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So I had this request to have chat, nathaniel and marinette all trapped in an enclosed space, for a long time and finally had a brilliant idea for it (with the help of @squirrellygirlart ) Hope you all enjoy it :) Thanks for the request anon!!

Also @squirrellygirlart did some artwork to go with the piece!!! Check it out HERE!!!!! - it’s pretty amazing!!!

Marinette’s class was helping out at Chloe’s hotel for the day. It was something their class had done once a year every year for as long as Marinette could remember. It was supposed to teach them something about responsibility and the job market and of course Marinette always ended up with the worst jobs on account of Chloe’s hatred for her and today was no different. Marinette was stuck with Gofer duty while Adrien was put at the front desk along with Chloe. Marinette was more than just a little disappointed by it. It happened every year of course but Marinette was beginning to feel that her crush on Adrien was more than a little hopeless. Needless to say Marinette was feeling more than a little discouraged that day. Of course the rage filled akuma that was tearing through the hotel didn’t do much to help improve Marinette’s mood. Marinette ran down the hallway akuma following close behind fiery hair  sticking on end as she screamed in fury. A small fiery blast landed near Marinette’s foot. She yelped as she pushed herself to run faster.

“Marinette!” Marinette was quickly grabbed around the waist and yanked into another hallway as a fiery blast dissolved where she had previously been standing. Marinette looked up to see glowing green eyes staring back at her. She rested her hands on his shoulders their chests brushing against one another as they both tried to catch their breath.

“Chat Noir,” Marinette greeted breathlessly. Chat smirked at her.

“Afternoon Princess, are you alright?” Chat asked, eyes giving her a once over. Marinette nodded.

“I think so,” Marinette assured.

“Good, come on, we need to get you to safety,” Chat Noir released her waist instead taking her hand in his and pulling her along behind him. Marinette let him lead her deciding to transform once he left her to take care of the akuma. Chat rounded a corner only for them to find themselves face to face with the fiery beast. Marinette and Chat Noir skidded to a stop. Chat and Marinette both squeaked as the akuma smiled wickedly down at them fire brewing in her open hand.

“Make a run for it?” Marinette asked cautiously. Chat Noir’s head made a jerky nod. The akuma reeled her arm back fiery blast aimed their way.

“Time to go!” Chat shouted turning on his heel and tore down the hall, Marinette still in hand. Chat led them towards an open elevator at the end of the hall. The doors slowly began to close. Chat released Marinette’s hand diving inside the doorway and keeping the doors open for Marinette. Marinette skidded to a stop just before the elevators glancing back as she heard a door open. Nathaniel stepped into the hallway looking down at his sketch book oblivious to the raging akuma headed straight towards them.

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“Wolf Hall, Parts One and Two” by Mike Poulton, based on the novels by Hilary Mantel

Winter Garden Theatre, 2015

Starring Ben Miles, Lydia Leonard, Nathaniel Parker, Joey Batey, Nicholas Boulton, Lucy Briers, Leah Brotherhead, Olivia Darnley, Nicholas Day, Peter Eyre, Mathew Foster, Daniel Fraser, Edward Harrison, Benedict Hastings, Madeleine Hyland, Robert MacPherson, Pierro Niel-Mee, Matthew Pidgeon, John Ramm, Nicholas Shaw, Joshua Silver, Giles Taylor and Jay Taylor

anonymous asked:

Could you write an andreil fic where Neil decided to go into witness protection and the Andrew and the foxes have to convince him otherwise?

So… This is my first ever fic request??? I was so excited! and so nauseous! (intense insecurity about my writing + hella procrastinator= fear) I didn’t see this until half past midnight last night, yikes. But I started it and finished this morning. I hope you see this friend! and I hope you like it??? It turned out mostly centered around the foxes and I had to do it in the hospital because there is absolutely NO WAY Neil could protest staying with them if he walked into that hotel room. I guess it doesn’t deviate much from the book, I was trying to take them in a more agnsty direction but those foxes are stubborn and they refused. Okay so, shut up Eve and get on with it already…. 


Nathaniel woke to the sound of angry voices. His heart hammered in his chest and when he tried to jump out of bed, he winced in pain as he jerked his right wrist against the handcuff trapping him. He sat there breathing heavily, eyes closed tightly and listened to the noise going on outside his door. The pain dulled and he realized he recognized some of the voices. One was Browning for sure, sounding exasperated and the loudest of the others sounded stubborn and ready for a fight. A raspy female voice that could only be Dan. Nathaniel straightened, perked his ears up and started recognizing the other voices. He could here Nicky exclaiming something about ‘unfair!’ and Allison swearing up a storm and Matt’s booming voice saying something about ‘team’ and ‘you can’t-‘ and ‘we have a right-‘ and that was all Nathaniel could take really. He’d been asking to see his team, his friends one last time and now that his last wish was granted he wasn’t going to waste the little time he had left on protocol. He cleared his throat and called out, “I’m awake!”

The voices cut out as quickly as if he’d pressed mute on the world. He waited ten seconds or ten minutes or ten years before there was a crash and yelling. His door flew open with a bang and then there was Dan, right in front him. She was followed closely by Towns who was followed by Nicky who was followed by Allison. There was a commotion in the hall but Nathaniel could only focused on his Captain and teammates faces. Dan’s face was full of shock, a hand covering her mouth as if to hold down a scream but her eyes held the same fierceness they always did on the court; the look she tossed at other players being too rough with her foxes. At a soft gasp, Nathaniel turned towards Nicky but didn’t linger at the sight of his eyes welling up with tears and trembling lip. He moved his sight to Allison and was relieved to see the same ferocious glare she often wore but for once, it didn’t feel like it was directed towards him. At this point Browning decided to join the party as well, looking rumpled and slightly shiny in the face.

“We told you, one at a time. I already have half of you in handcuffs out there,” he jerked his thumb angrily over his shoulder, “I have no problem placing them on the rest of you.”

Nathaniel’s anger flared, he folded his arms as carefully as he could and fixed Browning with glacial stare.

“I said I wanted to see my team, so I see them all together or you throw me in that cell you’ve been raving about.”

“What? Cell? You can’t-“but Dan was cut off by Browning’s raised hand.

“Fine. I’ve had enough of this lot. 20 minutes, that’s it Wesninski.” With that he stormed off into the hall, Town close on his heels.

Dan wasted no time coming up to his bed while Nicky scrambled to his other side. Allison lingered by the foot of his bed, either unwilling to get closer or leaving space for the others who were rushing into the room. Nathaniel studied each face as his friends surrounded him, feeling both comforted by their familiarity and nauseous at the varying degrees of horror. Abby was gently nudging Nicky over to take a look at Nathaniel’s injuries, when he noticed two missing foxes.

“Where’s Andrew?” he asked, anxiety creeping up his spine. Browning said they all had minor injuries. He was taking stalk as they all filed in but what if-

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