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one of my school’s a capella group won the national championships last saturday and i just saw them perform at my school and i am SHOOK 

Dating PrettyMuch (Headcanon)

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All of The Boys

  • being loved and best friends with all of them despite who’s your favorite
  • them always showing off their dance skills and singing skills
  • you tagging along in the studio and booth all the time
  • them bringing you practically everywhere (interviews, tours, etc)
  • You spending a night or weekend at the house and having an epic sleepover
  • the fandom loving you as much as they love you back.
  • wearing their clothes (it’s a must) 

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  • him constantly wanting to cuddle, kiss, or just feel you, in general, 
  • you guys being called “goals” or the “it couple”
  • a hell of a lot of random compliments from both parties.
  • him being so embarrassed by all the fetus pictures despite you loving every one of them
  • him being a total gentleman at like all times (even if you guys are being playful or mad at each other)
  • wearing his glasses sometimes because he thinks they make you look adorable and sexy af
  • He puts you on a pedestal and is insanely protective (despite not showing it)
  • “Babe be careful.”
  • “Brandon, I’m trying to get the cereal you guys keep on putting the top shelf.”
  • “I can get it for you babe; I don’t want you to hurt yourself”
  • constantly being teased by the guys
  • just overall so cute and perfect

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  • playing in his hair ALL THE TIME (like seriously look at those luscious locks)
  • definitely cuddling and watching anime together
  • him trying to teach you how to skateboard and his hand dance thingies (I don’t know what its called)
  • Him loving to fall asleep on you
  • him making you laugh at the worst times ever or just in general
  • The whole relationship would be full of laughs and just both being childish and playful af.
  • you making him flustered or blush like all the time
  • being clueless to when girls like him and why you would get jealous at times.
  • always taking pictures of you and doing edits cause your his muse
  • getting kicked out of places because of you, him, or both
  • just an adventurous and playful relationship because he would bring out your inner child.
  • you do sometimes have to be the mom 

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  • yo he would be so protective
  • he would legit treat you like a baby and you would hate it but love it lowkey
  • He would also have you in his hair like all the time (like playing in it, washing it, etc)
  • spontaneous dates like all the time
  • Corny but cute nicknames
  • Excessive PDA
  • him also being a huge gentleman
  • always talking to you about his family and how he misses the city and wants to take you with him one day
  • The boys calling you “Mom” since he’s the “Father” of the group
  • Him cooking for you and helping you clean
  • lowkey gets annoyed or mad when the boys are too touchy with you.
  • You being one of the only few who gets to see his not so serious side (even though he’s not that serious, to begin with)
  • You would always feel safe and protected with him.

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  • having one of those relationships where you guys are assholes to each other and everyone is confused
  • but you guys love each other through thick and thin
  • both having temper problems 
  • like one second everything is chill and you guys are yelling at each other arguing how cute the other one is
  • play fighting is like always 
  • messing with each other and making the other mad because you guys think it cute
  • always teasing each other (sexually and not sexually)
  • him slapping your behind and you being annoyed
  • him getting jealous of EVERYTHING 
  • yo my guy would be a huge jealous type 
  • hella overprotective
  • just being a relationship that only you two would understand
  • almost forgot HELLA HICKES (from both parties)

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  • my guy is a freaking beanstalk and he knows it
  • he’s always making jokes about how he’s taller than you (even if you’re pretty tall yourself)
  • him bending down to kiss you or just to piss you off
  • playing with those dreads of his.
  • the both of you just randomly breaking out into dancing (especially at the worst moments)
  • having dance battles (whether you’re good or not)
  • making him get stuff out of reach.
  • “Hey babe get that for me”
  • “It’s not even that high up”
  • calling him daddy long legs 
  • the best piggy back rides EVER
  • he likes laying his full body weight on you just to be a jerk
  • peppering your face with kisses
  • everybody thinking he’s all quiet but you and the boys know how obnoxious he can be
  • he hella sneaky and everyone thinks he’s so innocent (BUT WE ALL KNOW)

Z Nation meme | four relationships [¼]  —– Murphy and Warren

I’m counting on you.

this is for the native girls who were adopted. this is for the native girls who live on a reservation. this is for the lesbian native girls. this is for the trans native girls. this is for the light-skinned native girls. this is for the dark-skinned native girls. this is for the native girls who will never know they’re identity. this is for the native girls who can’t speak their native language. this is for the native girls that do speak their native language. this is for the fat native girls. this is for the skinny native girls. this is for the native girls who are uncomfortable in their own body & skin. this is for the native girls who are confident in their own body & skin. this is for the native girls who have health issues. this is for the native girls who have a mental illness. this is for the native girls who are bad at school. this is for all native girls. you matter & you deserve better.

Do you ever sit around and think about how Captain America: The First Avenger is aptly named not because Steve Rogers was the world’s first superhero (and future leader of the Avengers Initiative team) but because one of his most memorable acts of bravery - crashing the plane to save the world - was done in the process of avenging Bucky Barnes.

Because I think about that a lot. 


My name is Kambria, and to make a long story short, my husband and I got married a little over two months ago, and our first dance song was Mary’s Song by Taylor. I have been a fan of hers since her Taylor Swift album, and my husband and I have adored this song since we were 12. Blake, my husband, and I have been neighbors since we were young; we grew up best friends, and our dads really did joke about us falling in love one day. Blake proposed to my at our favorite spot in town, and this song truly describes our love story.

I have been trying to get Taylor to see this for awhile, because I think she would love to know how much this song means to me, but it was taken down because of Copyright issues. I know Taylor doesn’t control that, and the copyright people have ignored my emails. I have asked a fellow swiftie to help me spread the word. I would love to be able to share this moment with not only Taylor and you guys, but my friends and family as well. As of right now, this is the only site that hasn’t blocked this video. Please help me out! I would love to share my story with her, and all of you.


#SOTTCoundtown Day 1 – Harry + Favourite Performances

1 16/06/15

2 11/08/14

3 16/09/14

4 29/09/15

5 05/09/15

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Brianna will be answering your questions about her soon-to-be released film, FIRST GIRL I LOVED and all things It Gets Better! We’ll have a mental health professional, Matthew Dempsey, LPCC, on call with us to answer all of your coming out questions.


My best friend. My sweetheart. My soulmate. Halle Doore you have given me two of the happiest years of my life. Looking back, more than ten years ago when we met at jr high volleyball tryouts, we never would’ve guessed that we’d be here celebrating our two year anniversary. I’m forever grateful for everything you do for me. From encouraging me in my work, health, and interests, you are the best girlfriend anyone could ever ask for. Let’s add a 0 to that 2.. And many more 😉❤️

So this weekend my beautiful girl and I spent our two year anniversary in the city. We had a romantic dinner at the Calgary tower, went to the casino, went shopping, went swimming/hot tub, went shopping, and played zombies in spaceland (being the nerds we are we brought our PS4 to the hotel with us lol). All in all it was a perfect weekend as we celebrated our love 😌❤️
Ps: June is now my favourite month, as its our anniversary, pride, and national aboriginal day lol


Scoring on your competitive debut and first ever WC qualifier game while also winning your country’s first three points in a year? No big deal.