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It’s clear that #GiantPacificOctopus is smart—smart enough even to outsmart their aquarists now and again. Webster recalls a time she was feeding Cordelia, an octopus whose name means “daughter of the sea,” while giving a behind-the-scenes tour. “I went down to grab another piece of food, and there wasn’t any left,” she says. “She had it in her arms. She had figured out where I kept her bin, and she had reached in, grabbed it and pulled it back out. They’re very smart, very intelligent creatures, so I had to learn to move the bin around.” 📝📸: @nationalaquarium

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Over the last three months, our Animal Rescue team has been very busy treating 19 sea turtles for critical conditions, including: fungal and bacterial pneumonias, infections in their flipper joints and severe shell lesions.

I’m happy to announce that we currently have 11 turtles that are no longer on medications and are ready for release! 

Check out my full blog update on these guys!

One of the most stunning/inspiring images we’ve ever seen “Hypnosis” by 📸: Mariano Sebastián Rodrígue

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I care not your size, the footprints you can leave, the grandeur you may carry with you. I care not the scale of you, the outside things that are treated with more reverence than the inside ones. Everything is vital, all things are magic miracles that deserve to be treated as such. Worry not about how you stack up, glance inward and understand that you tower.