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Okay for your Kayleigh Lives AU - please consider this: It's summer break and Kayleigh takes her sons to the beach for vacation. (Maybe last minute booking so the four of them have to share ONE room or one of their bags got missing during the flight and it's big drama. BUT ALSO - BEACH! SUN! FUN?!)

>> The Kayleigh Lives AU <<

Omg I sidetracked so hard from your prompt i’m sorry
but consider: Kayleigh’s 50th birthday

(I just realized it might be unclear but Kevin is holding a selfie-stick lmao)

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ONCE UPON A TIME : the reboot
by drew and menelaos

season 5, episode 3 : Bad Moon Rising

present : Regina continues to seek help from Archie, who suggests that she let go and allow Henry to live with David. Cynthia encounters an entirely new side of Ruby during the full moon, bringing them even closer together – but when Cynthia asks her on a date, Ruby is shocked and embarrassed and blushingly turns her down. Meanwhile, David turns to Matthew for help in his quest to rescue Emma and Mary Margaret, hoping that his experience with portal jumping and time irregularity will help, but he comes up short. Regina decides to act on Archie’s advice and assures Henry that although she does know how to love well yet, she will continue to try. Nathaniel reaches out to Mr. Gold, leading to a long conversation filling in one another on the adventures they have had since they parted ways so many years ago. Although Nathaniel is less than pleased with some of the darker paths his father has taken, they manage to find a place of reconciliation.

past :   At Aurora and Phillip’s wedding, Emma and Mary Margaret meet a childhood friend of Phillip’s, a knight named Lancelot du Lac. After they reveal their secret time-travel to him, Lancelot offers to take them to Camelot, where they might be able to confer with the wizard Merlin about returning to their families. Lancelot warns them that Merlin is currently trapped inside a cursed tree, but expresses hope that since Emma is called “the savior,” she might be able to help release him. As they are leaving the party, Emma and Mary Margaret witness a young woman running through the forest. They follow her as she meets with a Seer, who predicts that the young woman will one day be queen but warns that another queen, younger and more beautiful, will cast her down. When the girl turns around and Mary Margaret identifies her as a young Regina, they realize that this is what will eventually prompt the Evil Queen to turn against Snow White.

‘once upon a time’ stars : Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Emily Rose as Emma Swan, Jaimie Alexander as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, Henry Cavill as Prince Charming/David Nolan, Cate Blanchett as the Blue Fairy/Evelyn Oxford, Daniel Gillies as Peter Pan/Dr. Matthew Llewelyn, Corey Stoll as Baelfire/Nathaniel Thorn, Meghan Ory as Red Riding Hood/Ruby Connor, Sonequa Martin-Green as Cynthia Fogg, CJ Adams as Henry Mills, and Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

recurring stars this season include : Olivia Cheng as Mulan, Bradley James as Phillip, Rebecca Ferguson as Aurora, Adetomiwa Edun as Lancelot du Lac

guest stars include : Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket/Dr. Archie Hopper, Nell Williams as Young Regina, Liya Kebede as the Seer

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I like making dick headcanons for the boys. Kentin has a good dick he’s a grower giving candy a surprise, a nice girth a little over the average size but he doesnt know how to use it. Lysander has a long curved one for deep thrusts that hit the gspot he doesnt have to try hard. Nathaniel is a shower how it looks flaccid is more or less how it looks hard which comes out to an average size nothing wrong with that as it gets the job done. Castiel too has an average dick but needs to do a better job            

guys but imagine this…

Comic Book Artist Marinette AU where she creates a comic called Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir, drawing herself as super strong, confident, badass Ladybug (as opposed to clumsy, insecure Marinette) and her school crush Adrien as suave, pun-loving Chat Noir. And of course in the comic he’s totally in love with her.

All the events and akumatized villains are based off her real life, so it’s kind of like a diary of sorts, hence why so many of her classmates get akumatized, and why Chloe is the cause of so many (cause obviously she hates Chloe and draws her as an evil person).

