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So I had this request to have chat, nathaniel and marinette all trapped in an enclosed space, for a long time and finally had a brilliant idea for it (with the help of @squirrellygirlart ) Hope you all enjoy it :) Thanks for the request anon!!

Also @squirrellygirlart did some artwork to go with the piece!!! Check it out HERE!!!!! - it’s pretty amazing!!!

Marinette’s class was helping out at Chloe’s hotel for the day. It was something their class had done once a year every year for as long as Marinette could remember. It was supposed to teach them something about responsibility and the job market and of course Marinette always ended up with the worst jobs on account of Chloe’s hatred for her and today was no different. Marinette was stuck with Gofer duty while Adrien was put at the front desk along with Chloe. Marinette was more than just a little disappointed by it. It happened every year of course but Marinette was beginning to feel that her crush on Adrien was more than a little hopeless. Needless to say Marinette was feeling more than a little discouraged that day. Of course the rage filled akuma that was tearing through the hotel didn’t do much to help improve Marinette’s mood. Marinette ran down the hallway akuma following close behind fiery hair  sticking on end as she screamed in fury. A small fiery blast landed near Marinette’s foot. She yelped as she pushed herself to run faster.

“Marinette!” Marinette was quickly grabbed around the waist and yanked into another hallway as a fiery blast dissolved where she had previously been standing. Marinette looked up to see glowing green eyes staring back at her. She rested her hands on his shoulders their chests brushing against one another as they both tried to catch their breath.

“Chat Noir,” Marinette greeted breathlessly. Chat smirked at her.

“Afternoon Princess, are you alright?” Chat asked, eyes giving her a once over. Marinette nodded.

“I think so,” Marinette assured.

“Good, come on, we need to get you to safety,” Chat Noir released her waist instead taking her hand in his and pulling her along behind him. Marinette let him lead her deciding to transform once he left her to take care of the akuma. Chat rounded a corner only for them to find themselves face to face with the fiery beast. Marinette and Chat Noir skidded to a stop. Chat and Marinette both squeaked as the akuma smiled wickedly down at them fire brewing in her open hand.

“Make a run for it?” Marinette asked cautiously. Chat Noir’s head made a jerky nod. The akuma reeled her arm back fiery blast aimed their way.

“Time to go!” Chat shouted turning on his heel and tore down the hall, Marinette still in hand. Chat led them towards an open elevator at the end of the hall. The doors slowly began to close. Chat released Marinette’s hand diving inside the doorway and keeping the doors open for Marinette. Marinette skidded to a stop just before the elevators glancing back as she heard a door open. Nathaniel stepped into the hallway looking down at his sketch book oblivious to the raging akuma headed straight towards them.

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Bartimaeus, Kitty, and Nathaniel all getting their CREATIVE on~! 

Just an idea if the gang were to be attending @jonathanstroud ‘s upcoming event on creativity ~

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The boys reaction if Candy was calling them in the middle of the night, sobbing, asking for a place to stay for a while because her parents kicked her out?

WTF just happened?! I need context! Oh wait…that’s my job…Hehe…

First off, it would have to be something pretty drastic for Candy’s parents to kick her out. Like insanely devious. How about instead, she gets into a fight with them, and they all get so upset and she doesn’t want to stay at home for the night. So she calls up her boyfriend in the middle of the night to ask if it is okay that she comes over to stay with them for the night.


He would look at his phone screen, only half awake before answering. As soon as he heard Candy crying on the other end, he was wide awake and would ask her what was wrong. She would merely ask if she could come spend the night, to which he said he would come get her. There was no way she was walking to his apartment alone in the dark. He called a late night taxi and picked her, bringing her home for the night.


Castiel wouldn’t even look at his phone. It was so late. Who could be calling him at this hour. He almost didn’t answer. Once he found his phone he heard Candy crying on the other end, pleading to come spend the night. He told her he would come to her so she wouldn’t be by herself so late at night trying to get his place. He would throw on some clothes and bring Demon along.


Lysander would pick up his phone after a few rings, and was shocked to hear Candy crying on the other end. He didn’t need her to explain what was wrong, only to know what she needed. She asked to come spend the night, saying she couldn’t stay in her house tonight. He agreed without hesitation and offered to meet up with her to take her to his home.


