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What is a Shamrock?

Trifolium repens (collected 1974 in Louisiana), aka white clover

by Mason Heberling

What is a shamrock? There is no overwhelming scientific consensus on which species is the well-known Irish national emblem. There was survey of Irish botanists in the early 1890s asking which species was the true shamrock. A similar survey was repeated in 1988. The results suggest the shamrock is either Trifolium dubium (aka lesser trefoil) or Trifolium repens (aka white clover).

The plants commonly sold around St. Patrick’s Day as shamrocks or four-leaf clovers are in the plant genus Oxalis (wood sorrel), which belong to different plant family than true clovers.

Trifolium dubium (collected 1961 in Pennsylvania), aka lesser trefoil

Oxalis tetraphylla (collected 1981 in India), aka lucky clover, although not a true clover

Oxalis debilis (collected 1989 in cultivation), aka pink woodsorrel

Mason Heberling is a postdoctoral research associate at Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Museum employees are encouraged to blog about their unique experiences working with museum collections.

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The Swedish national hockey team dictionary:
  • Tre Kronor: "three crowns", the men's national team
  • Damkronorna: "the women's crowns", the women's national team
  • Juniorkronorna: "the junior crowns", U20 national team
  • Småkronorna: "the little crowns", U18 national team
  • The Three Crowns is Sweden's national heraldic symbol and is featured in the national emblem, and is also used by the Swedish national teams in hockey.
FEA's men in a nutshell
  • Chrom: marry me pls
  • Robin: hey bb wanna s support ;)
  • Frederick: i have this stick up my ass and idk how it got there
  • Virion: may or may not be inigo's father??????
  • Stahl: i ate 20 minutes ago now im hungry
  • Vaike: check out my jersey shore muscles
  • Kellam: hello?
  • Donnel: country bumpkin, probably wrestles pigs shirtless
  • Lon'qu: GET BACK WOMAN
  • Ricken: i have one chest hair
  • Gregor: is a russian for some reason
  • Libra: don't have sex or you will get pregnant and you will die
  • Henry: into heavy BDSM
  • Basilio: cueball
  • Owain: secretly likes naruto
  • Inigo: fedora wearing loser
  • Brady: cries over soap operas
  • Gerome: fuck off
  • Morgan: MOM LOOK AT ME
  • Yarne: likes to yiff
  • Laurent: masochist
  • Gangrel: may or may not be gay for chrom
  • Walhart: walmart
  • Yen'fay: saaayyy'ri
  • Priam: why am i here

Azerbaijani mugam trio in the 16th century miniature of Nizami Ganjavi’s Khosrow and Shirin

The art of Azerbaijani Ashiqs combines poetry, storytelling, dance and vocal and instrumental music into a traditional performance art. This art is one of the symbols of Azerbaijani culture and considered an emblem of national identity and the guardian of Azerbaijani language, literature and music.

Characterized by the accompaniment of the kopuz, a stringed musical instrument, the classical repertoire of Azerbaijani Ashiqs includes 200 songs, 150 literary-musical compositions known as dastans, nearly 2,000 poems and numerous stories.

The earliest traces of art of Azerbaijani ashiqs can be found in the 7th century Book of Dede Korkut, which contains the most famous epic stories of the Oghuz Turks. x



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Happy Fourth of July! We’re celebrating with our national emblem, the bald eagle.

Once on the brink of extinction, the bald eagle’s recovery is an American success story. Today, its population is protected, healthy, and growing.

Some Bald Eagle facts:

  • The bald eagle is the only eagle unique to North America.
  • Nests are sometimes used year after year and can weigh as much as 4,000 pounds.
  • Bald eagles may live 28 years in the wild.
  • Bald eagles get their distinctive white head and tail only after they reach maturity at 4 to 5 years of age.

Find this diorama in the Museum’s Sanford Hall of North American Birds.

Information via the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.


Lin Huiyin (1904-1955)

Art by Summer Comfort (tumblr)

Huiyin is considered to be the first female architect in modern China.  One of her chief interests was the restoration of Beijing’s historic sites.  While working with her husband Liang Sicheng, Huiyin climbed to the roof of the Temple of Heaven.  No woman had ever walked on the emperor’s temple roof before.  Huiyin also discovered the main hall of the 9th century Foguang Temple.

After World War II, Huiyin became a professor of architecture at Tsinghua University.  While there, she was involved in the design of national icons such as the National Emblem of the People’s Republic of China and the Monument to the People’s Heroes.  

In addition to her work as an architect, Huiyin was a writer.  She wrote fiction, poetry, and essays.  She also served as a literary translator.  In 1924, Huiyin and Xu Zhimo served as translators for the Nobel Prize winning poet Rabindranath Tagore.

Maya Lin, the designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, is her niece.