Hawkmoth is Adrien’s dad because she hates how miserable he makes Adrien. Plus, drawing him as Chat Noir is her way of imagining him rebelling against his controlling father, cause obviously he’s totally compliant and would never do that in real life.

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Hello! I had a dream today and I thought it would be cool if you could write a drablle about it lol it goes like this, Melody kissing Nathaniel for surprise even though she knows that he has a girlfriend, plus Candy sees them without knowing the entire context of the situation. (I love drama can you tell? lol) thank you for your time <3

I am sooooo sorry this took so long. I finally found time to write it up. I hope I did it justice. Please enjoy!

MCL: Melody’s Mistake

Nathaniel and Melody were going through some paperwork and reorganizing files per the principal’s request. They had stayed after school to complete the project, and it had been over two hours since the rest of the school cleared out. Nathaniel wanted to finish so he go home and feed White before talking to Candy on the phone. He would have liked to walk her home, but duty calls.

Melody was more than happy to spend time alone with Nathaniel, but she was still unnerved around him. Especially after the news came out of him and Candy dating. Melody was heart broken and angry and didn’t understand. It was eating away at her as they spent more time together, even though they weren’t talking much.

At this point they were nearing finishing the files and Melody took a deep breath and decided to ask him what she wanted know….what she needed to know.

Melody: “Nathaniel….”

Nathaniel: “Hmmm?”

He didn’t raise his head to look at her, staying focused as he rearranged papers in a stack.

Melody: “I need to know something…..why Candy?”

He stopped at this and looked up at her, somewhat confused.

Nathaniel: “What? What do you mean why Candy?”

Melody: “You’ve rejected me, but you chose Candy. Why?”

He gave her a somber look.

Nathaniel: “Melody….”

Her face contorted into something between annoyance and sadness.

Melody: “I need to know. Why do you like her? Is it her looks? How she gets so involved in other people’s business? What is it you like so much? I…I need to know! Why her and not me?”

Nathaniel: “Melody, I like everything about Candy. And this conversation is making me rather uncomfortable. You and I are friends…or at least we’re supposed to be…”

She kept looking at him, waiting for more. He sighed and gave in when he realized she wanted him to continue.

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Just a few days. A few days was all it would take to get from his home in the Forelands to the Great Gubal Library. Nathaniel needed to try and find some books for Melisande’s Black Mage training. It also didn’t hurt to have a few new books for himself as well. After having been married to the Raen, Nathaniel trusted Melisande by herself at home, knowing she wouldn’t attempt any sort of magic without him there or his word.

Nathaniel was walking down the path when suddenly he was knocked back by a decent sized explosion near him. Dust filled the air as well as smoke, making it hard to see who or what caused the blast. Nathaniel was on the ground, a hand rose to keep the moving dust and winds from his face to try and see. Slowly he picked himself up, the smoke clearing slowly. Flames latched to the ground, burning small patches of grass around them. Those violet eyes searched around for a person or beast who would cause such an explosion, only to look up and see a tall figure standing on a high cliff top. Dressed in black with a few pieces of armor attached to his garments was an old student of the man, an Elezen with a sinful smirk on his lips. Crimson red eyes that could pierce the soul of any mortal being.

“This is where you end….Master.”

Nathaniel glared up at the man, his hands clenching into tight fists. He knew this day would come. Locian was nothing but trouble from the start. Many times before had they butt heads, gotten into small fights. Locian made threats to Nathaniel and Theordric, but never acted on them. It figured when Nathaniel was alone Locian would act. “What do you think you’re doing Locian? If this is your idea of showing off things you’ve learned you have a sick sense of humor. Then again, look who I am talking to. Stop this madness before you get yourself hurt.” The Hyur sternly spoke, glaring up at the Elezen.