Upon squinting at his phone to see who was trying to contact him, he sat up immediately and answered when he saw Candy’s name across the sceen. He would try to ask her what was wrong and if everything was alright, only to have her crying on the other end asking to spend the night. He couldn’t turn her down. Of course she could come over.


He was actually still up that night into the late hours, playing online when his phone went off. He paused the game when he saw Candy’s name pop up, and picked up, asking what was wrong. He knew it wasn’t really good if she was calling at this time of night. She was crying and asking if she could spend the night. He told her to get over to his place as safely and quickly as possible.

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Neil 53: Darling, stop :)

I don’t think this is really what you wanted but I had a hard time thinking of a scenario where neil was saying this or someone saying it to him (i.e andrew) so here we go i’m sorry in advance. (also it got longer than I meant it to oops) 

Neil never remembers how he gets there. One minute he’s lying on his back, listening to the quiet breaths of Andrew next to him, completely aware of the hazel eyes watching over him, and the calming vibrations of the cats purring at the end of the bed. The next, it’s like someone had blackened his eyes with ink and he is drowning in darkness. The pitch black swirling and contorting itself into every single one of Neil’s worst fears, replacing everything that was once a reminder of who he was and what he had. Neil Josten becomes nothing but a foggy what if replaced with a cold stone Nathaniel. 

 He can hear his own ragged breath, and it’s getting harder and harder to breathe. When he finally wills himself to opens his eyes, it’s like falling headfirst onto concrete, for a splintering second he understands why Andrew is afraid of heights. Nathaniel knows Baltimore is lifetimes away, he knows that he is not in his fathers basement, he knows his hands and feet are not tied together and he knows the pain he feels is nothing but sensory memories manifesting in his dream state. He is so painfully aware that none of it is real that the panic rising in his chest turns to humiliation. But he can smell the mildew of the old floorboards, and he has the all too familiar taste of blood in his mouth, and that split second is all his mind needs to fool him completely. Now he can feel someone’s hot breath steaming down his neck that wasn’t there before and he can’t stop the scream clawing it’s way up his throat. He can taste the blood it leaves behind but he cannot hear the sound it makes. 

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Ugh, I'm sorry it sounds like you got a nasty anon. You don't deserve that. :( When you're down for it, “Let’s see what we have to play doctor with…paper towels, expired peroxide and…duct tape?” with ChloNath, please?

“Let’s see what we have to play doctor with…paper towels, expired peroxide, and…duct tape?” Chloe held the half-used roll of duct tape away between two fingers as if it was something offensive. “Your first aid kit is terribly lacking, Red.”

“Usually it’s me patching you up at your place,” Nathaniel responded through gritted teeth. “We’re never over here.”

“Which begs the question of why you haven’t just moved in with me already.” Chloe studied the bottle of hydrogen peroxide. “Do you think this will kill you if we use it?”

“I don’t think it’s harmful, just probably won’t do anything more than water would.”

“Give me your hand.” Chloe grabbed Nathaniel’s hand in a surprisingly gentle maneuver, flipping it over so his bloody palm faced up. “I’ve told you to be careful with those blades.”

“I like the effect they cause in the paint. It’s worth a little pain.”

Chloe rolled her eyes. “You are such an artist,” she groaned.

Nathaniel chuckled, watching her tip the bottle of hydrogen peroxide over his hand. The liquid spilled cold against his skin. “As to your earlier comment, I keep this place because I need somewhere to paint.”

“You could paint at my place.”

“No I couldn’t. I need somewhere I can be messy and bleed,” he held up his hand with a grin. “Your place is way too nice.”

“We could find somewhere else.” Chloe didn’t look up as she softly patted the sliced skin dry.

He looked up at her then. “You would be willing to move somewhere less nice just so we could live together?”

“It would still be nice, of course. But we could make sure you had room to be messy.” She folded a paper towel and held it in place on the oozing cut. “I can’t believe how ridiculous this is,” she muttered. “Hold that.” She grabbed the duct tape and wound it around the paper towel to make a makeshift bandage. “You look so trashy right now.”

“But I’m your trash. You want us to live together.”

“I remember saying nothing of the sort. You’re obviously delusional from blood loss,” she sniffed. 

