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Dear Archy, do you have any tips/trick to take good photos/to get better understanding when doing field trip? When i went to see museum or cool buildings i just feel clueless of what i should see/pay attention to... thank you!!

One trick and one trick only, get on the mind frame of a child seeing the world for the first time. What would you photograph? What would you pay attention to?

Want proof? Check these images from the National Geographic Kids photography contest:

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i have no idea what to do to change my mom's mind about age when coming out, "you're 13, how can you know such a thing?! That's ridiculous" plus if i engage the conversation about it she won't listen. Any advice?

Kai says:

maybe show her examples of kids younger than 13 coming out as trans? a 9 year old trans girl was on the cover of National Geographic’s gender edition of the magazine recently. there are documentaries and articles about young trans kids (there’s an article in national geographic about other young trans kids). also california congressman mike honda has a young trans grand daughter (i think she is currently nine or ten but knew since she was even younger and there are articles about her)

Also: if she really won’t budge, just be consistent and in time she will have to accept that you really do know who you are. stay safe and be well! send more asks if you need more help and we’ll try our best.


Dinotopia is a fictional utopia created by author and illustrator James Gurney.  It is the setting for the book series (1992) with which it shares its name. Dinotopia is an isolated island inhabited by shipwrecked humans and sentient dinosaurs who have learned to coexist peacefully as a single symbiotic society. 

Gurney’s assignments for National Geographic magazine required him to work with archaeologists to envision and paint ancient cities that no one alive today has ever seen. This inspired him to imagine his own.
Meet Some Of The Kids At The Center Of The Medical Marijuana Debate
A new video by National Geographic is expl...

A new video by National Geographic is exploring the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) oil for kids who have cancer, epilepsy and other conditions, following three couples as they explore the benefits of CBD oil for their daughters.


Tumblr artist launches brilliant project to remind Congress that women matter

By day, Stephanie Rudig is a designer for National Geographic Kids magazine. By night, she takes on a different role: feminist vigilante artist.

Over the past two years, Rudig has created portraits of every female member of the 113th Congress. Rudig then posted the images throughout Washington D.C., each on the street named after its representative’s respective state. She calls this project She-Span, and it is encouraging residents to remember and celebrate the women who represent them, one inspiring street portrait at a time.

Fact about women we need to remember with every portrait