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this is for the native girls who were adopted. this is for the native girls who live on a reservation. this is for the lesbian native girls. this is for the trans native girls. this is for the light-skinned native girls. this is for the dark-skinned native girls. this is for the native girls who will never know they’re identity. this is for the native girls who can’t speak their native language. this is for the native girls that do speak their native language. this is for the fat native girls. this is for the skinny native girls. this is for the native girls who are uncomfortable in their own body & skin. this is for the native girls who are confident in their own body & skin. this is for the native girls who have health issues. this is for the native girls who have a mental illness. this is for the native girls who are bad at school. this is for all native girls. you matter & you deserve better.

Join us on National Coming Out Day 2016 [10/11] for an Answer Time with DEADPOOL’s Brianna Hildebrand. She’ll be answering your questions between 5pm / 2pm ET/PT - 6pm / 3pm ET/PT. 

Brianna will be answering your questions about her soon-to-be released film, FIRST GIRL I LOVED and all things It Gets Better! We’ll have a mental health professional, Matthew Dempsey, LPCC, on call with us to answer all of your coming out questions.

New hair from Kelly O @ The Sapphire Hair Lounge

I’m trying to reconcile a lot of different things right now. Things like: My body is an instrument, not an ornament; beauty is a skin deep concept; my body is my temple so I’ll decorate it however I want; I feel my best when I put effort into my appearance. Sometimes I feel vain for caring about how I look but I think as long as how I look isn’t the only thing that I care about then it all evens out.

Today I marched with other women in Winnipeg to show support for Womens March on Washington. We marched to support those who are marginalized, who were unable to march and who don’t feel like they can raise their voices. Queer, trans, disabled, sexual assault survivors, immigrants,  POC & Indigenous women and children need to be given platforms for their voices and their stories. Today I used my body and my presence to show the world that there is unity in community and Love Must Trump Hate.




Our special National Coming Out Day #answertime with Brianna Hildebrand starts in 5 minutes! Check out her It Gets Better video which is premiering right now! Remember to @postitforward!

  • Newt: TOMMY I'M GAY-
  • Thomas:
  • Newt:
  • Thomas:
  • Thomas: ...Newt we're literally boyfriends.
Losing It

She lost it laying on a bed
pretending she was road-kill
like an armadillo, dead.

She lost it to a boy playing
Jason Mraz on a mandolin.
Running hands up and
down her crawling skin.

chasing stories down rivers,
tipping wine glasses and
poisoning their livers,
like Huckleberry Finn.

He lost it to a girl he knew
like uncharted waters,
that he sailed on anyway.

He would call himself a cartographer
and say he was simply exploring
her untravelled territory.

She lost it bathing in sweat,
breathing into polyester sheets
seeking a bathroom.

She lost it to a boy who would
never fall for her – who she didn’t
want to – even if he could.

He lost it to a girl with numb hands,
who couldn’t have a conversation
without starting a fight.

Who he said looked cute in red sweaters,
who snuck out of his room
in the middle of the night.

We all lose it to a bed,
Coaxed into a coat closet
with the scarfs and leather coats.
We lose it like the tonsils
in the back of their throats.

It’s not what we give, it’s what we lose.
Where we put it – that’s the only thing
we have to choose.


(Day five of NAPOWRIMO and just under the wire).

Ex-admin (4)

Perubahan setelah kembali dari Oman?
1. Tiba-tiba punya ponakan banyak banget.
Semua manggil “bulek hana”. Apakah kalau di Korea Suzy sebagai The Nation’s First Love, sedangkan aku sebagai The Nation’s Bulek? Eh apani wkwk
Yaaaaaa gapapa sih. Walaupun dari teman-teman dekat itu jadi ‘cemeehan’, it doesnt matter. Asal jangan “bulek black” aja. Cih.

2. Tiba-tiba jadi “bule”
Mungkin beberapa mengira imbuhan “k” pada bulek yang ngasih itu Kirana. Sama kayak dia manggil Ibu jadi Ibuk.
Jadi…sebenernya…hmm gimana ya. Bulek itu dari kata Bulik, Ibu Cilik. Sama kayak Tante, Bibi. Sebutan untuk adiknya Ibu.
Sebagai gadis muda yang memiliki keponakan diusia 21 tahun, yang bikin galau adalah pengen dipanggil apa nantinya.
Auntie? Mbahak, ga cocok sama muka.
Tante? Hmm citranya dipanggil Tante itu jadi kayak kurang akrab
Bunda? Cih.
Mami? Lalala
Baiklah, karena kami adalah keluarga Jawa, panggilan yang tepat untukku dan Bella adalah “bulik”.
Aku pribadi sebenarnya memang pengennya dipanggil demikian oleh Kirana. Hehe
Jadi bukan “bule” yhaaa..ngomong inggris aja cuma bisa yes, no, here, take away, thank you, sorry. Wih, mayan banyak.

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Also if possible save the song and post it on Tumblr so that people who can’t tune into the radio can also hear the song.

Remember we’re all in the same boat, and we all want to hear Green Day’s new shit.


Michelle Obama’s Speech at the Democratic National Convention 2016.