Locian let out a chuckle from his throat, raising both of his hands to his sides. “Truthfully your sense of humor is the one in question. Me get myself hurt? Clearly your brain is as fogged as ever. It’s been two years since we last saw one another. You know nothing of what knowledge and strength I’ve gained in that time frame. I know for a fact all you’ve been doing is teaching and playing house with your new little scaled wife. She is a pretty one…I would know.”

Nathaniel’s eyes widened at the final words Locian spoke. A man such as this speaking of the one he loved so dearly fueled the fire within him. He knew not if the Elezen had threatened Melisande while he had been away for just a day. Those violet eyes began to glow with a mixture of elemental power. One could see purple, red, icy blue. The inner anger the man felt was tipping over. This Elezen had pushed Nathaniel time and time again. And now it was beginning to show. “If you touched Melisande I will never forgive you, Locian. I swear I will burn your body so nothing will be allowed into the Lifestream!”

Nathaniel wore different pieces of stones on his wrists. Amethyst, rubies, emeralds, sapphires. All which were catalysts for his magic. Carrying a staff was all normal for the man. He rose his right hand in a fist, fingers slowly opening as a fireball began to form. Locian sneered at the man. This was too easy. Playing with Nathaniel’s head was always one of Locian’s favorite things to do. “Teach me oh wise master of mine! Teach of that which I supposedly lack under you.”

With a flick of Nathaniel’s wrist, a medium sized flame was sent hurling at Locian who quickly casted the same spell, both fire attacks canceling one another out. Nathaniel growled lowly, Locian still smirking at the man.

“I must be careful. If I use too many spells without my staff I’m done for. My body can’t handle the amount of aether it takes to use what I need to take him out. Not with just these stones. I have to finish this fast.”

Nathaniel was thinking to himself for too long, giving Locian enough time to dash from the rock top. “Not paying attention will only get you killed! Isn’t that what you taught me?” Locian was now wielding a very long sword that almost looked unreal to this world. His speed with the blade was incredible. Nathaniel had barely just enough time to dodge the man’s attacks with the sword.

Swinging from all directions, Locian was toying with the Hyur now, chuckling as he swung his demonic looking sword. “What’s the matter? Did Master Theordric not tell you how I excelled at his teachings too? It was enough to kill him!!” Nathaniel gasped at those words. He knew it. He knew something had happened to the older man. “You killed him?! You bastard!!”

Nathaniel had been drawing in aether as best as he could into the gemstones on his wrists. He could feel his own magick power slowly begin to drain. He’d have to end this quickly or else he’d be the death of himself. Once Nathaniel was far enough away from Locian’s sword attacks, he rose his hands which were glowing a fiery red by this point. “Enough of this! It was a mistake to bring you under me and this is proof, Locian. This is one spell I never taught you, because I knew with an insane mind like yours, it would only do more harm than anything.” With his fingers curled slightly, hands over his head close together, a large flame ball formed between them only to shoot into the sky above.

Suddenly a large meteor began to fall from the sky towards Locian. The Elezen looked up at the large incoming attack, lips parted in slight shock. Nathaniel wasted no time in running away. He also placed a spell on himself that was a protective barrier because he knew the blast from the attack would travel. The meteor hit. Direct. The winds blew heavily as if a hurricane was storming through the lands. Nathaniel covered his face incase anything flew towards him. That attack took everything from him almost. It was a last ditch move he had only used once, but that one time he had a staff to aid him.

It took a decent amount of time for the dust to finally settle. Smoke filled the air from the blast. A large crater where the meteor struck was present now, flames licking the land all around. Slowly Nathaniel walked towards the area of impact. It worked!…Or so he thought. The dust and smoke began to clear even more around the crater. There in the center of the crater stood the Elezen…completely unharmed by the massive attack Nathaniel used. Locian was standing there, a faint glow around his body that began to disappear around his form. Nathaniel stared wide eyed in complete shock.