Thanks, Nonny. I’m trying to shake off the bad comment but it’s still lingering. I wish people would realize the effect their words can have. I’ll just keep writing and moving past it though. Thanks for the support! :)

If you want a drabble, choose a prompt from here, here, or here. Send the quote (not just a number) with a pairing and I will get to it when the inspiration hits! :)


Au: Where Neil never escaped with Mary sucessfully and Nathan has been abusing Neil injuring him to he can’t leave. Aaron is hired as a tutor because he actually knows sign language. Aaron grows close to Neil after realizing he’s being held hostage in his own house later enlisting Andrews help to tutor neil as well and help him break neil out. 

ps. hope this is an ok amount of angst. 

Nathaniels arm had been in a cast for a very long time Aaron noticed. 

Longer than it usually takes to heal, the other boy said it had been because he wasn’t paying while gardening subsequently aggravating the injury.

He doesn’t know that Aaron had seen the way Nathan had held Nathaniel’s upper arm dragging him down the stairs to the basement several months ago. Nathan hadn’t looked angry so Aaron let go of the memory quickly. 

Aaron was not stranger to abuse having struggled with his drug addicted mother for years before reconnecting with his twin and cousin moving in with them. Finding the perfect job tutoring the sickly son of a wealthy businessman.

A part of him has been trying to believe that Nathan is better than his mother, caring for Nathaniel from a distance at the very least. 

“Do you have a school to return to when your arm heals?” Nathaniel shrugs signing no deaf school here. 

They have programs for deaf or hard of hearing at normal schools.” Why does it matter to him? he tries to tell himself to drop it because Nathaniel looks uncomfortable but that part of him that wants to think everything is ok also wants a truth. just something real about this family. 

 But he stops when Nathaniel points to his bookshelf. Aaron immediately notices the blinking eyes of a nanny cam stuffed rabbit. 

Several things click into place. How Nathaniel is almost always in his room, How Nathaniel's desk is positioned adjacent to the bookcase on the smaller wall instead of by the window with more room, How empty Nathaniel looks when Nathan stands behind his son with one hand firmly placed on his shoulder possessive instead of loving. 

How Nathaniel had said he had broken his arm falling down the stairs. 

The way he laughed at the novelty of pop rocks and Aaron iPod like his world began and ended with his house. 

And Aaron can’t do anything about it. He’s been tutoring Nathaniel long enough to know that Nathan’s type of work is not completely legal. Nathan could probably handle child services with a well-placed glance before beating Nathaniel to death having no one to stop him. 

It’s not like Aaron would be able to provide for Nathaniel if he smuggled him away. 

Nathaniel was smart, made attractive by the small smile that dared to exist when he and Aaron would trade insults over geometry. With bruised under eyes accentuating his pale face he was the specific brand of fragile that would not crack despite the circumstances. Aaron truly cared for him.

Which made leaving after their session a heavy endeavor. How could he save Nathaniel when he hadn’t even saved himself? His mother had died of an overdose that wasn’t justice. That wasn’t Aaron being brave. It was dumb luck. 

He hated himself for taking the money once again and walking outside to leave Nathaniel behind. He hated how cold it made his heart feel. 

Cat Got Your Tongue?


Fic Title: Cat Got Your Tongue?
Part: 1/1
Rating: G
Fandom/s: Miraculous Ladybug
Summary: Revealing a secret identity to your boyfriend after years of doing whatever it takes to cover it up should be a huge surprise. But when the answer is, “I knew that already”, it’s a different kind of surprise.

for Adrinath August, day 1- reveal (to each other)

“I have something to tell you.”
Adrien waited with bated breath, hands shaking and palms sweating. His heart was beating so fast he could have sworn Nathaniel could see it. The last time he was this nervous was back when he came out to his father.
“Yeah?” Nathaniel put down his pencil and closed his sketchbook respectively. His hair drooped before his eyes.
“I- I really should have told you sooner,” Adrien whispered, looking away. Nathaniel’s blue eyes were piercing him, heightening his nerves.
“Are you cheating on me?” Nathaniel placed one hand over his heart and mocked betrayal. Adrien forced himself to laugh, but stopped abruptly.
“No, of course not,” he felt his smile falter. “But it’s pretty important.”
“Well, then, go for it.” Nathaniel linked his fingers and rested his chin on them. Adrineth swallowed the nervous lump rising in his throat.

