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Bioware Men - The Kissing Edition (updated) (Long)

(Author’s Note: I know I haven’t gotten ALL the Bioware men, but I’m working on it! (I’m missing Sebastian, but only because I really need to go mom up and take the kids to the library.) The Men of the Inquisition will end up here eventually. Er, once I actually finish the game.

As always, major props to my betas, Galleywinter and Zeroredemption!)

Kaidan is intense; lips, hands, every sense trained on you as if memorizing you through osmosis. His hunger is leashed, contained with the ruthless control that saw him through his first tour on the Normandy. He can’t contain it for long, though - not anymore, not after all this time, and all that formidable focus is entirely tactile, entirely on the task at hand, which is making you pant and writhe and scream until he can finally let himself trust that you’re real.

* * *

Alistair is reverent, worshipful; with him, a kiss is a paean to the Maker, a thing out of time and space. Delicate, as if he’s not sure quite what to do, or if you’ll disappear if he’s too quick, too harsh, or if his hands stray. But the strong, sword-calloused hands that won’t go below your waist are trembling, and his reverent mouth quickly heats to almost clumsy hunger, as if he wants to absorb you into himself where he can safeguard you from everything that’s coming.

* * *

Carth is rusty, as if he hasn’t kissed anyone in years and isn’t too sure he should be doing it now. His kiss is angry and hard, but he’s hungry, too…. so hungry for you. His hands bite into your shoulders, and he’s trembling; you’re honestly not sure if it’s from grief or rage or desire. Maybe he doesn’t know either. His Force presence is a whirl of so many things, but it’s your name on his lips as they follow the line of your jaw, your name he groans when your hips meet and rock together.

* * *

Zevran kisses like he kills; with skill, flair, and a certain amount of showmanship. He smiles against your throat, catlike and smug, whispers charming obscenities and flatteries in that exotic Antivan accent of his, until you’re drunk on him, everything about him. But when you kiss him back, that’s when that practiced smile starts to slide off his face. That’s when his golden eyes heat, when the lean muscles under your hands tense, when you can taste honesty mingled with desire on his tongue.

*  *  *

James is tequila-flavored adrenaline when he finally lets go and just takes your mouth like he takes every other military objective, all power and purpose and driving need. His big body is hot against yours, all muscle and undeniable strength; you knew he wanted you like hell burning even before he pulls you tight into him, lean hips surging into the cradle of yours as if he’s already inside you. His kiss might everything you expected, but you never dreamed how soft his lips were, or how the velvet brush of his shorn hair against your fingers made want pool inside you, hot and liquid and quivering.

* * *

Joker Moreau is stunningly physically restrained when he kisses. But where he’s physically cautious, his mouth is anything, anything but. The things he whispers against your neck, the low, hot whispers of a lover about your skin, your scent, the feel of you, what he’s imagining doing to you, how long he’s watched you, wanting you… His commentary is all spiced with a generous helping of his trademark snark and punctuated by the kisses of a man who is truly gifted. Joker can turn a simple kiss into an act of blazing eroticism - precise, probing, mimicking everything he wants to do to you, with you, in you with just his tongue, until you’re shuddering against him, locking your fingers into the back of his pilot’s chair and moaning into his mouth in helpless surrender.

* * *

Garrus doesn’t kiss, not like a human does, but there’s something stunningly, suggestively erotic in the way his eyes hold yours as he leans down and presses his forehead to yours. He’s humming - a low, subvocal intonation that gets into the marrow of your bones and liquifies it, until his hands, his arms, the look in his unfairly blue eyes are the only things holding you up… until they’re not, and you discover that Garrus is very, very good at calibrating things other than firing algorithms.

*  *  *

Everything about Zaeed is hard lines and gravel - he’s the first to tell you his good looks were lost long ago, and he has the voice of a seasoned soldier, rough from too much battlefield smoke and way too many nights in a cigar-fumed nightclub. So it’s a complete surprise that he touches you with such care, tracing the curve of your skull, tangling your hair in his fingers as if he’s savoring the texture, leaning close to sample the scent at the hollow of your throat. The way he kisses is a surprise, too, all delicacy and finesse, and very, very thorough, until you feel like he’s mapped every nerve ending you have and is taking his sweet time about lighting them all on fire, one after another, with a lazy mastery that’s as arousing as it is irritating.