“They called it Hallowed Ground. A useful trick the paladin’s use in Ul’dah when a life threatening attack is sent their way. That would killed me if I had timed that any closer. Impressive, very impressive. The meteor spell is something Black Mages tend to avoid because of the amount of aether it draws from the body. It can kill the user just as easily as the target. But there is one ability that not even you can comprehend, my dear old master…”

It began to rain. How cliche. The rain poured down on the two, dousing the flames that still burned at the land around them.

“This storm is the perfect backdrop for your death. How fitting.”

Locian’s eyes began to glow brightly, his body lifting from the ground. Behind him the growling face of a wyrm began to show, brighter and brighter over just a few seconds. “Say hello to the old man for me!!” It was then that Locian’s body seemed to jerk back slightly in the air. Nathaniel gasped. He knew this attack but it was too late. A large beam of magic struck down on the Hyur, nothing could be heard but the sound of Nathaniel screaming in pain as the death flare attack struck him, overtaking him….


Locian landed to his feet, the death flare spell seeming to work. The smoke and dust cleared..yet there in a very small bubble laying on the ground was Nathaniel. Blood dripping from the side of his lips, breathing heavier than one should. Locian let out a big sigh, slowly walking over to the half dead Hyur. He stood over Nathaniel, looking down at him with curiosity. “Most impressive…nothing usually withstands the spell called ‘Death’ Flare. You are worthy of your title. But no matter…” Locian leaned down to Nathaniel, looking at him straight in the eyes, inches from his face with a large smirk on his lips. “You still lost…” The barely open violet eyes of Nathaniel stared up at the crimson eyes of Locian as he spoke.

Why? Why did this happen? Why was everything being taken away from him by this madman he took under his wing. Oh gods, Melisande…what was going to happen with her? She was everything to him and was all about to disappear. Locian slowly rose up, still looking down at the half dead man. “Like I said before…tell Master Theo I said hello when you see him.” Locian then left Nathaniel to lay there barely clinging to life. It would be over soon. He felt himself drifting into the abyss of the lifestream. All he could do was look up at the darkened sky, the rain hitting his face lightly. Tears dripped down the side of his face, but one couldn’t tell because of the rain. A mixture of blood and water puddling underneath him. 

“M-Melisande…I’m..sorry…I couldn’t protect you like I promised…I love you…”

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Random moment with the boys


         He was reading a book while she was cooking something. He didn’t know why but she sounded so excited that he didn’t want to stop her. He caressed White who jumped on his knees. He felt Candy sat next to him and hugged him.

“ Weren’t you cooking ?” asked Nathaniel with a smile.

“ I need to wait 30 minutes so I want to spend them with you.” said Candy lauging happily.

Nathaniel hugged her , putting his books on the table next to the sofa. He hugged Candy against him , they stayed still losing the track of time. He looked at Candy after a few minutes, she was asleep. She was so cute, he strared at her while stroking his hair. He was falling asleep but he smelled something.

“ Something is burni-? Candy ! Wake up !”

“ Don’t kill me!” shouted Candy while waking up. Once she catched the smell she ran toward the kitchen with Nathaniel. They botch took out the food from the furnace. Candy looked at Nathaniel who was trying to not laugh.

“ Well… I burn it…”


         They were both resting on Castiel’s bed.  Candy on his laptop she was scrolling through his Facebook. He was stroking her back while looking at her.

“ Do you find something intersting ?” he asked with a smirk.

“ Yep, Debrah ask you to be her friend~” said Candy with a mocking smile.

Castiel’s eyes shot open. What ? That bitch ! He took a closer look and sighed.

“ Delete it.” he said before closing his eyes once again but after a while he could hear Candy’s laugh. He opened his eyes once again, can he just rest ?

“ Look Castiel !” she said while showing Debrah’s profile picture photohsped. Candy added a lot more details and other thing which made Castiel laugh.

“ Wait, let me try that!” he said before taking the laptop , once he finished he showed it at Candy who laughed holding her belly.

“ Let’s try with Nathaniel” said Castiel with an evil smirk.