Should I really be telling him this? I mean, it’s against the Miraculous rules. But… he has a right to know. I can’t sustain a relationship if I’m hiding the fact that I’m Chat Noir.

“You don’t have to be scared.” Nathaniel tilted his head and smiled. Just a little. Adrien would have missed it if he hadn’t have looked up for a second. But even though it was the tiniest smile ever, it slowed his heart rate enough for it not to be prominent.
It’s like a bandaid. Just rip it off.
“I’m Chat Noir!”
Adrien sucked in a fast breath, bit his lip, and stared at Nathaniel, waiting for him to start yelling. Or maybe just go completely silent. Maybe he’d gasp? Maybe even have a heart attack from shock?
Nathaniel’s reaction made the last possibility seem incredibly stupid.
“I knew that already.”
Nathaniel hadn’t moved since Adrien had blurted out his secret identity. He’d stayed still, his hands supporting his head and his foot swinging back and forth. He hadn’t even raised an eyebrow.

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Hello! Have you ever considered/thought of doing a Fox!Riko and Raven!Neil/Nathaniel taking his place at s captain or something? (With Riko/Kevin and Andrew/Neil.)

Hello! Yes, I had thought about it some time ago and concluded for that to happen, we might have to go back to their respective families and switch their positions: Moriyama as a family of assassins/Kengo as right hand man of Nathan, and the Wesninski family as, well, Big Boss.

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If Sweet Amoris was a Boarding School

Candy: Nathaniel, if you’re so tired all the time why don’t you just quit all those jobs? Why did you apply for them in the first place?

Nathaniel: Well, I’m saving up money to buy my mom a Christmas present. I’m getting her a webcam, so we can video chat.

Candy: Aw that’s so sweet! I’m sure she’ll love it.

Rosalya: And I’m sure if she wanted to see you, she wouldn’t have sent you to boarding school.

Castiel: *in the background* oooooooooo BURN *runs to high five rosalya*


The Grimshawe House, Salem, Massachusetts

(This…lovely…home is right next to the Burying Point cemetery I posted previously. The creepiest of creep factors. It’s rumored to be the house that Nathaniel Hawthorne used as the setting for his short story “Dr.Grimshawe’s Secret” - Hawthorne married a daughter of the Peabody family who owned the house. )

Prompt 40 - Chlonath

My friends and I had to be so extra and send each other prompt requests with the prompt, the names, an element (became damn difficult with this), an AU and angsty/lighthearted.

Okay, this one was the hardest request ever. English is not my motherlanguage and writing in shakespearean english was… Interesting. I had fun while struggling but here it is!

Romeo and Juliet!AU

[Two crowds on either side of the market place, Nathaniel stands in the middle]

BOURGEOIS: “I must urgest thou! Picketh an accursed name for thou hast played a wicked duplicity with the mine!”

NATHANIEL: “My lord, I fear ‘tis a task that I am not capable of.”

KURTZBERG: “My son, I do beseech thou, what is it that weighs down on thy honest mind?”

NATHANIEL: “Dearest father, I am a proud Kurtzberg at mind but a brave Bourgeois at heart. I am loyal to my family and anon, I am a Kurtzberg but ‘tis a pain to me to not be with my beloved Chloé. I cannot stand being apart from neither my birth nest nor my flying love and it hurts my bleeding heart to see our families do the other harm and seek for hate!”

KURTZBERG: [steps to Nathaniel] “Pray pardon me, my son, but I cannot understand. The feud of these households is a grudge far borne. The flying love thou art seeking must not be a Bourgeois for there many birds to find the free air!”

BOURGEOIS: “And no son of a Kurtzberg shall ever doth so much as look at the delicate daughter that is mine!”

NATHANIEL: “My lord Bourgeois, father, I hath done thou wrong it seems. My humblest apologies but I have chosen Chloé to be my bride already!”

[Gasp from everyone, Chloé runs from the crowd by Bourgeois to hug Nathaniel]

KURTZBERG: “Chide, my son! Thou hast betrayed the name of mine household! Slain be the traitor!” [draws his sword against Nathaniel]

BOURGEOIS: “For the first of our ancestors, Kurtzberg, we shalt have an agreement!”

