nathaniel finch

nathaniel joseph finch iii

–  35 yrs / unemployed bon vivant / human


  • sooooo the finches needed a sausage in the hen house!!
  • finch fam has that old money not to mention they own most of the towN
  • and needless to say nathaniel took that ‘want for nothing’ and ‘never have to work a day in your life’ v seriously
  • although to be fair he did attend several colleges
  • because he’s obviously very studious and not just a total lothario tryna sleep his way through all of the ivy leagues in the country
  • he obvy never graduated so his gap year turned out to be just sleeping around europe
  • and basically just all 7 continents
  • up in them private jets
  • and also on as well as in most of the bodies of water as well i mean he really doesn’t have a limit
  • crescent hollow v conveniently likes to just forget that there is in fact a finch boy running around somewhere in the world
  • and nate v conveniently likes to forget that he ever even lived in crescent hollow at all which was pretty easy to do when pops shipped you off to boarding school at 7
  • buT whatever he’s back and nobody knows why but everybody would very much like him to leave again!!
  • including me i am Tired!! 


  • + : has a nice body, is really good in bed??????? would probably kill for his sisters but lmao not much else!! what is a winning personality?? nate doesnt know her!!
  • - : literally every single thing about him is Very Bad, vain, egotistical, an asshole, sarcastic, rude.