* * *

Fenris is equal parts desperation and fear. His kisses almost snarl with impatience, as if he’s been waiting years to let loose, let go. To have you. To have something in his life that’s just for him, and from the way his hands are moving over you, mapping you, that’s just what he’s thinking. Where his mouth is clumsy, his hands, all clever fingers and sharp gauntlets, are not, daring to claim every inch of you, daring you to claim him back. When you do, he growls low in his throat, and he snarls something in Arcanum that could be a curse or a prayer or a threat to the Maker not to take you away from him before he can steep himself in you, sate himself on you, bury himself so deeply in you that nothing in Thedas can untangle what the two of you have become.

* * *

Thane is decadence; leashed, lethal, and elegant, and that’s the way he kisses, too, as if a single, simple kiss is the equivalent of a hundred acts of simple carnality. His mouth, so delicately scaled and lush, is your lodestone. Your world spins around his axis as he kisses you with exquisite eroticism, committing you to memory with lips and tongue. You’re hazily aware that he could break you in a dozen ways and you’d never feel it, but you’re even more aware that he could make you erupt in a dozen more, and you’d never forget it. And neither would he.

* * *

Steve Cortez is precision, soft-spoken but devastatingly thorough in his exploration of your mouth, your jawline, your neck as you let your head fall back against the cool metal exterior of the shuttle. You can’t get your breath, you just can’t, but when you do, the air tastes like him. Like chicory coffee and determination, like love. Like home. And you can’t help it, can’t help but respond, hands streaking paths of want up his back, feeling the flex of muscle as he shudders, leans into you. You get a little equilibrium back by the time you’re cupping the back of his head, the lean planes of his cheeks, and you meet his precision with your fire. You kiss him back, letting him know with tongue and teeth and muted moans that you refuse to lose him every bit as much as he refuses to lose you.

* * *

Jacob is honesty; there’s honest admiration in his eyes as he looks at you, honest desire in the strong hands that slide from yours up to your shoulders, pulling you into a lazy, seductive dance around the cabin. Honest desire on his tongue when he finally kisses you, managing to tease, to seduce, to woo you for only a moment before honesty takes him, too, and you’re both trembling, both seeking out skin hidden by clothing, seeking to share vulnerabilities. And then it’s honesty of a different sort when you tumble to the bed, wrapped around each other as if you can each shield the other from everything outside this room.

* * *

Anders is hunger and loneliness and longing all wrapped up in a kiss that tastes faintly of lyrium and a faint, exotic tingle that can only be Fade energy. He crowds you against the wall, lean body hard against yours, trembling hands framing your face, fingers tangling in your hair as if he needs to have all of you, right here, right now, as if you’re going to be ripped away from him at any second. When you wrap your arms around him to soothe, he shudders, and his kiss changes to something dangerously erotic, all hot lips and bold tongue and aching hunger, as if this is it, this is the act entire, and he can bring you both to completion with just this….

* * *

Nathaniel is hard - hard lines, hard, sinewy muscle, hard, calloused hands on your skin, hard lips against the back of your neck, hard flesh against the curve of your backside as he presses against you. His voice is hard, too; aristocratic accent wrapping easily around base words as he whispers what he wants to do with you, wants you to feel when he does them. But for all his hard edges, he’s soft, too, and it shows in the brush of his hair against your throat as he bends to taste your collarbone, in the stroke of his tongue, warm and wet on your shoulder. His archer’s precision shows when he moves to map your spine from bottom to top with a chain of tiny kisses that leave no skin unworshipped, when his hands slide between your legs, pressing where you burn hottest for him. Your head falls back against his shoulder, and when you shudder,  so does he, and you know then what his restraint is costing him.


[AFTG Exchange - Valentine’s Day 2017] @aftgexchange
// for @rikomoriyamaofficial

Andrew Minyard is the newest addition to the Edgar Allan University Exy team. He’s short, he’s fast, he’s devilishly good in a goal — and in another universe, he could have been the deadliest investment a Coach with nothing to lose could have made.

Signing with the unbeaten national champions is a dream many young Exy players seek after, but few know how the black corridors of Castle Evermore can quickly turn into a nightmare for the unsuspecting fool. The EA Ravens are a hive mind, built on sharp strings of violence, sex and codependence. At the top of the Nest, there is at the same time no place for secrets and a foul air saturated with them, starting with Riko’s inner circle Andrew has been drafted to.

Laying eyes on the Crown of Evermore comes with a price of blood, and paying it can cost one’s life  as well as their family’s.


The Perfect Court - facecasts

Congrats on 3k, @cigarettesmokeandexyracquets!

