Person: “Hey, do you like Muse?”
Me: “Yeah, they’re alright I guess”

I finally got around to taking a current photo of my collection. I have been collecting for 7 years, and own 182 unique items spanning 1st June 1999 to 8th June 2015. I often get asked, so I’ll say it now; some items look the same, but they are infact different versions of the same album/single/etc. This includes items from multiple different countries such as UK, US, France, Germany, Benelux, Australia, Argentina, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

This is a recent newspaper article about my Dad, who invented a solution to global warming! He deserves recognition for this; people need to notice this article and realise that there is an end to global warming! I partially helped him on this project, so I really do hope it gets noticed, he’s put in so much time and dedication.

My machine could save the world, says engineer

Expert claims invention could solve problem of global warming

A CIVIL engineer believes he has the answer to stop global warming, but no-one is interested.

Roy Hunt, of Devonshire Road, Southminster, claims he and his two-man team have devised a solution for the world’s problems.

Mr Hunt, 70, who runs RFH Environmental Ltd from his home, claims he managed to create a machine which can take greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and other harmful gases out of industrial emissions two years ago.

The biological machine, which uses one cubic metre of material, can also remove carbon monoxides, sulphuric oxides, nitrous oxides and ammonia from fumes.

Mr Hunt, who is also an architect and a civil engineer, said he came up with the idea in a “Eureka moment”, after using reed beds to decontaminate soil.

he said: “We started out by using reed beds, to see if you can decontaminate the ground. And like you do, you sit down and think things through - and in the middle of the night I had a Eureka moment.

"If we did it in reverse we could decontaminate the air.”

Mr Hunt, who estimates he has spent about £6,000 on the project, has had the machine installed in the Czech Republic, and in Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Mr Hunt claims a test in the Czech Republic saw a 98 percent reduction of carbon dioxide. he said: “The man who tested it thought there had to be a mistake, he did it three times but kept getting the same reading. Even we didn’t believe it was that good.”

He added, “If I had it in place now we could reduce greenhouse gas emissions very rapidly for no money. It can go anywhere in the world, too.”

He is now struggling to get people interested in his invention, after contacting the Environmental Agency.

He said: “We just want to give it to the people.

"It has the ability to make a massive difference to the world.”

-Article by Emma Robinson