NATHANIEL: [crosses blades with his father] “Behold and stay still! Ne’er did I betray mine family nor did I take from Bourgeois! Merely I searched for love as a nameless, faceless vagrant! That I found Chloé and she hath found me is a miracle, it is over the feud and our names! We seek for the person, not for the past and alas, we wilt not take part in the ridiculousness that is this fight!” [throws down his sword] “Slain me if you must, I shalt stand as a martyr for love! My name, Nathaniel, my truest name, wilst be known over the land and whilst thou, my father, are furthermore fighting in the lie of the feud, so be it!” [lets go of Chloé and grabs the sword of his father pointed at him by the blade, leading it against his chest] “I will redeem myself to ne’er stand down for love, dearest father. But dost thou keep in mind that it is also my love for you that will be slain.”

KURTZBERG: [stands back] “I cannot take the life of my own dear son for I gave him life and raised him to be good.”

[Bourgeois wants to stab Nathaniel from behind but Chloé steps between them]

CHLOÉ: “That is the same to you, my vengeful father! I wilt not stand down for I protect Nathaniel with my heart! And if my name shan’t be Bourgeois from this day on I wilt happily live as Chloé, my truest name, by the side of my love, Nathaniel! A name doth not stand in importance for me if my loved one cannot say it in his vow of love for me, thus I shalt not wear it!”

LADY BOURGEOIS: “Beloved husband, do hearest thine daughter! She speaketh of wisdom and love and she is of thine blood!”

BOURGEOIS: [drops his sword] “Anon, I shalt not slain mine own flesh and blood. She shalt live with her Nathaniel.”

[Nathaniel and Chloé kiss in joy]

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How would the MCL boys react if they learned Candy had a abusive boyfriend in the past, and he came back and started harassing her? Sorry for the serious request, I just feel harassed right now.

Originally posted by little-warrior1

I’m so sorry to hear that you are feeling harassed. People deserve to feel safe. Even you. I wish I could do something for you in a physical sense, but…all I can do is write something on behalf of your request.

To start, I believe all the boys would make sure Candy told her parents about the situation and relay that she felt unsafe. Anyone going through such an experience should obtain all the help and support they can from family, the authorities, and friends. No one should feel ashamed or alone in this. Keeping quiet about it doesn’t make it go away.


He would be understanding of her feelings in this situation since he experienced similar uneasiness and fear for his safety when he lived with his father. He would take her into her arms and hold her tight, promising he would protect her. And he would be angry at the guy that was harassing her. If Nathaniel did encounter her ex, I’m sure he’d give him a warning, but it could end up in a fight, which Nathaniel would easily overpower him. He may also suggest a restraining order against the guy. She was also always welcome to stay with Nathaniel at his place should she ever feel unsafe at home alone.


Furious that some loser wouldn’t leave Candy alone, and called her ex a coward for acting like this. He would basically act as her body guard and go with her everywhere if it made her feel safe. He would walk her home from school every day and meet her in front of her house to walk her to class. He would keep his arm around her when she felt nervous or anxious. If he did encounter her ex for any reason, Castiel wouldn’t hesitate to give the guy a piece of his mind…or fist. He would even bring Demon for walks sometimes, and his door was always open for her.


He would be very concerned and protective of Candy. This was a very serious matter. He would assure Candy he would always be available if she needed him, no matter the time of day or night. He would also bring Leigh and Rosa into the mix and they would welcome Candy to their home for safety, Leigh’s shop as always too, and if the need ever became extreme, there was his family’s farm. And they were also on call for her in case of emergencies. He would also make sure she would go to the police to file a report.


Scared for Candy’s safety and livid with the idea that someone was making her so uncomfortable. How dare this guy come near her. He would describe to Candy what he would do if he came face to face with the creep, and would easily make sure he never messed with Candy again. His military training would come in handy if he needed to protect her. And he would with every fiber of his being. He would make sure she talked to the police and her parents, and even tell his own parents. She needed reinforcements. He would call her at night after she got home and stay on the line with her until her parents returned from work.


If ever there was a time for him to become aggressive, it was this. NO ONE puts Candy in a corner….but seriously, the nerve of the guy who would slink around and make Candy feel so anxious…so insecure about her own safety and well being. Armin was livid. He would wrap his arms around her and was always hesitant to let her go. He would have Candy text him once she got home to let him know she was okay, and he would call at night before she went to bed and talk to her until she felt comfortable falling asleep. He would also have her pick a safe word, so if she was in trouble, she only had to text it or say it around him.