  1. R.Moriyama - Kim Woo Bin
  2. K.Day - Rain Dove
  3. N.Wesninski - Louis Evans
  4. J.Moreau - Damaris Goddrie
  5. An.Minyard - Sarah Whale

nadiea  asked:

prompt: raven neil (sorry if you've already been asked this??)

i haven’t gotten this before! there are a ton of raven neil hc’s and fics out there where neil escapes being a raven and joins the foxes so here is just some ideas i have towards the subject specifically.

 this turned out way longer than what i had planned and the plot i laid out isn’t done so this is only the first part of my series!

  • his name is nathaniel and he’s been with the ravens for 8 years
  • he’s been marked for court for nearly as long, forced to be a part of the world he no longer has any control over
  • it had been 8 years, then kevin left (or so the tabloids would say)
  • in reality, riko became too jealous of his number 2 and broke his hand in a fit of rage
  • kevin ran to the foxes, and nathaniel hasn’t seen him in over a year
  • he’s seen his games of course, the failure that the foxes continued to be even though they now had an ex-raven on their starting line
  • the ravens had moved districts as well, in order to still haunt kevin and remind him of what he’ll never be able to accomplish again
  • but nathaniel grew to resent kevin as well because kevin had left nathaniel alone
  • not truly alone, jean was still there after all, but alone with riko
  • riko had taken nathaniel as his new number 2 and with the new ranking, nathaniel became riko’s new punching bag
  • the torture had always been a constant from riko, but without kevin to act as a buffer, all of riko’s attention was focused on nathaniel
  • nathaniel wasn’t even on the court yet, he still wasn’t eligible to play until the fall, but he trained with the rest of the ravens just the same 

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anonymous asked:

i saw the baby!moriyama drawing you did for @rikomoriyamaofficial and i was wondering if there´s any chance to get more baby!pics of the boys for your awesome kayleigh lives au?

oKAY SO this isn’t really compliant with the timeline bUT let’s pretend it is for a second and enjoy baby ravens and mama raven in onesies

>> The Kayleigh Lives AU <<

The baby Moriyamas doodle

Why can’t I escape All For The Game, I read that shit months ago and I keep rereading it and immersing myself in online content and daydreaming about it, please Nora, let me go


Note: Dark content. Kinda graphic. A non-fic, which is like a summary? The raven!neil au. 

Nathaniel Wesninski with a little three on his cheekbone, a shock of auburn hair and just as many scars as he would have gotten if he’d been on the run. So how do the Foxes fit in? 

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flammenmeer  asked:

Okay for your Kayleigh Lives AU - please consider this: It's summer break and Kayleigh takes her sons to the beach for vacation. (Maybe last minute booking so the four of them have to share ONE room or one of their bags got missing during the flight and it's big drama. BUT ALSO - BEACH! SUN! FUN?!)

>> The Kayleigh Lives AU <<

Omg I sidetracked so hard from your prompt i’m sorry
but consider: Kayleigh’s 50th birthday

(I just realized it might be unclear but Kevin is holding a selfie-stick lmao)

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“Let Riko be King,” Kevin said, with the exaggerated enunciation of the thoroughly sloshed. “Most coveted, most protected. He’ll sacrifice every piece he has to protect his throne. Whatever. Me?” Kevin gestured again, meaning to indicate himself but too drunk to get his hand higher than his waist. “I’m going to be the deadliest piece on the board.” 
“Queen,”Andrew said somewhere behind Neil.
-Nora Sakavic, The King’s Men (All for the Game, #3)

Nathaniel Wesninski

Setting: The night Mary tried to run away with Nathaniel, Nathan caught her. It was the second murder Nathaniel ever saw and would not be his last.

-Nathaniel Wesninski is quiet.

-He joined Riko and Kevin on the court as a child, a child that was pinned to the floor by Riko’s body so that a 3 could be drawn boldly into his cheek

-His father didn’t look angry the next time he saw Nathaniel, and Nathaniel never squirmed again when the 3 was drawn, letting Nathan’s approval of the number shield him (when it could).

-Nathaniel saw Nathan less and less as the first year went by, and relief in confusion warred in him: “Why is he leaving me?” “He can’t hurt me if he’s not here.”

-Riko was not anywhere near as cruel as he was going to be, but he wasn’t pleasant. He became angry easily, his favorite thing was to bend Nathaniel’s finger backward so hard it almost broke when Nathaniel wasn’t good enough. Nathaniel learns to talk less and listen more.

