Does anyone have any helpful tips as far as exercise for a new gym rat?

nathanielnoir any advice as far as protein and diets and also what about taking different supplements?!?!? Just curious

started following you

Pushing his hands further into his pockets, Matty shivered, glancing behind him.

The man had been following him for a while now.

Had he been like his brother, Cal, Matty would have turned around, confronted him, but Matty would not do that. He was not like his brother.

Turning right, hating that he did not yet know his way around London like he did Brighton, into the nearest alley, Matty leant against the wall, frowning as he breathed heavier than he would have liked, the air being cold enough that he could see when he exhaled.

Hearing footsteps against the pavement, he shuddered, before standing up straight, watching as the man turned around the corner.