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hey, do y'all know when belgium's birthday is? I saw a few things saying it was yesterday, but I'm not sure

Hello! Belgium doesn’t have a canon birthday, so we can’t tell you anything definite! Here, we celebrate her birthday on July 21st, which is the country’s National Day! It commemorates the day in 1831 when Belgium gained de facto independence from the Netherlands as its first monarch ascended the throne! Some people may hold celebrations on April 19th, though, since that’s the day in 1839 when the Treaty of London was signed, and thus Belgium’s independence was recognised by the Dutch! We feel the National Day is the more likely date, though!

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We celebrate National Day on July 21, however, there are no celebrations on April 19 whatsoever. So celebrating Belgium’s birthday on her National Day is probably the best option although she has no canon birthday. ;)

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