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I Got a Boy - Chapter 26

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Tray of breakfast in hand, Annabeth met the guys over at the usual table where Frank, Leo, Nico, and Jason were already sitting. She put her tray down next to Nico and smiled at him when she took her seat beside him. He smiled back and moved his napkins so she could have room to eat.

She hadn’t had anything since ice cream from the night before and she was starving. A heap of pancakes, a mountain of scrambled eggs, a cup of yogurt, more than her fair share of bacon, and a steaming mug of hot chocolate would hopefully be enough to help her get through the day.

Everyone at the table greeted her, all of them mid-way through finishing their food, and Annabeth ate while they talked. Mark’s words still followed her, even though she was a whole building away from him. At the time, she didn’t really think anything of it, but in hindsight his words were more menacing than she had realized. Did she seriously miss a threat when it was so obvious? He basically told her to watch her back. That was definitely worth some nervousness, right? She didn’t want to think that it was anything more than just talk, but the energy coming from him didn’t feel right.

She looked over her shoulder, suddenly aware that he could storm into the cafeteria at any time, but he was nowhere to be found amongst the dozens of other faces entering the cafeteria. She mentally kicked herself for getting startled over something as stupid as a conversation. Mark was just a guy… a guy who was overly competitive and jealous of Percy. She shook her head and returned to her breakfast.

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anonymous asked:

I think sometimes people say "it's just a tv show" as it's not so serious compared to real life issues. I wonder if people fight as hard for something in real life as they fight for tv shows and fictional characters, like the fate of tv representation gets more attention and outrage out of people than the kid who starved to death today or is sleeping in an alley tonight. I support the movement, but I wish I saw the same effort put towards fighting for real life people as I see people for tv rep.

This is the problem. People don’t understand that representation is a real life issue.

Look, I understand where you come from, but your reasoning is completely wrong and it only helps to invalidate real life pain.

You’re basically saying that people hurting themselves because they think they’ll never have a validated life is not a real life issue, is not serious enough. And I could even go on and say: a lot of LGBT+ kids are kicked out of their houses and sleep in an alley at night, starve to death - if not for lack of food, as self-harm.

Even fucking Miley Cyrus knows this.

National Alliance to End Homelessness (USA) has a page just for LGBTQ Youth.

But I’m not even going that deep, just today I saw these asks for @decaheda​.

These people learned to understand and feel better about themselves for just being lucky enough to have access to a few tumblr posts. 

If a girl with a tumblr can do it, imagine what a big tv show with good representation can do.

And you even have the bonus that tv shows will reach people in general, so when this girl go outside, people won’t treat her like she doesn’t deserve to exist (which is a reality for LGBT+ people).

Is not a simple process, and this is why a lot of people don’t understand. But it happens. Culture shapes our reality, and tv shows transform our culture.