capable of dominating their world. The strength of this political consciousness on the part of the Macedonian phalangites is very clear in a number of episodes during the reign of Alexander and its immediate aftermath, when the phalanx stood up against Alexander, their king, and against his great officers after his death, enforcing their own views on policy matters… in sum, the Macedonian state and nation was in large degree the creation of the Macedonian army invented and trained by Philip.
—  Richard A. Billows, Kings & Colonists: Aspects of Macedonian Imperialism

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I miss my BF a lot, he's at national guard training this weekend so I can't hear from him. Idk what to do these weekends, any ideas?

Dance and then when you see him again you can show him the dance you made up

So yesterday I was told National Guard wasn't the "real Army." and that we aren't "real soldiers."
  • Dumb ass:"Haha you aren't real army, real army watch people they care about get blown up and risk their lives to protect the US. I have respect for what you are doing but saying you're a soldier is just stupid in my book."
  • Me:"So National Guard people aren't real soldiers?"
  • Dumb ass:Hahaha Katie they are sent in to help people in disasters, they are not putting their neck on the line everyday. That's what makes a true soldier"
  • Me:"You are a very inconsiderate mf. And you wonder why people don't like you? and you wonder why you lose friends. You need to educate yourself." (I said a lot more but we are going to leave that out.)
  • Btw there was a lot more said on one of my Facebook posts about Drill and I had to make some adjustments to the things he said because for one he can't spell and talk right. It was all fun and games till this one dumb ass had to say National Guard isn't the "real Army" and that we aren't real soldiers. He obviously doesn't know shit about the National Guard. My other friend in the Guard was commenting too and he was obviously pissed as well. He screen shotted this part of the convo and posted it and tagged some Military personnel including a CSM (He's really cool btw). The CSM commented and it was a great comment I just might post the screen shot of it. Lets just say this kid got chewed out by a lot of people military and non military. I just thought I should share because I needed to rant
  • Please don't ever tell a National Guard Soldier that they aren't in the "real Army" or they aren't "real soldiers." Read up on the Guard its interesting we do a lot more than what we are account for.

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(1/?)i recently joined the national guard so i'd be able to pay for college and today i practiced the PT test which is a 2 mile run, 2 minutes of push ups, and 2 minutes of sit ups. My mom is a health/fitness freak so she was watching over me.... and then she started screaming at me and swearing at me because i didn't have good form and couldn't do a push up (even though that's how i've been taught to do pushups) she was telling me i wouldn't make it and i'd get discharched and it's all my fault

I’m putting the rest of the parts of the question under the Read More as well as my response. TW for: abuse, abuse from a parent, neglect, neglect from a parent and mentions of homophobia, racism, suicide, anxiety, and depression. 

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Swimmin i read your last read more and like... do you live in my neighbourhood?? Because my bf's place is right next door to some people that do the exact same thing. They have 1 or 2 dogs (they might just babysit one) and they leave it in the yard all day long and it barks at all the uni students that walk past the house to get to school. Sometimes it'll bark like all night and tonight Im at my bf's place and it's strangely quite. I always get worried when I think about that dog ;___;

Break out that MS Word document gurl and unleash that 6000% Truth Tea (Not From Concentrate) on those fuckers. Threaten calling animal services. Threaten calling the National Guard. Threaten queefing rhythmically so loudly into the night, you’ll be arrested for noise pollution, and immediately released once you explain to the officers the animal welfare initiative you are ultimately a part of.


(as long as she doesn’t know my occupation THOUGH - famous Vine personality Thomas Sanders - i’m safe pheww)

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lol just ask him What's he like

lol I think he’s cute and it looks like he’s in the national guard so that’s awesome :p