A Three-Angel Blessing If You Live Alone and Feel Spooked or Scared at Night

You will Need:

  • Three tall white candles
  • A mirror
  • A small bowl of salt


Nightly, as darkness falls

 The Spell:

Place the candles in a row, so you can see then reflected in the mirror.

Light the candles left to right, saying for each: “Angels of light, Jeduthan, Muriel, and Natiel, turn back the phantoms of the night.”

Put a pinch of salt into each flame, left to right, saying: “Angels of sleep, I ask you safely keep me from specters of the night, until dawn comes bright.”

Blow out each candle in turn. As you do so, name each candle for one of the angles and add for each one: “Bless and Keep me safe.”

Replace the candles when needed, keeping the angel name order.

Say each angel name before going to sleep.

- “1001 Spells: The Complete Book of Spells for Every Purpose, by Cassandra Eason.”