Baby pictures 1 and 2. There seems to be quite a bit of disagreement on whether they are of Pietro or Nathaniel. I still say Nathaniel. Other than the one picture that Pietro said he had in AOU all other family photos were probably destroyed. I don’t see Wanda having two photos of Pietro handy. Also, the child has blonde hair. Pietro’s natural hair color was brown and would not have been that shade when he was little. Of course, if you have your own headcanon you should definitely run with it. I’m just saying that I think it’s Nathaniel.

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Hi! I am completely in love with your stories ! I guess I should have read your entire tumblr ! Anyway , I was crazy when I read the POVs of Castiel and Lys about the kiss. I think you already know what I'll ask. You could make Armin and Nath ? ( if it is not too much to ask , of course ) PLEASE ! <3 [I am Brazilian , so if you dont understand something, sorry !]

Hello dear! I already did Armin’s, which you can find here. So I went ahead and did Nathaniels’! Your English is pretty good, so no worries! I hope you enjoy!

Dialogue from Episode- Episode 28 Spoilers

He didn’t mean to snap so harshly at Melody, but in his defense, she was interrupting a farther intimate moment between him and Candy. He had enough of the interruptions. Enough distractions. Enough of everyone that kept getting him and Candy whenever he tried to make a move or tell her how he felt.

He’d been trying for a while now, but it wasn’t exactly easy to tell her. He was surprised that she even wanted to keep talking to him after he snapped at her back whenever she told on his father- which in the end, did end up being the right choice because now he was happier than ever in his own apartment.

He thought he was extremely lucky that she wanted to be friends after that. A good, close friend at that. A friend he knew he could trust with anything. A friend that… wasn’t much of a friend at all with the growing feelings that he had been having…. Especially after she invited him to diner.

His heart sped up just thinking about it, a pink tint spreading across his face. She actually invited him on a date. A double date that- which was a tad strange with Rosayla and Leigh, two people that he didn’t know that well, but considering Candy was so close to them, he tried to stay polite and friendly whenever he talked to them.

If he knew anything it was that if he wanted to really date Candy then he had to get Rosayla to approve of him. It was no secret that she was easily the most intimidating person at the school- nearly everyone, even Castiel, had learned to not get on her bad side.

Nathaniel placed the book in her hands, his eyes meeting hers in an intense gaze. Their hands gazed against each other’s, ending shivers down his spine. Candy was pressed against the bookcase, leaving her with no escape as they stood close to each other. Just inches apart….. He thought he was going to die from the sheer excitement that was bubbling in his chest, extinguishing the nerves.

“I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, besides here,” Nathaniel whispered softly, his face getting closer, “….With you.”

He felt like his whole was on fire as his lips pressed against hers. He almost gasped at the electricity jolts that it sent through his lips, but as he felt her relax under his touch, he felt himself melt as well. He was never a fan of sweets, but he could already feel himself getting addicted to her sweet taste. It was like strawberries and her lips were just so soft.

He inhaled sharply as they parted briefly for air, but quickly close the gap once again with more passion, more force, more everything. Even daring to part his lips and dip his tongue into her mouth, tasting her even farther as he pressed himself against her.

It as the farthest he had ever gone with a girl. At school, in the library, no less. The rebelliousness, the thrill that they could caught any second only made it that much more exciting.


Author’s Note: Here’s part three! Thank you so much to everyone who’s loving this series, it makes me so happy!

Summary: based on the Disney movie, “Enchanted”. As you read on, you’ll see that I’ve added in more people from the Avengers. It has some slight changes, and it’ll also be taken place in modern day time. 

Part One  Part Two

Originally posted by imagine-my-universe

Shortly after, you walked beside Bucky the whole time as you were making your ways to the coffee shop that he worked at.

“Bucky, Bucky that’s your name right? It’s so strange.” You told him as you were tapping your fingers against your chin while looking around.

“Well, it’s more of a nickname.” He mumbled.

“Well I at least must know your real name.” You smiled.

He raised his eyebrow at you and chuckled, “James.”

James….what a lovely name. 

“I adore it.” You said as you held your hands together and gazed at him. He looked down at you and laughed. 

“So, tell me more about your Natasha.”

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