national guard love


Created by Fangirl’s grandpa and sung in front of a general authority at one point.
Some verses created by family members.

Young folks, old folks, everybody come!
Join the Mormon Sunday School and have a lot of fun!
Kindly check your chewing gum and razors at the door,
And you’ll hear some Mormon Stories that you’ve never heard before.

1-    Young prophet Nephi’s faith was strong,
In the scriptures he did no wrong.
According to Frieberg’s picture of him,
He must have gone to a body building gym.

2-    Nephi and his brothers never got along,
They would never admit they were wrong.
One day they found themselves inside a cave;
An angel came and said they better behave. ~Fangirl’s Cousin

3-    Laman and Lemuel were always causing strife,
Young prophet Nephi almost lost his life.
They turned out so contrary
Because there was no seminary.


4-    King Noah was a naughty king, as we all suppose.
Abinadi said he was wrong, and everybody knows;
King Noah burned him at the stake, but Alma got away,
And left King Noah all alone to burn another day. ~Fangirl

5-    Had a little trouble with Alma the Younger,
For spiritual enlightment he did hunger.
An angel appeared in a glorious array,
He felt kind of dumb for a couple of days.


6-    The Ammonites knew what was right,
In a war, they did not fight.
But when things got awfully hard
They called out the National Guard.

7-    Stripling warriors loved their moms,
They kept the faith and did no wrongs.
They took up their swords and went to war,
When they came back they were a little sore. ~Fangirl’s cousin


8-    The Gadianton Robbers get all the thanks
For robbing all those Nephite banks.
They cracked every safe in the whole darn nation
Because they had the Secret Combination.


9-    The women in the scriptures kept the men on track,
Tightening up the ropes and taking up the slack.
Walking through the wilderness and sailing cross the sea,
If it weren’t for the women, the Book of Mormon wouldn’t be. ~Fangirl’s cousin’s wife

10-    Buy a Book of Mormon without delay,
A dollar or two is all you’ll pay.
Listen and I’ll tell you what it can do…
If it reformed Egyptian it can reform you!

11-    Prophet Moroni, he hid the book,
Then Prophet Joseph had a look.
He opened it up for the world to see,
This song is really long, and I have to go potty. ~Fangirl’s cousin’s wife




unfollow me if you do not support our troops! I WILL post about my support to them, and I will post about how thankful I am for their bravery and sacrifice. 

If you hate war, okay. Hate the WAR then. Hate what some people are doing to THEIR OWN PEOPLE. That’s fine, but don’t you dare hate our soldiers, the people who risk their lives every day for us, and the reason we have our freedom. 

And my goodness, PLEASE feel free to go do their job for them if you think you can do it better. Truth is, all of your little hateful internet comments would do you no good in the REAL world. You seem real brave on the internet, but I bet you anything that you would not say those things to a soldier’s face, especially one who had just gotten back from a deployment where he went through hell, and now suffers from PTSD because of it. 

Or hey, what about a soldier who lost their life trying to protect yours?? Would you still be disrespectful and call him/her names even though they are dead? I guess you could take a trip to a graveyard if you wanted too. 

Better yet, since you love to defend them so much - go talk to a terrorist and see if he cares what you have to say… Oh wait. He’d blow your brains out before you even got a chance. 

Sorry but I’m not sorry if that’s harsh. The bottom line is - I will not tolerate any hateful comments towards U.S. soldiers on my page. And to all of you posting your hateful comments, you should probably reevaluate your “opinions,” or better yet, move to another country since you hate ours so much. 

The end.


This is what those “activists”, the self serving false martyrs, those who spread an ideology of perpetual victimhood don’t want you to see.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by the archaic childlike fantasy of “rebels” vs “the empire” because it just isn’t reality.

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“I may be miles from you, but that won’t stop me from loving you any differently. I know having a relationship where we’re not next to each other is hard for us. But I’ll try my best to maintain this relationship with you, make it strong and I’ll make sure not to give up on us. All I can say is forget the distance. I’m going to see you and I promise to make that day one we will never forget.”

I finally had to see my soldier off yesterday. While I am very sad and scared to see how this year is going to go, I am so unbelievably proud of him. He is so happy with what he is doing and all I can do is be happy for him and support him in anyway that I can, after all I love him.