national canning day

Kylo finds Poe’s crashed TIE fighter first… 

Kylo, feeling the pull to the light side once again, searches the dangerous deserts of Jakku late into the night to rescue his old friend, Poe Dameron.  At first he finds the jacket, but no pilot– devastated, he redoubles his efforts. He knows he’s alive, he can feel it.

In the force awakens Poe can’t remember what happens after the TIE fighter crashed, he wakes up safely in the middle of nowhere… convenient or was BEN SOLO there to rescue you!? 

 #darkpilot #benpoe #national hug day!!!!

Valentines Day!!!!

Rusame: More than comrades.

Prucan: Breakfast in bed.

Gerita: Dinner and a show.

Fruk: Champagne before a hot night.

*These are my personal ships. Honestly, I’m not really too sure about other ships. I’d love it if you could comment what your favorite ships are. Maybe add to my list? Do it for me, your beloved admin, for valentines day <3  :3 

Billie Joe Armstrong talking about Trump at Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands (2017)


Nip/Tuck Busy Phillips, Shrek-It-Ralph, Casper the Scammer, Silver IKEA Furniture, and National One-Leg Day can all go fuck themselves for selling out their ally after everything she did for them.

I wish I had a good insulting nickname for Paul, but I’mma let social media handle this one.

Calling all Canadian players! As you know, our country is celebrating its 150th birthday this year and it is going to be one of the biggest yet! With so much to celebrate and so many events and people to thank for making Canada the country it is today, one very special equine is often overlooked. It is a breed that had such an impact in Canada’s history and development, not only was it named after our homeland, but also made Canada’s National Horse; yet many don’t even know about. But less than a century ago, this incredible animal known for its fearlessness, strength, personality and perseverance almost went extinct and just recently is making a comeback. 

It is none other than the Canadian Horse aka “The Little Iron Horse”.

And so, to honour this incredible breed, I have asked SSO on their Facebook page to add the Canadian Horse into the game. It would be incredible to get this horse on or around Canada; or even just to get it in general! 

Think about it Canada! Our National Horse in SSO! How amazing would that be!

But I can’t do it alone; I need your help! Check out my post, like it, comment on it and even post about it to SSO. Tell your friends about it! Tell everyone and we could make it happen!