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1938 Phantom Corsair

The 1938 Phantom Corsair was the radical product of Rust Heinz (as in the ketchup company). The Phantom Corsair had many features that were ahead of the it’s time and many others that were little more than curious gimmicks. It featured an altimeter and electronic doors. The exotic shape was able to accommodate four people side by side in the front row but only 2 in the back due to space taken up by beverage cabinets. Rust Heinz designed the radical car on the popular Cord 810 platform and one example was built that he used as his personal car until his death at the young age of 25. The car was intended to go into production at the price of $12,500 in 1938, equating to over $200,000 today.

Today the car exists fully restored in the National Automobile museum in Reno Nevada after a long life of curious modifications, including being painted gold for a time.