-When Nathaniel was 11 Jean Moreau joined them, and Riko watched him with sharp eyes. Kevin was learning how to accurately assess players and found himself impressed. Nathaniel watched warily from afar.

-Even is Nathan ignores him, being the butcher’s son still puts him in line for being taught to work with knives.

-By the time he’s 13 he wears knifes sheathed in several places on his body, and he uses them well.

-When Nathaniel is 13 Riko’s attacks turn more pointed, more cruel, and more damaging. The damage isn’t always physical.

-He knows from experience that one wrong word will have Riko ordering him to press those knives to the smooth skin of his stomach, his legs, his arms, his ribs, wherever Riko wants.

-Nathaniel and Jean grow closer as Riko’s torments tear their bodies and their heads apart.

-When Nathaniel is 15 he watches Riko hone his torments on Jean for a blessed few months before one night Jean comes back shaking and incoherent, with a bold black 4 tattooed on his cheek.

-When Nathaniel is 17, nearly 18, he comes back much the same and Jean lets Nathaniel sit quietly next to him and shake. They don’t touch.

-Riko’s worst night comes from Kevin’s crushed hand and escape from the Nest. Nathaniel doesn’t remember the night, but he woke up the next morning to pain, and blood, and Jean next to him in the floor in much the same state. If they hadn’t already flinched when Riko entered a room, now they did.

-Nathaniel Wesninski is quiet and distant, because to be anything else in the Nest could mean his pain, and Jean’s. He wants to protect Jean enough to get himself up in the morning.

-He feels like he’s tearing himself apart, like the words are razor blades shredding his tongue as he speaks to Ichirou about Riko

-He barely manages to keep his voice level as he ties Jean into the deal too, and promises that he can get Kevin.

-Leaving nearly gets them both killed, and they only manage with a thrown knife that sings through the air and catches Riko’s sleeve as he reaches for presumably a weapon hidden on a shelf.

-He calls Jeremy Knox and realizes distantly he hasn’t talked to someone outside the Nest besides Ichirou since he was 13

-He holds back from threatening Captain Sunshine within an inch of his life, instead telling him under no uncertain terms that he will be taking Jean Moreau into the Trojans and he will protect him or he will regret it. Jeremy Knox takes it well, if well is a shaky “okay,” and a face devoid of blood when he picks Jean up from the airport.

-Nathaniel sees Kevin Day again when he waits outside fox tower for him after Kevin’s midnight practice.

-When Kevin stops dead and begins to hyperventilate a small blonde blur shoves him hard into the wall he’s been standing in front of and only pulls away when Nathaniel lazily watches the hand holding the knife to his throat and murmurs, “I live, so might he. I die, the deal with Moriyama is off and you’ll never find all the pieces of him, or me.”

-“Who are you?” Says the angry little blonde in a voice sharp like Nathaniel’s knives and Nathaniel feels a familiarity with the darkness and anger in his hazel eyes, even if his face is twisted into a vicious smile 

 -Nathaniel gestures to the four on his cheek 

 -“Your best option.”

anonymous asked:

I was thinking about the Kayleigh lives AU and all I could picture was her and Wymack being friends but they're not together so he calls her sometimes to chat and it's vvv close to finals and he asks he asks "how are the boys?" And she hesitates then says, "it's finals week. Kevin has been up for 32 hours, keeps speaking the wrong language for whatever person he's talking to, and has made a wall of redbull, rockstar, and monster cans as well as so Starbucks coffee bottles between him and, +

- for some reason, the linen closet. We’ve all found Riko, several times, crying into an old essay that didn’t get a good grade and mumbling about the apocalypse. Jean found him sitting in his window yesterday and was scared for as long as it took Riko to say “I’m pretending to be a pigeon because I’m having a bad day, please leave.” Jean himself has been hiding from them in the library studying like the blessedly normal boy he is, but I’ve seen him twice staring into space and laughing oddly"

>> The Kayleigh Lives AU <<


And then there’s young, innocent Nathaniel who is still in high school and makes some effort in the classes he finds interesting but overall isn’t bursting a vein to get high grades because what’s the point anyway he’s going to EA and then he’s going pro what does he need a good GPA for 

(by opposition to Riko who’s just competitive as fuck and channels his anger and compulsive perfectionism into spider georging his way to academic success, Kevin who wants to make his mom proud and also assert his dominance as The History Nerd™, and Jean who wants to split his life between being a pro exy player and something else and therefore needs good numbers on his transcripts)

(Nathaniel, later: There has been a slight miscalculation)