So since this is like the season of follow forevers, I thought now is the time to give mine an update! I’ve followed so many amazing blogs since my last FF. Some of you I’ve had the pleasure of talking to and becoming friends with and idk why you guys talk to me or even follow me for that matter, but bless you for putting up with my sorry ass ilysm. And some of you I’ve unfortunately haven’t talked to ~bc intimidated~ but I’d really love to!! Thank you all for making my dash so gorgeous with your edits and your amazing humor and your personalities and just you guys are perfect never change ok xo

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(so sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone)

I’ve been meaning to make a follow forever for a while now and when I hit 2k the other day it seemed like the right time to do it so here it is. I’m insanely picky about what blogs I follow, and I only follow around 60 so if you’re on here it’s because I literally worship the ground you walk on. So yeah these blogs either make flawless edits/gifs, write amazing fanfics or are just genuinely some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and you should all go follow them. 

wankswaran | hobojay | joelspick | lawszon | nareesha | nathdom | gilchristpeat | nathons | the-wantits | lawsoned | sykesybear | nodoyjay | mcdylans | stilestelinski | sivakanewaran |  mcgodness | twafterdark | sykeslicious | kelseybelles | jaybirdsladybird | michelleekeegan | gladyoucamebrazil | lovemelikethatsongontheradio