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Hi Melly. As a fellow Zayn appreciator, I'm curious about how much you think he's really into his new fashion career. I'm really uncomfortable about how I hear 0% of his voice in that Vogue article - it's like they haven't even tried. And because I'm cynical, I can see how actual Zayn is unnecessary and perhaps inconvenient to Zayn the lucrative fashion brand. I know he loves music, but I'm unconvinced he loves designing shoes, despite that being where all the PR effort is at the moment.


Time for another installment of me being

You know, it’s a testament to how well locked down they’ve got Zayn’s media image, that it’s impossible to really know for sure if the fashion thing is something he ever wanted.  What’s super curious about the whole thing is how well fashion icon!Zayn seems to suit Sarah Stennett’s drive to make First Access Entertainment a 360 company that has its hands in the fashion industry, too. Zayn was basically Sarah Stennett’s Golden Ticket to a lot of things. Funny how well that worked out for her. 

Also true how actual Zayn probably gets in the way of fashion icon!Zayn and solo!Zayn. I’m going to venture an educated guess that fashion icon!Zayn is a much larger revenue generator as a brand endorsement  vehicle and influencer then he would be as a solo artist.  If you notice, he’s also the 1D business model personified - music is your ticket in, but music is not the focus: merch is. And Fashion Icon!Zayn? He’s selling high end merch, he’s starring in national ad campaigns, he’s on the covers of style magazines, and he’s getting paid six figures to sit in the front row at fashion shows. The best part of all of it though, is you’re now directly speaking to Millennial-aged men with disposable income, too - an audience you were sorely lacking when he was 1/5 of One Direction.

 You’re also capitalizing on Zayn’s pretty face while continuing to cause damage to his personal brand as a musician via cancellations, planted drug blinds, etc . Bonus is that you’re traditionally outspoken and problematic client wouldn’t need to talk much, so that works in your favor too. 

 In Zayn’s only long form interview post leaving 1D, Zayn proved just how poorly he could sell his own persona. Where Zayn™ comes off as a Cool Mom Fuckboy who never wanted to be in 1D, actual Zayn was conciliatory and grateful. I’m going to guess that’s part of the reason why actual Zayn wasn’t heard from in real time again - he directly contradicts what Syco, Simon Cowell, and FAE (in whatever capacity) deemed was his most lucrative form. 

Listen, for me, no matter what happens here, what doesn’t stop being bizarre or fucky is the fact that Zayn himself hasn’t been heard from in any kind of candid way since before he  left the band. He’s still never done a live interview, has barely promoted anything, and I would bet my boobs and hard earned tuppence that any answers he’s given in print interviews (the few he’s probably actually given), were pretty rehearsed and coached. I’m a dramatic heaux, but something is still super fucky there with Zayn’s career. 

(also i am so sorry that i am a windbag and this was a way longer answer than you ever probs asked for)


 Dan Holcomb: General Tire Adds (1943-1945)

National Geographic; Saturday Evening Post.

Successful illustrator throughout the late 1930s with national ad campaigns for General Tire, Royal Cravats, Mazda Lamps, Listerine, Etiquet. Covers for Collier’s, American Weekly Saturday Home, Liberty; interior art for Sunday Pictorial Review, Tower Radio Magazine. By the 1950s, his commercial illustration career is over. Also known as D B Holcomb, he signed his work with his last name or simply “H.”

What an interesting way to sell something as mundane as tires.

Media Alert: The Canadian Real Estate Association One-Day Pop-Up

TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired - October 24, 2016) -

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) is treating Torontonians to a calming experience designed to help alleviate the real estate stresses that go along with buying or selling a home without a REALTOR®.

Everyone knows Toronto is a hot housing market. A REALTOR® can help you navigate a fast changing market and save you time, effort and stress. Sometimes, people try to buy or sell on their own, for those brave souls CREA is offering some relief. For one day only, buyers and sellers going it alone can pick up a temporary fix to ease their real estate stress, worries, sleepless nights and regrets.

One-day Pop-Up Shop 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Wednesday, October 26, 2016.
Media are invited from 9 - 11 a.m. for breakfast and a meet and greet.

King Street West (on the south side just west of Peter), Toronto

Barb Sukkau, Salesperson, REALTOR®, chair of the National Ad Campaign and vice-chair CREA Board of Directors
Randall McCauley, vice-president of Government and Public Relations, CREA

About The Canadian Real Estate Association
The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) is one of Canada’s largest single-industry trade associations, representing more than 115,000 real estate Brokers/agents and salespeople working through more than 90 real estate Boards and Associations.