“ Castiel , no !” Candy took the laptop and ran in the appartment with Castiel behind her.


       Lysander was humming one of his song, Candy was by his side looking at him. They were in her bedroom and Candy had her Wii’s remote in hands. She looked at Lysander with big eyes.

“ Lysander, whould we play U-sing ? I’m sure it would be fun !”

Lysander looked at her with suprise, he knew this game, you were supposed to siand in this microphone and get point. He didn’t really like this game but Candy sounded like she wanted to play it thaht badly. He gave her a sweet smile which made her blush.

“ Well.. Why not ? What song would you sing ?” he asked while looking at the screen in front of him. She was looking at the song’s title but she didn’t pick one.

“ Uhh… I don’t know , which one would you like me to sing ?”

Lysander looked at her a little surprised , those song , most of them he didn’t like them or knew them.

“ Break your heart..?” he said.

Candy smiled and chose this song, once she beat began Candy sang and danced at the same time. Lysander smiled and laughed sometime at Candy moves. She took his hands and lead him on the beat. Hopefully, her parents weren’t home.


       Candy was massaging him , he had a wet towel on his head which was hiding his face, sitting on his bed. Alexy was cheering him up like a coatch.

“ Don’t forget Armin, all your skills ! You’re gonna win this fight!” he shouted at him.

Candy went in front of him with a smile; she took his face in her hands and kiss him tenderly.

“ You’re gonna win.” she said before standing up.

Armin stand up and took off his shirt. He breathed and then took his consol’s remote. Alexy put Mortal Combat on the consol and Armin went in duel mode. He waitd and smirked once he saw that he man who kept beating him was his ennemy.

“ Okay Armin, beat the shit out of him !” said Candy with a smile. She was standing behind Armin with Alexy, they were both tense. Armin never been defeated on this game and now a guy comes out and defeated him ? Nonsence ! They waited until the duel start…Go !

“ He is going down !” shouted Armin while pressing the right bouton. He knew how this brat was playing , he trained for this ! He didn’t dare looking at Alexy and Candy who were cheering him like cheerleaders..

Armin and Alexy’s parents were eating but once they hearded a shout they walked towards the twins’s bedroom, they weren’t scared but curious. Once they opened the door they saw Armin arms up, Candy jumping everywhere and Alexy pretending to cry for his brother’s victory. Well..


Candy was playing with Cookie at the park, Kentin was drinking water. They had run even today, Candy won in endurance and he was proud of her. She could run faster and longer, he sliled when he remebered the first time they had run together. She was almost dying…But that had been funny. Candy whispered something in Cooki’s ears and once she stand up Cookie ran toward Kentin and licked his face.

“ Wo- Cookie ! Stop ! Haha , sit !” laughed Kentin while trying to control his dog. Candy took her bottle of water, it’s was full. She walked toward Kentin who had his back turn at her. She opened her bottle and threw the water at him. Once he felt the water he turned around and ran toward Candy who was already running for her life.

“ You’re going to lose Candy !” he said with a big smile. It felt so nice to always catch her, like she could never escaped him. He lifted her on his arms and went towards the lac.

“ Ke-No ! Help me Cookie !” she said laughing mi-serious mi-happy. Kentin threw her in the lac while laughing. When Candy taken out her head outside the water she stretched out her arms towards him so that he can helped her. She took advantage of this moment to pull him in the water.

Kentin laughed while taking her in his arms, they kissed each other. It felt nice until Cooki jump in the water between them.

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If Candy could dance really well (Different types as well, Tango, Hip Hop, Ballet, Waltz etc.) how would the Boys react with seeing her performing and when she's dancing with them?



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Castiel: *trying to raise the jaw* 

  “Okay, girly, this time you surprised me…”

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Lysander:  *he just looks at her and realizes that inspiration and rushing*

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Kentin: “You…you…you…ahhh”

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Armin: “wow…you…well fuck"

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