national baptism day

Me in my bergensbunad. My bunad is just one of over 1000 different official designs from all over Norway. We wear it on special occasions like conformations, Christmas, national days, baptism and sometimes in weddings.

the signs as iconic quotes from gilmore girls

aries : “well then buy me a boa and drive me to reno because i am open for business!“

taurus : “that was episode one of rory and jess: the early years. “

gemini : “ the room - it smells like guilt and chanel no. 5.“

cancer : “oy with the poodles already!”

leo : “my god, those are good genes.”

virgo : “she told me to hold on to that horoscope, put it in my wallet, and carry it around with me - one day it would bring me luck.“

libra : “so, god *is* a woman.”

scorpio : “jerk! ass, arrogant, inconsiderate, mindless, frat-boy, low-life, butt-face, miscreant!”

sagittarius : “oh my god! i’m gonna have to quit drinking coffee! and i love coffee!”

capricorn : “this is a misogynistic truck!

aquarius : “no, it’s national baptism day. tie your tubes, idiot!”

pisces : “will you just stand still?”