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On August 23, 1989, two million peaceful demonstrators joined hands across Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to protest the occupation of the Baltic states by the Soviet Union. The chain, 675 kilometers long (that’s about 420 miles), connected the capitals of Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn. The whole thing was coordinated via hand-held portable radio! The protesters peacefully joined hands for 15 minutes at 7 p.m. local time, saying they wanted to demonstrate solidarity among the three nations in their desire for independence.

Moscow responded with heated rhetoric but backed down when the activists appealed to the United Nations. Within seven months, Lithuania had declared its independence. By the end of 1991, just two years later, all three Baltic states were free.


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Happy National Coming Out Day! The best way to be gay is to resist so enjoy these Resistance pride flags! Non-transparent versions found here. Please credit if you use!

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Flags in order: bi / gay / lesbian / ace / pan / trans / genderqueer / agender / nonbinary / genderfluid

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Y'know what I love about AtlA?

What I love most about this show is that it isn’t like regular kid shows which gives us a good and bad side

In those “regular” kids shows, they’re the good guys, the others are the bad guys, not necessarily with a good reason
In those “regular” kids shows, war is portrayed as they are evil and we are good and we must defeat them cuz then they won’t be evil anymore

In AtlA, this isn’t the way they portray the war
Yes, the war is between the “evil” fire nation and the good other nations
in this show, there are bad sides about the good other nations, and good sides about the bad fire nation

Because when they get to ba sing se, in the “good” earth kingdom, they immediately figure out the corrupt ways of the dai li to keep the city in their control
They see the dai li teaming up with the enemy, they see betrayal

When they get to the fire nation, of course they’ll see the bad people eagerly supporting the fire lord, but they also see normal people living their daily lives while there’s an all out war going on

The fire nation wasn’t necessarily evil, it was the fire lord, and the people that followed him, that were the true poison of the nation

The earth kingdom wasn’t necessarily good either, because it was corrupted by a few tirants trying to control everything and everyone around them

This is what real war is
There isn’t just good and evil, there isn’t just black and white
It’s all just grey, and by making allies and enemies you try to see the real colors of certain people

Anyway I just love that this show taught me all this, that I never see black and white, I see shades of grey (no not fifty)

I just love this show and I’m definetly gonna have my kids watch the heck out of it

AnswerTime!  Ask an Archivist about World War I

Join the National Archives’ Mitch Yockelson for a World War I-themed Tumblr Answer Time here at @todaysdocument on Wednesday, October 4 from 12pm - 1pm ET (9am- 10am PT) !

See all the Questions and Answers from our AnswerTime!

October 4 is #AskAnArchivist Day and as we’re in the midst of the World War I Centennial, we’ve invited World War I expert Mitch Yockelson to join us for a Tumblr Answer Time. Bring all your questions about World War I including:

  • How can I research an ancestor who fought in the war?
  • What World War I resources does the National Archives have?
  • What prominent personalities emerged out of the war?
  • How did African Americans serve during the war?
  • What roles did women fill?

Mitchell Yockelson is an investigative archivist with the National Archives Archival Recovery Program. He has also written two books on World War I, including Forty-Seven Days: How Pershing’s Warriors Came of Age to Defeat the German Army in World War I


It’s 230 am, if you know where this alley is in downtown phoenix and want to bear witness to the spectacle that is the savage wrath of Chaos Vortex and fully understand why Im known in over 30 countries as The Dragon Of Devastation in the streets and in both official and underground martial arts fight circuits worldwide, then get here by 3 cuz shit is about to go the fuck down. 2 squads are bringing their 10 strongest warriors to finally settle a decade long rivalry with no weapons… And i set it all up by going to the enemy stronghold by myself to put an end to the fued through one final battle. Why did i approach both sides with this plan? Because unifying warriors, expanding my network of underworld connections, and restoring peace on the streets through the use of honorable combat is what i have always done everywhere I’ve been to in the world. Your either born a fuckin leader like myself or a follower. If you’re a leader, that’s what you should do. But If you decide to lead and others choose follow, then it’s your responsibility to use your clout to enrich their lives regardless of whether it puts you in danger or not because it’s the right thing to do. I exist to empower and assist my fellow humans. That is why i do things like this. On the surface, it may seem to many like im just a crazy adrenaline junkie and do so much dangerous shit cuz i have a reckless disregard for my own life, and to an extent they’re right, but really drives me is my passion to hone my talents. We all have our own unique talents for many reasons, but to me, the main reason we have them is because there are so many way that they can be used to help others. Tonight is another example of how i utilize my inborn talent for hurting people to help them. Open your third eye and im sure you can you feel the energy of my bloodlust emanating through the screen when you look at my pix. As the time for war draws closer my soul grows colder and the ability to grant mercy is now devoid within me. Mother nature always thirsts for blood in her soil, and Tonight we will give it to her.